99% Of Guitar Players Will Never Master Sweep Picking...

Here Are The 5 Things You Must Know That Put You In The 1%

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Every day guitarists just like you tell me how frustrated and discouraged they are because they struggle to sweep pick fast and clean no matter how much they practice guitar. Most either don’t know how to practice sweep picking correctly or have a completely inaccurate understanding of what it takes to master this technique.
The #1 mistake most guitarists make is thinking that the secret to sweep picking mastery lies in some special set of exercises they haven’t found yet. Wrong! You can improve your sweep picking with any arpeggio exercise you already know if you practice this technique correctly, like the pros do. Likewise, until and unless your practicing is highly effective, you can practice every sweep picking exercise in the universe and still not get the results you want. 
Here is something most guitarists don’t know: 
Sweep picking is actually A LOT simpler to learn and master than most other techniques on guitar (yes, you read this correctly). There are only a handful of concepts you need to focus on when practicing to make fast sweep picking feel easy. Naturally talented guitarists have figured these elements out on their own and this is why they learn to sweep pick fast and clean with very little effort. Now it’s time for you to join them… 
In this free eGuide to fast and clean sweep picking, you will learn what the naturally gifted guitar players know and do instinctively when they practice. 
You will discover:
  • 5 solutions to common sweep picking problems that make this technique so hard for most people to master (you won’t believe #1).
  • How a tiny adjustment in the follow-through motion of your picking hand will dramatically improve your sweep picking speed and make all your arpeggios super easy to play.
  • 7 elements of sweep picking mastery and what you must do to make consistent progress with each one every time you practice guitar.
  • How integrating sweep picking with tremolo picking will improve your 2-hand synchronization and help you create face-melting shred guitar licks.
  • How to correctly perform the finger rolling motion with the fretting hand to ensure that all your arpeggios sound clean at any speed.
  • 2 innovative string muting techniques that will forever eliminate unwanted string noise from your lead guitar playing.
  • The one big thing you must do consistently to make massive progress in all areas of your guitar playing (almost nobody does this…except for the very best guitar players).

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