How Much Time Do I Need To Practice Guitar To Take Lessons From You?

Practice guitar as much as you realistically can, given your other responsibilities in life. Do your best to practice something every day (even for a few minutes).

You are going to become a better guitarist when you study with me, even if you only practice guitar 20-30 minutes per day.

Here is why:

I will teach you how to squeeze more progress from every minute of your practice time. 

I’ll give you specific lessons on how to solve your guitar playing problems and learn the skills you need more quickly. 

I’ll also show you how to practice away from your guitar, so you can improve fast even if your time is limited. 

I will help you when you get stuck in weekly Office Hour sessions. 

You can come to ask me questions about anything you want and I’ll help you understand anything you are confused on. This means you’ll know exactly what to do during your practice time. 

We will do live video guitar practice sessions.

This means: you, me and my other students all practice guitar together. 

What do we work on? Anything you don’t feel motivated to practice alone. Bring those things to these practices sessions and buckle down. 

It’s surprising how productive you can be when I'm watching you practice and all you see are dozens of people working hard on their playing. 

My students often say these live video practice sessions make boring guitar practice feel more fun than it’s ever been. 

I don’t expect you to master each lesson fully before moving on to the next lesson. 

As long as you understand what’s in each lesson and can play its exercises even slowly, you are ready to move on to the next lesson when it comes. 

Also, note: 

I know you will fall behind on practicing sometimes and life will get in the way of practicing.

This is normal.

When this happens, simply reach out to me and I will make the right adjustments to your lesson strategy to help you catch up.

Look at the results I’ve helped my students achieve:


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