Make Nice Guitar Chord Progressions By Learning How To Be More Creative

A very common problem for many guitarists is that they do not understand how to make interesting chord progressions. If you have a hard time making great chord progressions, you probably are not using your chords in a very creative manner. Most likely, when you play chords on guitar you only switch between basic open chords or barre chords. This approach is very limiting in terms of making a nice sounding sequence of chords.

In order to be more creative and make better sounding chord progressions you need to think about the individual notes in your chords. By thinking of each individual note as a melody, you can understand how to move smoothly from one chord to the next. This approach gives you a much wider variety of new sounds to use. Once you use creative guitar chord ideas like this, your chords will sound much more interesting. Watch the video below to see how to be more creative so you can start making nice guitar chord progressions.

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Good news: Musical creativity is something you learn (you don't have to be creative by nature). Working with a guitar teacher helps you become creative very fast so you always know how to play creatively with any new skills you learn. Get started with your own teacher now with the best guitar lessons online.

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