Lesson On 7 String Guitar Playing - How To Use A 7 String Guitar To Improve Your Musical Creativity

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Lesson On 7 String Guitar Playing

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Many guitarists wonder how they should approach practicing on a 7 string guitar. Some may spend a lot of time seeking out specific 7 string guitar lesson materials to practice and others simply assume that they already know all there is to know about 7 string guitar playing from their experience with playing a 6 string guitar.

The truth is that neither of the above approaches will do much to help you become more musically creative on this instrument. Although there are few guitar exercises designed exclusively for 7 string guitar playing, there are certain specific things you need to learn to maximize all of the unique benefits offered by this type of guitar. The reason why it is difficult to find effective 7 string guitar lessons is because the elements that make this instrument unique go beyond the “hands-on” concepts of guitar licks, chords and scales, which are the things that most guitar learning methods are limited to.

To get the most from playing 7 string guitar, you must learn about the ways this instrument influences your options for musical creativity and guitar songwriting.

After studying this free 7 string guitar playing lesson, you will:
  • Learn what really makes 7 string guitars different from 6 string ones and how to use that realization to instantly improve your musical creativity. (The difference is NOT what you think!)
  • Understand how to maximize the advantages that 7 string guitar has to offer, so that you can express yourself with your music more freely.
  • Get cool new ideas for writing your own songs on guitar that you likely have never considered before.
  • Improve your rhythm guitar skills and become a much better guitarist in rock and metal styles.

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