Tom Hess Students

Below you find a few samples of videos and songs of Tom Hess's online guitar lesson students, Music Careers Mentoring Program members and teachers in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Enjoy!

Students Jamming At HESSFEST

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Songs From Students

German Schauss Guitarist German Schauss -
The Final Showdown
AJ Simons Guitarist AJ Simons -
Purgatory Child
Nick Layton Guitarist Nick Layton -
Storming The Castle

Student Playing Videos

Student Spotlight
Dan Keller Guitarist Dan Keller -
Jeff Treadwell Guitarist Jeff Treadwell -
The Way Home
Zack Uidl Guitarist Zack Uidl -
Mike Philippov Guitarist Mike Philippov -
Improv E minor
Lee Carlson Guitarist Lee Carlson -
Smooth Waters
Kole Guitarist Kole -
Restless Nights
Listen To What Students Say About Working With Tom
Ben Johnson Guitarist Ben Johnson -
Jamie Greenwood Guitarist Jamie Greenwood -
Time Travel
Norman Kim Guitarist Norman Kim -
Pipe Dream Reality
Paul Tauterrouff Guitarist Paul Tauterouff -
Frozen Heart
Byron Marks Guitarist Byron Marks -
Another Day
John Tutino Musician John Tutino -
Full Moon Rising
More Tom Hess Students
Dave Cardwell Guitar Player Dave Cardwell -
Solo Excerpts
Angel Zamora Guitar Player Angel Zamora -
George Tamayo Guitar Player George Tamayo -
Mike Breen Guitar Player Mike Breen -
Josip Pesut Guitar Player Josip Pesut -
The Life
Tevis Maloney Guitar Player Tevis Maloney -
Lie After Lie
Feedback About Online Guitar Lessons, Teaching Guitar And Building A Music Career With Tom Hess
Jonathan Vipond Guitar Player Jonathan Vipond -
Oscar Ortega Guitar Player Oscar Ortega -
Chopin-Prelude in C minor
Vito Marchese Guitar Player Vito Marchese -
Fredrik Kjellgren Guitarist Fredrik Kjellgren -
Desolate Worlds
Alex Boccia Guitar Player Alex Boccia -
Alex Boccia (sample)
Tarek Malki Guitarist Tarek Malki -

Student Spotlight
Randy Johnson Guitar Player Randy Johnson -
Tim Gibson Guitar Player Tim Gibson -
After The Calm
Gabe Zentner Guitar Player Gabe Zentner -
Orest Dziatyk Guitarist Orest Dziatyk -
Hawk (sample)
Daniel Rothmann Guitarist Daniel Rothmann -
Decimal - Monsters
Paul Kleff Guitarist Paul Kleff -
Machined (collage)
Tom Hess Students - Lesson And Program Feedback
Jessa Young Musician Jessa Young -
Tommaso Zillio Guitarist Tommaso Zillio -
Thin Ice
Greg X Guitar Player Greg X -
Solo section (sample)
Johnny Ryan Guitarist Johnny Ryan -
The Unexpected
James Erickson Guitarist James Erickson -
Alexander Brizuela Guitarist Alexander Brizuela -
Adrenaline Rush
More Students Of Tom Hess
George Engelbrecht - Guitarist George Engelbrecht -
Josh Beetler Musician Josh Beetler -
Sonic The Shred Hog
Antony Reynaert - Guitarist Antony Reynaert -
Tommaso Zillio Guitarist Tommaso Zillio -
Where Angels Stumble
Johan Tillgrenn Guitarist Johan Tillgrenn -
Aldo Chircop Guitar Player Aldo Chircop -
Dawn Of Victory
The Top Tom Hess Students
John Magee - Guitarist John Magee -
Dark Cowboy
Corinne Gooden Guitarist Corinne Gooden -
Shadows Of Giants
Ralf Schanzel - Guitarist Ralf Schanzel -
Ralf's Top Texas Z
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