Learn How To Easily Play Difficult Guitar Solos And Licks

Want to know how to quickly learn awesome guitar licks and solos even if they are very difficult? Many guitar players struggle to master challenging solos because they exclusively practice their technique in total isolation. Reality is, you can quickly learn any guitar solo by simply combining the techniques within it into a musical context (BEFORE you have totally mastered those techniques).

Watch the video below and I'll show you exactly how to do this so you can learn any guitar solo, no matter how challenging it is:

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Question: “What one thing can I practice to make my guitar solos more expressive?”

Answer: Work on developing better phrasing from the ground up.

Here is an example:

Get better at playing a small amount of notes more expressively.

Try doing this by first improving your vibrato.

Note: Don't make the mistake of using vibrato that is too fast and out of control.

This is when it feels like you are shaking the string but not hitting both the original and new pitch with precision. This feels out of control and sounds undesirable.

Practicing vibrato for just ten minutes per day provides amazing results for your guitar soloing creativity and expression.

Work on this with a metronome set to a slower tempo (very slow at first).

Then begin applying the vibrato on the first beat by bending up to the pitch you are targeting.

Return the string to the pitch you began on when beat 2 clicks.

Keep doing this until it becomes easy to play with controlled and expressive vibrato.

Once you have worked on your vibrato/bending technique, begin integrating your skills together using this exercise:

The point of this exercise is to get more expression from a few notes during a solo before moving on to create a new phrase.

Here is how to do this:

  1. Choose three notes of a scale or pattern of any kind.
  2. Play the notes over and over for several minutes. As you do this, play every repetition as differently as possible using any combination of techniques you can think of.
  3. Repeat step 2, but alter or add one note. Then try again.

This trains you to focus on getting more expressive value from only a few notes.


Better guitar solos.

How To Improve Your Guitar Soloing Faster

Now you’ve watched the video and know a bit more about how to play better guitar solos.

But should you continue learning how to improve your soloing by yourself or take lessons with a guitar teacher?

Consider this:

You make massive amounts of improvement in your guitar playing by taking lessons with an experienced guitar teacher. This especially applies when (as is the case with experienced teachers) they have already helped countless other players do the same things you want to.

That said:

How exactly does working together with a guitar teacher help you make so much more progress than you would on your own?

I'll tell you one big factor:

Having a great guitar instructor eliminates all the frustration that comes with guessing about how to get better...

  • Not sure what you should be practicing right now?
  • Tired of not being able to play that one cool guitar lick at the speed you want?

Your guitar teacher will show you exactly what to practice, how to practice it and when to practice it so you make blazing fast progress.

There's more though.

Your guitar teacher (due to their experience) helps you improve your guitar playing in ways you never considered, helping you make amazing breakthroughs that lead to quick results.

Don't hold off on getting started though.

Your guitar skills only get better when you take the right action to develop them - Waiting only puts off reaching your musical goals.

Take lessons today and finally make a breakthrough in your guitar playing, just like these players did:



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