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Add Emotion To Your Guitar Playing How To Play More Expressive Guitar Solos

Want to have your guitar solos filled with emotions and feeling? Then you must learn what elements are responsible for making every guitar lick you play sound awesome. Most guitar players struggle to express themselves through guitar because they only focus on the notes they need to play, but not on how those note must be played. This is why most don't develop the ability to express true emotions in their guitar playing. Watch this free video and learn how you can easily start playing emotional guitar solos.
Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel Easy How To Make Fast Guitar Playing Feel Easy

In order to play guitar both fast and clean you MUST be able to perfectly synchronize both your picking and fretting hands. Most guitarists cannot do this and struggle to achieve their musical goals as a result. Getting your hands in sync will allow you to make your fast guitar playing feel incredibly easy. Learn the 3 biggest reasons why you are constantly struggling to achieve flawless 2 hand synchronization in your guitar playing and how to overcome these challenges so you can play guitar fast and clean.
Tom Hess Demonstrates Sweep Picking Technique Why Fast Sweep Picking Is Easier Than You Think

Mastering sweep picking is actually not that difficult. Contrary to what you may believe, the main reason you are having trouble with your sweep picking is that you are focusing too much on moving your hands as fast as possible. This creates several problems in both your picking and fretting hands. Once you understand how to properly develop this technique you will begin to see huge improvements not only in your sweep picking, but in ALL of your guitar playing. Learn the fastest way to improve your sweep picking.
Tom Hess Playing A Guitar Solo How To Instantly Improve Your Guitar Soloing Ability

Are you trying to find a way to become a better lead guitar player? Most guitar players have a hard time playing guitar solos that sound interesting. One reason for this is that they spend too much time worrying about what notes to play, and not enough time focusing on how to create great melodies. Learning to create a truly great melody will set you apart from the vast majority of guitar players out there. Find out how to play great lead guitar with this video guitar solo lesson.
Tom Hess Teaching Lead Guitar To A Student How To Make Your Lead Guitar Solos More Dramatic

If you'd like to play guitar solos that feel really intense and dramatic, it's important to focus on getting the most emotion out of every note you play. As you play lead guitar solos, you may notice that some notes sound more expressive and dramatic than others over certain chords. If you can identify which notes these are, you will be able to make highly dramatic guitar phrases that sound great. Study the lead guitar tips in this video guitar lesson to see how you can play better guitar solo phrases.
Tom Hess Playing An Exotic Guitar Lick How To Play Unique & Exotic Lead Guitar Licks

Your lead guitar playing will never sound truly unique and creative if all you can do is play the same pentatonic licks over and over again. To become a truly great lead guitarist, you must not only expand your knowledge of scales, but improve your ability to play with excellent guitar phrasing. Once you have done both these things, you will be able to play creative guitar licks and solos that demand attention! Learn how to use exotic guitar licks and guitar phrasing together by watching this exotic lead guitar licks video.
Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Improvisation How To Improvise Guitar Solos With Better Artistic Expression

In order to improvise amazing sounding guitar solos, there are several skills you must master. By understanding which skills you need the most work on, you are better able to practice effectively to quickly improve your overall soloing. The greatest guitarists eventually play their guitar solos totally on auto-pilot mode (they no longer have to think about playing the right notes, finding their way on the fretboard, etc.). When you do this, you have complete control over your artistic expression. Learn more about by watching this free guitar solo improvisation video.
Tom Hess Playing A Guitar Solo How To Effortlessly Improvise Awesome Guitar Licks

To become great at improvising on guitar, you need to understand how to perfectly integrate the phrases within a solo while also being able to clearly express your thoughts and emotions through music. The more time you give yourself to think about what to play next, the easier it is to improvise great solos. Learn how to easily play guitar solo licks off the top of your head by watching this guitar improvisation video.
Tom Hess Playing A Guitar Solo How To Play Highly Emotional Guitar Solos

Do you know 'exactly' how a note will feel before you even play it on guitar? If not, you are missing the most important skill needed to play highly creative, unique and self-expressive guitar solos. Fact is, all of the greatest guitar players have the ability to 'predict' (with a high degree of accuracy) how each note in their solos will feel before they play it. To become a great lead guitarist you MUST learn this skill for yourself as well. Learn it now by watching this killer video on how to play guitar with emotion.
Tom Hess Soloing On Guitar How To Play Better & More Creative Guitar Solos

A lot of guitar players go many years without learning how to play 'great' solos... eventually accepting 'mediocrity' as their default standard for achievement. Fortunately it will only take you a few minutes to learn how to become much more creative in your soloing so you can play great solos any time you feel like it. Watch this guitar licks video and learn how to creatively use vibrato and bending to enhance every lick in a guitar solo.

Tom Hess Playing A Creative Lead Guitar Lick How To Use Your Skills To Play Creative Lead Guitar Licks

If you are having a hard time playing lead guitar creatively, do not make the same common mistake that a lot of players make: Assuming that you simply "don't know enough scales, licks, etc.", and overwhelming yourself with tons of new material. Fact is, playing creatively requires that you first learn how to use what you already know in a musical context. Find out how to become a much more creative lead guitarist through applying this concept by watching this lead guitar creativity video.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Phrasing Guitar Solo Phrasing Tips

Knowing how to play lead guitar solos that sound great is one of the abilities most guitar players want to have. If you would like to play guitar solos that sound like the ones played by the pros, then you'll need to do more than just play fast guitar techniques. So what does it take to play great lead guitar? Find the answer by watching this video guitar lesson and learning how you can play amazing sounding lead guitar solos using good guitar phrasing.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar How To Play Guitar Licks That Demand Attention

Want to have the ability to make your lead guitar playing 'reach out and grab' the attention of anyone who hears you play? You might think that only master guitar players can do this... However, this skill can easily be developed by anyone. All you need to do is understand how to play against the expectation of your listeners and keep them guessing about what you might play next. Learn the powerful lead guitar secrets that will make your playing stand out in this video about playing kickass guitar licks.

Tom Hess Playing Blues Guitar How To Make Your Blues Guitar Licks More Creative

Want to enhance your blues guitar licks by making them sound more unique and creative? After playing the same common blues lick patterns for a long time, you will eventually grow tired of them. Much worse, your playing will become less inspiring because you are simply playing the same licks that everyone else plays. To make your blues guitar playing sound more unique and self-expressive, you need to learn several techniques. Learn these techniques so you can apply them to play creative blues gutar licks.
Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Licks To Student How To Play Badass Guitar Licks By Slightly Changing One Note

Tired of playing the same old guitar licks that sound plain and uninspiring? Before you can play totally badass guitar licks you must learn how to get the most expression out of each note you play. Only once you can do this can you consistently play killer licks that sound truly awesome. Fortunately, this is not too difficult to learn and will only take you a little bit of practice to start seeing results. Watch this guitar licks video to learn how to play killer guitar phrases while only making slight changes to a single note.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Scales How To Use The Harmonic Minor Scale In Your Guitar Solos

If you are like most guitar players, you want to find a way to make your guitar solos more powerful and intense. Part of the solution lies in the way you play guitar, and part of it lies in the scales you use to make your guitar solos. You will add great intensity to your playing by using the harmonic minor scale. Check out this harmonic minor scale guitar lesson to learn how to achieve a more exotic sound in your lead guitar playing.

Tom Hess Playing A Double Stop How To Make Your Blues Double Stop Licks Sound Intense

The majority of blues guitar players can play basic double stop licks, but very few can play killer double stop licks like the ones in this video. You've likely heard how great blues guitar players are able to get tons of expression out of just one or two notes. Now it's time for you to learn how to do this for yourself. Check out this blues guitar double stops video to learn how play unique and highly aggressive double stops.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar How To Play Intense & Emotional Guitar Solos With Only One Note

The coolest thing you can do while playing guitar solos is control the emotions others experience while listening to you. Most guitar players never learn how to do this and end up playing mediocre, uninspired solos at best. Fortunately, you can play emotional solos very easily with only ONE note! Once you really understand how this works, you can play highly expressive guitar solos without relying on speed, technical skill or flashy licks. Start playing intense, emotional guitar solos with only one note by watching this video demonstration.

Tom Hess And Fabio Lione How To Write Guitar Solos Using The Melody Of A Singer

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in your lead guitar playing is trying to write solos by randomly combining together a series of previously memorized licks. The majority of guitar players make this mistake and are unable to play great lead guitar solos. To truly write great guitar solos, you must learn an effective method for thinking of creative and self-expressive phrases. Learn how to do this by watching this video about how to write guitar solos using the vocal melody of your favorite singer.

Tom Hess Playing A Guitar Solo With A Student Learn How To Get More From Every Note In Your Guitar Solos

Have you ever wondered how all great guitar players make their guitar solos sound incredible? This has very little to do with the fact that they can play very fast or that they know advanced guitar techniques. The reason they play guitar so well is because they have mastered the ability to use good guitar phrasing. Once you learn to create great lead guitar solo phrases, you will be able to make incredible guitar solos as well. Watch this guitar solo video lesson where I help one of my students improve their guitar phrasing skills.
Tom Hess Teaching Rock Guitar How To Play Killer Rock Guitar Licks

Are you struggling to think of your own killer rock guitar licks? Chances are, you are still using the ineffective approach of trying to memorize as many licks as possible before inserting them randomly into your solos. This same approach is used by the overwhelming majority of guitar players and it brings very limited results at best. Stop relying on memorizing a long list of random guitar licks and learn how to play your own rock guitar licks that sound amazing. By making this change in your approach, your guitar playing creativity will soar!

Tom Hess Teaching Vibrato To A Guitar Student Learn How To Master Guitar Vibrato Technique

Having excellent vibrato is essential for being able to play emotional and expressive guitar phrases. However, the majority of guitarists never master it and their overall playing suffers as a whole. Mastering vibrato on guitar is not really hard, and you can work on it a little every day to get big results. Watch this video on guitar vibrato to find out exactly how to practice in order to make your vibrato sound awesome.

Tom Hess With Guitar Student Make Your Lead Guitar Solos Sing By Mastering Guitar Vibrato

Do your guitar solos lack the overall power and feeling that you want to express?  If so, you're not alone. Most guitarists fail to play great guitar solos for many reasons, one of which is a lack of good guitar vibrato technique. By mastering vibrato technique, you will give your guitar playing a 'singing' quality much like that of a human voice. Watch this video guitar lesson and discover how to play vibrato on guitar to drastically enhance your lead guitar playing.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Soloing Play Better Guitar Solos By Applying These Guitar Phrasing Tips

Do you have a hard time trying to play great guitar solos that sound truly inspiring? If you are like most guitar players, you are probably not using good overall lead guitar phrasing. Many guitarists make the mistake of thinking that 'good technique' is all that is needed for playing excellent guitar solos. The reality is, 'guitar phrasing' is the absolute essential element of all great lead guitar solos. Watch this guitar video lesson to learn how to play guitar solos using my guitar phrasing tips.

Tom Hess Teaches Blues Guitar Soloing How To Use Arpeggios In Your Blues Guitar Playing

Playing blues guitar does not limit you to only using the same minor pentatonic scale patterns over and over. There are many other things you can do to make your blues guitar playing sound unique and creative. Using arpeggios is not considered a common approach in blues, but when done correctly, it sounds great and makes your playing stand out. This helps improves your soloing regardless of the style you are used to. Learn how to use arpeggios in your blues solos by watching this free blues guitar playing video.

Tom Hess And Greg X Metal Guitar Soloing Lesson On Using Speed In Your Lead Guitar Phrases

If you have problems with making your guitar solos sound good, you're not alone. Many guitarists can play some fast licks here and there, but struggle to use speed in their guitar solos in a way that sounds good. Watch this metal guitar solo lesson on video to find out how to use speed in your guitar solos to make your lead guitar playing sound great.


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Free Guitar Video Lessons For Building Speed On Guitar

Tom Hess Teaching Speed Guitar The Secrets To Fast Guitar Playing

Do you want to know how to effectively increase your guitar playing speed in the shortest amount of time possible? Fact is, the overwhelming majority of guitar players want to increase their guitar speed, but have no idea which approach they should take to get the best results. Don't allow yourself to continue using ineffective speed building methods any longer! Watch this guitar speed exercises video, and I'll show you a highly effective strategy for quickly developing MASSIVE amounts of guitar speed.

Tom Hess Teaching Shred Guitar How To Shred On Guitar Like A Pro

One of the biggest misconceptions you can have about playing great shred guitar licks is thinking that you must 'always' be playing as fast as possible. This mindset will only lead you to play uninspiring licks that sound more like 'exercises' than 'music'. Truth is, playing killer shred guitar phrases is a combination of speed AND creative guitar phrasing ability. Learn how to combine these two elements together by watching this video demonstration on the topic of playing killer shred guitar licks.

Tom Hess Teaching Directional Picking How To Play Guitar Fast With Minimum Effort

Are you unable to play guitar fast without a struggle? Using strictly alternate picking causes this problem. To play guitar fast without a lot of effort, learn how to use directional picking technique. Directional picking combines sweep picking and alternate picking to make picking technique as efficient as possible. Learn how to master directional picking by watching this free video about playing guitar fast with ease.

How To Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Playing How To Play Guitar Clean And Fast Without A Struggle

Many mistakes prevent guitarists from playing fast and clean. Fix mistakes in your guitar playing by identifying them, understanding why they cause sloppy playing, then working to fix them. Two key mistakes are: 1. using inefficient picking motions 2. playing with the thumb over the neck. Learn how to easily play clean and fast when you solve these problems by watching this video about playing guitar clean.

Tom Hess Explaining How To Play Guitar Fast And Clean How To Play Guitar Fast Without Sounding Sloppy

In order to play at super fast guitar speeds AND avoid sounding sloppy, you need to understand two things: how to minimize unwanted string noise and keep both hands in perfect synchronization (the ability to fret and pick each note together at the exact same moment). Fortunately, this is much easier to do than you might think. Learn how to play fast by mastering two hand synchronization by watching this video about how to play guitar fast and clean.

How To Improve Two-Hand Sync Play Guitar Fast And Clean By Improving 2-Hand Sync

Effortlessly playing fast and clean on guitar requires great two-hand synchronization. Neglect this skill and it becomes nearly impossible to play cleanly once you reach a certain speed. To improve your two-hand sync, you must practice guitar to improve specific elements in your playing. Learn how to do it by watching this guitar speed video.

Tom Hess Talking About Guitar Playing How To Increase Guitar Speed By Reducing Picking Hand Movements

If you want to play guitar fast, you will need to get rid of all the extra movements in your picking hand. This will require you to alter your current guitar picking technique to where every picking motion has a specific purpose (with no unnecessary movements). Once you are able to play guitar in this manner, you will start to see your guitar speed progress in a very short amount of time. Watch this video guitar lesson on how to increase guitar speed and see this demonstrated on the guitar.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar To A Student Play Shred Guitar Better By Avoiding This Crucial Mistake

Many guitar players want to be able to play shred guitar solos like the pros. Unfortunately, if you make the same mistake that these guitarists make, you will greatly limit your potential to accurately play fast guitar solos. One key to efficiently playing shred guitar is learning how to avoid excessive muscle tension or unnecessary motion. Watch this video guitar lesson on how to play shred guitar and I'll show you exactly how you can avoid these problems and learn to play guitar fast.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Speed Guitar Practice Approach For Learning How To Play Guitar Fast

One of the most common ways guitar players practice for speed is by playing slowly and gradually speeding up over time. When you use this practice method exclusively, you are actually placing limits on yourself, and may never reach your guitar speed goals. A more effective approach involves integrating several guitar speed building methods into your guitar practice sessions. In this video guitar lesson on how to play guitar faster I will show you exactly how to do this.


Free Guitar Video Lessons On Guitar Technique

Add Emotion To Your Guitar Playing How To Play Rock-Solid Rhythm Guitar Riffs

Want to play tight, killer rhythm guitar riffs that kick ass? The first step is to learn three common mistakes most guitar players make when practicing rhythm guitar. The second step is to focus on the right things when you practice (hint: your ears help you determine what to focus on). The third step is to train your hands to produce the sound you want to hear. Watch this video on how to play tight rhythm guitar riffs and learn how to master rhythm guitar playing easily and fast.

Tom Hess Demonstrates How To Play Creative Guitar Arpeggios How To Play Creative Sweep Picking Arpeggios

Do you wish you understood how to play awe-inspiring arpeggio guitar licks that demand attention from anyone who hears you play? In order to do this, you don't need to constantly search for and learn new arpeggio patterns... In reality, you can very easily create a wide variety of kick ass sweep picking licks from any of the patterns you've already learned. Find out how to transform the sweep picking patterns you are already familiar with into totally badass arpeggio licks by checking out this free video about how to play arpeggio guitar licks more creatively.


Tom Hess Teaching How To Use Sweep Picking With Scales How To Combine Sweep Picking With Scales

Your sweep picking sounds boring when you simply repeat a basic arpeggio again and again. Making your arpeggios sound creative improves your lead guitar soloing. One of the best ways to do this is integrating techniques together. When you combine sweep picking with scales, your phrases sound much more interesting. Learn how to do this by checking out this free sweep picking creativity video.


Tom Hess Teaching HowTo Play Guitar Arpeggios How To Play Awesome Guitar Arpeggios Without Playing Fast

Playing amazing guitar arpeggios does not always require speed, yet many guitarist sweep pick as fast as possible thinking this is the only way it should be done. You will give yourself tons of additional options for playing great sounding guitar arpeggios by learning how to be creative rather than playing everything as fast as possible. Watch this video to learn innovative ways to play awesome guitar arpeggios.

Tom Hess Teaching HowTo Improve Guitar Technique How To Play Faster And Cleaner Using Two-Hand Synchronization

It will be a struggle to play fast and clean until you have mastered the foundational aspects of guitar technique. One of these aspects is two-hand synchronization. Keeping your hands together in perfect sync, while also knowing how to play with articulation and proper picking hand movement, makes it easy to play guitar fast. Learn how to do this by watching this video on improving guitar technique.

Tom Hess Showing Student How To Play Guitar Clean How To Play Guitar Cleanly By Improving Your Guitar Picking Technique

One of the biggest problems that most guitarists run into as they try to play guitar fast is sloppy noise that comes from the strings that are not being played.  Fortunately there is an effective way to practice guitar that will allow you to keep your guitar playing clean at any speed.  Watch this guitar picking technique video guitar lesson to avoid sloppy guitar playing and improve your speed picking.

Tom Hess Showing Student How To Play Guitar Fast And Clean Play Guitar Faster And Cleaner Than Ever By Lining Up Your Hands In Perfect Sync

It's nearly impossible to play guitar fast with great accuracy when you don't have both of your hands working together in perfect synchronization. Once you improve your two-hand sync, playing fast feels totally effortless. To do this, you must practice feeling what it's like when your hands are in sync and out of sync. Learn more by watching this video on how to play guitar fast and clean.

How To Make Rhythm Guitar Playing Feel Much Easier How To Make Fast Rhythm Guitar Playing Feel Very Easy

Wonder why playing fast rhythm guitar riffs sometimes feels like a struggle? There are many reasons why this could be, but one is that you are using too much tension in your arms while playing. Many guitarists start this habit early and struggle to play fast because they waste so much energy. Watch this video and get rid of tension in your body and make fast rhythm guitar playing completely effortless.

Tom Hess Demonstrating How To Play Metal Rhythm Guitar How To Play Badass Rhythm Guitar Riffs For Metal By Using Aggressive Picking Technique

One of the biggest and worst mistakes that most metal rhythm guitarists make is playing with weak articulation in their picking hand. To make all of your metal guitar riffs sound totally badass, you're going to have to pick with A LOT of extra power! This is what all of the best rhythm guitar players do, and this is what you will need to do as well in order to play killer riffs just like them. Check out this metal guitar riffs video to learn how to play killer riffs whenever you pick up your instrument.
Tom Hess Teaching Sweep Picking Technique How To Clean Up Your Sweep Picking

Are you struggling to play arpeggios cleanly? Wouldn't it be awesome to have a way to not only make your sweep picking cleaner and faster, but also to come up with awesome sweep picking shred licks at the same time? Good news: you absolutely CAN do and have both in your practicing and you are about to learn how! Watch this video to see how to make your sweep picking practice a lot more fun and infinitely more effective at helping you play arpeggios cleanly on guitar.

Tom Hess Solving Sweep Picking Problems How To Solve Common Sweep Picking Problems

Is your sweep picking technique not as clean or effortless as you'd like it to be? Chances are, you're making one of many common mistakes. By analyzing your mistakes closely and fixing them, you can take a very sloppy sweep picking lick and transform it to make it sound amazing. Solve one of the most common sweep picking issues caused by a fundamental mistake by watching this sweep picking technique video.

Tom Hess Teaching Clean Guitar Technique Clean Up Guitar Technique By Preventing Notes From Bleeding Together

Sloppy mistakes quickly ruin any guitar lick. One of the most common mistakes that causes sloppy playing is when two notes bleed together. Stopping this from happening requires using correct guitar technique and knowing why the problem occurs, so it can be prevented in the future. Learn how by watching this clean guitar technique video.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Picking Technique How To Play Guitar Fast And Clean With Better Picking Technique

Playing guitar cleanly at fast speeds requires developing efficient picking technique that contains no excess movement/motion. This means keeping your pick in the trenches of the strings as much as possible and using minimal movement while transferring from one string to the next. Watch this guitar technique video to see how this is done and become a faster, more clean guitar player.

Tom Hess Teaching LegatoTechnique On Guitar How To Play With Flawless Legato Technique

Does your legato guitar technique sound sloppy? The solution for cleaning it up is NOT merely finding as many new legato exercises as you can. This will not help you fundamentally improve your technique. You must learn how to effectively practice legato technique using efficient movement in your fret hand. Learn how do do it by watching this legato guitar technique video.

Tom Hess Playing Pinch Harmonics How To Play Killer Pinch Harmonics

Pinch harmonics are an incredible tool for making your guitar playing sound totally badass and intense. As soon as you have mastered the ability to play them perfectly, you will be able to add fire and passion into your guitar phrases any time you pick up your instrument. However, if you practice them the wrong way, you will never be able to achieve the effect you want and your playing will end up sounding sloppy and unclean. Learn how to play pinch harmonics that sound amazing by watching this pinch harmonics guitar video.

Tom Hess Teaching Sweep Picking How To Play Guitar Sweeps Fast And Clean

Playing incredibly fast and accurate sweep picking arpeggios can add a very high level of intensity to your guitar solos. Unfortunately, a lot of guitar players have a difficult time with sweep picking and don't know how to practice this guitar technique in the best, most efficient way possible. Watch this guitar video lesson on how to master sweep picking to find out how to practice this guitar technique more effectively and avoid the mistakes that many guitarists make when trying to learn to sweep pick on guitar.
Tom Hess Playing Blues Guitar Licks How To Play Aggressive Blues Guitar Licks Cleanly

Want to play mean and aggressive blues guitar licks? Most guitarists feel they must either play aggressively or cleanly while playing blues licks. Truth is, you can easily play with both great intensity AND accuracy. To do this you must learn how to play with power in the picking hand while using flawless muting technique to prevent any excess string noise from sounding. Learn how to do this by watching the demonstration in this killer blues guitar riffs video.

Tom Hess Teaching Sweep Picking To Student How To Make Your Sweep Picking Arpeggios Sound Intense

Do your sweep picking arpeggio phrases sound stale and repetitive? Most guitarists have this same problem because they simply play the same basic arpeggios patterns over and over without ever learning how to use them in a creative, musical manner. The key to making your arpeggios sound totally killer is using sweep picking in a way that 'enhances' your overall lead guitar playing. Watch this creative sweep picking video to learn to use this technique to add intensity to your arpeggios.
Tom Hess Teaches Sweep Picking Arpeggios Use Rolling Technique To Play High Speed Sweep Arpeggios

If you want to play fast sweep picking arpeggios, one of the most effective techniques you can use to do this involves "rolling" your fingers across the strings.  Many guitar players struggle with doing this technique cleanly and fast, but it can be learned quickly and easily by applying correct guitar practice approaches.  Watch this guitar video lesson to see exactly how to sweep pick fast using the rolling technique.

Tom Hess Working With Guitar Student How To Improve Your 2 Hand Coordination And Learn To Play Guitar Faster And More Accurately

To become a truly great guitar player, you must learn to control and balance the different levels of tension in your picking and fretting hands. This will give you the ability to play guitar at faster speeds with a greater degree of accuracy. Watch this guitar video demonstration on guitar player coordination and find out how to become a much better guitarist by learning to control each of your hands independently.


Free Guitar Practice Video Lessons

Tom Hess Playing Guitar How To Play Anything You Want On Guitar

Are you sick and tired of not being able to play a specific riff, technique or song on guitar? The bad news is, you will never overcome your frustration until you understand the correct steps to follow while practicing. The good news is, understanding these steps is easy! There are only a few fundamental steps, and once you learn how to practice them, you will be able to play anything you want on guitar. Watch this guitar practice video and start playing everything you ever wanted.

Tom Hess Teaching Guitar What You Need To Practice On Guitar To Get More Results

Do you have limited time to practice guitar? Not having enough time to practice is not as big of a challenge as you thihnk. Stop focusing on time and start focusing on the quality of your practice. You get much better results from your guitar practice when you work on things that use many skills at once. This is called transferability. When you practice different items that have transferability, you get more results because your practice approach is more efficient. Watch this video to learn what you should practice on guitar.

Tom Hess Teaching How To Learn The Fretboard On Guitar How To Easily Learn The Fretboard On Guitar

It's much easier to play solos, licks and phrases all over the guitar neck when you understand the best way to learn the fretboard. Most guitar players try to learn the fretboard by memorizing all the note names of every fret. However, this makes learning the fretboard harder than it needs to be. It's much easier to learn it by thinking about the note numbers (scale degrees) and note functions. Find out more about why this is the easy way to learn the fretboard by watching this free guitar video.

Tom Hess Teaching A Guitar Student How To Practice Effectively Guitar Practice Method That Quickly Fixes Any Playing Issue

To solve any problem in your guitar playing, you must use effective practice methods. One of the most effective practice methods is to isolate a difficult part in any phrase or exercise, then repeat it over and over 25, 50 or 100 times. This makes the problem much easier to deal with and only takes a few minutes. Learn exactly how to apply this concept into your practice by watching this free guitar practice video.

Tom Hess Teaching A Guitar Student How To Fix Mistakes How To Make Difficult Guitar Licks Much Easier To Play

Are you struggling to play a difficult guitar lick and don't know how to make it sound better? There are many different mistakes that could be causing this lick to be more difficult than it needs to be. Learning what they are and how to correct them makes playing it much easier. Find out how to make difficult guitar licks a lot easier by checking out this video on how to play challenging guitar licks.

Tom Hess Teaching A Guitar Student How To Practice How To Quickly And Easily Solve Guitar Playing Problems

Wish you knew how to finally play that one lick or riff that always gives you problems? To make fast progress in your guitar playing, practice guitar in a way that isolates the problems you struggle with. By doing this, you quickly and efficiently fix the weaknesses that hold you back from playing how you want. Watch this video to learn how to practice guitar effectively in order to eliminate any problem you struggle with.

Tom Hess Teaching How To Play Difficult Guitar Licks How To Easily Play Difficult Guitar Solos And Licks

Struggling to play a specific guitar solo or lick? To quickly master it, avoid the mistake of exclusively practicing guitar technique in total isolation. You will be able to play any guitar solo much better by combining the techniques of a solo into actual music - before you master them. This is an effective approach for exposing additional weaknesses in your playing so you can improve them much faster. Find out how this is done by watching this video about playing difficult guitar solos.

Tom Hess Teaching Sweep Picking How To Sweep Pick Cleanly At Fast Speeds

One of the hardest things for many guitar players to do is play clean sweep picking arpeggios. While sweep picking at faster speeds, it becomes difficult to clearly distinguish individual notes. This leads to sloppy playing. To clean this up, you must choose specific notes to listen for before you play, then listen for them individually as you are sweep picking. Learn how by watching this sweep picking guitar video.

How To Develop Better Guitar Playing Habits How To Develop Correct Guitar Playing Habits

When you play guitar using poor playing habits, it becomes a struggle to make progress. Good news: it doesn't take many years to start developing effective habits that quickly help you improve your playing in a massive way. To begin doing this, you must slow down what you are playing and focus on making zero mistakes with efficient movement. Learn how to do this now by watching this free guitar playing video.

How To Improvise On Guitar During Live Playing How To Improvise Guitar Better In Real-Life Playing Situations

Improvising on guitar in front of others is different than improvising at home. A few differences include more pressure to perform well, standing while playing and moving around on stage. As with any guitar skill, you must practice before your live improvising skills get better. Many guitarists never do this and perform poorly during live shows. Watch this video to learn how to improvise on guitar in live situations.
Tom Hess Teaches A Guitar Student How To Tremolo Pick So Fast Your Strings Melt

Do you think that, by simply moving your hands faster, you will be able to tremolo pick faster? If you do, you're dead wrong. I'll show you exactly what you need to be doing instead that will REALLY increase your tremolo picking speed. Using this method will allow you to feel effortless even while playing at extremely high speeds. Start using economy of motion and learn how to tremolo pick at breakneck speed in this guitar technique video.
Tom Hess Teaching Guitar Chords How To Switch Chords Faster On Guitar

Wish you could play smooth, flowing musical passages by transitioning quickly between chords? Many guitar players cannot switch from one chord to the next in a song very smoothly. When you hesitate in between chords in a musical situation it can make the music sound broken up and out of time. See how you can solve this problem and learn to change chords in a fast and fluid manner with this guitar lesson video on how to switch chords on guitar.

Tom Hess Shows You How To Play Guitar Cleanly How To Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Playing

Do you wish that you could clean up your sloppy guitar playing? Unfortunately, most guitar players struggle to play guitar cleanly at high speeds. Truth is, it is not difficult to play fast. But first you must understand and implement the correct process to improve your technique. Once you do, you will be able to play guitar faster than you ever have and eliminate sloppiness. Learn, practice and master this guitar video lesson so you can clean up your sloppy guitar playing.

Tom Hess Discussing Chord Progressions Play Interesting And Unique Chord Progressions Using More Creative Chords

Most guitar players do not pay much attention to how they use chords. Often they will simply take the basic open chords and play the same chord positions over and over. The problem with this is that using these same chords becomes boring quickly. The solution to this is to focus on how individual notes within each chord move from one chord to the next.  Watch this creative guitar chords video guitar lesson and find out how to play much cooler chord progressions.

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