Learn How To Sweep Pick With Efficient Technique & Play Better Arpeggios Than Ever Before

Struggling with sweep picking?

Don't worry, many guitarists have a hard time with this technique too.

However, it's not because the technique itself is incredibly hard. It's actually easier than you think.

People struggle with it because they use inefficient technique that creates problems and causes sloppy playing.

Good news is, improving your sweep picking technique does not have to take long.

Sweep pick better than ever by using the advice in this video:

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Here are a few more sweep picking tips to help you play arpeggios better: 

Sweep Picking Tip #1: Practice Arpeggios With Distortion Most Of The Time. Here Is Why:

Contrary to popular belief, distortion doesn't mask mistakes. It exposes sloppy guitar playing. Which means: if your arpeggios are full of string noise and notes bleeding together – distortion makes this very obvious.

That also means: you can easily tell when your playing is becoming cleaner as you fix sloppy mistakes in your sweep picking.

Sweep Picking Tip #2: Mute Sloppy String Noise Using Both Hands. Here Is How:

Most people mute sloppy string noise in their arpeggios using their picking hand’s palm. This is not what I recommend.

My advice? 

Use thumb muting. Thumb muting means: you rest your picking hand’s thumb on the thicker strings as you sweep pick. This makes it impossible for those strings to vibrate and create noise in your arpeggios.
Next, use your fretting hand’s index finger to mute the higher in pitch strings. All you do is lightly touch the thinner strings using the underside of the fretting hand index finger.

(Don’t press them down – just touch the strings very lightly.)

This gives you an additional layer of muting to prevent string noise during your sweep picking. 

On a related note…

Avoid notes bleeding together in your arpeggios. Here is how to achieve this:

1. Relax each finger from its note when the next note starts ringing. Note: “relaxing” doesn't mean lifting the finger up in the air. It means releasing it from its note, so the next note can ring clearly. 

2. Do not let notes to bleed together during finger rolls. Isolate finger rolling and practice the motion until the notes are clean.

Sloppy Sweep Picking At High Speeds

Now you know how to develop your sweep picking technique and play arpeggios fast & clean. 

The next step to reaching your guitar playing goals is to refine your other skills. I'm talking about: your other guitar techniques, music theory knowledge, ear training, phrasing, fretboard visualization and creativity, so you can:

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You tell me about your guitar playing and what you want to achieve as a musician. (You do that by filling out a detailed evaluation form where I get to know your musical background.)

Note: the evaluation from may contain musical questions you don’t know how to answer. That’s ok. The from is not a test – it’s a way for me to see what you know or don't know, so I can create the best lesson strategy for you.

When I get your evaluation from, I read it (at least twice).

Then I go to work to create your lesson strategy and lesson materials. 

All of this typically takes between 3-5 hours for me to do for you. (Please be patient with me on this part. I want to do as thorough of a job designing your lesson strategy as possible. The better your lesson strategy – the faster you improve. That’s why this process takes time.)

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Each lesson is a step towards reaching your musical goals. 

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