How To Switch Between Guitar Chords And Master The Guitar Fretboard

If you are like most guitar players who are learning the fretboard, you have a hard time switching from one guitar chord to the next. This can be very frustrating, because it makes it hard to play in a continuous and musical manner. In most cases, the reason you struggle is NOT because you can't play a specific chord pattern. The real problem is that you are not mentally ready to switch from one chord to another.

In order to quickly and smoothly switch chords on guitar, you need to know (in your head) which notes you will be playing BEFORE you actually play them and you need to have an effective practicing system for learning the guitar fretboard. Watch the video below to see exactly how you can get better at switching guitar chords.

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Mastering fretboard visualization not only helps you play smooth chord changes with ease, but helps you play guitar creatively during solos and improvisation. Even better news: Working with a guitar teacher helps you develop this skill insanely fast. Get started now by taking electric guitar lessons online.

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