Learn Guitar Voice Leading To Make Chord Progressions Sound Awesome With Ease

Want to play guitar chords creatively so that they sound musically expressive without using a ton of effort to learn complex music theory concepts?

No problem!

Learn how to use guitar voice leading ideas to make simple chords sound amazing.

No, voice leading isn't as complicated as you might think...

...and it's not just for advanced musicians either.

Find out how to easily use voice leading to make your guitar chords sound great by watching this video:

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Now that you have watched the video, learn more ways to make your guitar playing more creative and expressive by reading these tips:

Guitar Voice Leading Creativity Tip #1: Get Better By Training Your Aural Skills

When you use chords on guitar, it’s very helpful to already know how each note in your song transitions into the next one. Most guitarists simply rely on randomly playing through notes, hoping something cool will happen. However, there is a better approach that will make your guitar voice leading and overall guitar playing better in the long run.

Try this:

Play a short phrase of 2-3 notes, the sing the next half of the phrase out loud. Don't worry if you aren't a great singer. Once, you've done this, play the next notes on guitar. Work on doing this until you are able to reliably sing the notes you want to play before you play them.

This helps you to build a mental vocabulary of how notes sound in your head before you even play them on guitar.

Practicing this over time makes it easier to lead notes from one to the next during your guitar chord progressions, solos and licks.

Guitar Voice Leading Creativity Tip #2: Use Expressive Vibrato

Vibrato is one of the most important tools you have available when it comes to playing guitar with emotional expression. This technique can be used to enhance your chords and chord progressions too.

As you saw in the video, vibrato can be applied using your fretting hand on the notes of a chord or by using your fist to  depress and release a floating bridge so that every note has vibrato applied evenly.

For additional creative expression while using your fretting hand, pay attention to the notes you apply vibrato to. For example, try only applying vibrato to the bass note in each chord or only to the strings above it. Use different kinds of vibrato and experiment to give your chord progressions more variety.

Question: “What is a way to write guitar chord progressions that sound cool?”

Answer: There are many ways to do this, so here is one approach you can use right now:

Look for ways to use the open high E or high B strings in every chord of your progression. This creates a pedal point that makes each chord flow smoothly into the next one, and it sounds great.

Try these using chords at first (in any inversion, starting on any string), then think of your own chords:

C Major - D Major - E Minor

C Major 7 - D7 - E Minor 7

Question: “How often should I use vibrato in my guitar playing?”

Answer: Make sure not too over use it to the point that it becomes too predictable, but not so little that your notes sound hollow or lifeless.

Work on developing the expressive quality of your guitar chords by simply looking for ways to make a single chord sound unique and emotional with many types of vibrato (on its own - separate from other chords). Play a chord for several minutes while looking for ways to make it sound different with vibrato each time your play it. Then add another chord and repeat.

Guitar Voice Leading Creativity Tip #3: Learn From A Good Guitar Teacher

Are you constantly looking for new guitar licks, chords, techniques or lessons online?

Most other guitar players do this too.

However, making tons of progress to become a great guitarist requires more than this. Taking lessons with a guitar teacher makes learning and improving infinitely easier than trying to piece everything together on your own.

Your guitar playing develops quickly when you take lessons from an expert guitar teacher who has already helped many others do everything you want to do and more.

It's a fact:

Guitar players who learn with a teacher improve their weaknesses much faster than they would learning on their own. This means you are no longer held back from playing the cool solos, licks, techniques and patterns that are currently frustrating you. Great guitar teachers are experts at helping you fix problems in your playing that you may have never realized existed while helping you achieve your musical goals much more quickly!

Don't hesitate to get started taking your guitar playing to the highest level.

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