What Will I Get In Each Lesson?

You will get personalized guitar lesson materials based on a proven learning strategy that will be customized for you. These are goal orientated lessons made up of relevant lesson materials that are needed to reach your musical goals. Each lesson is fully documented so that you can quickly and easily review all previous lessons (this is not possible from a local private lesson guitar teacher). In addition, each lesson is much bigger than what you would receive from a local private teacher. You can see and hear the proof on my Student Spotlight page. And you can also see and hear what my students say about their online guitar lessons with me on the Feedback page and check out more videos and songs at the Students Playing page.

You will get personal help and expert feedback from me on your guitar playing. You will have opportunities to send recordings of your guitar playing to me for feedback. This will keep me updated on your progress, notice any problems you may be having, and allow me to continually refine my lesson strategy for you.

You will get access to my exclusive private student forum. The forum is a large community of advanced guitar players and professional guitar teachers as well as guitar players who are just starting out (and anywhere in between) who are all there to support you, to motivate you and to assist you. My students agree that this forum is one of the best resources on the internet to get all of your musical questions answered in a friendly, helpful and encouraging environment! Of course, I am very active on the forum as well.

You will additional support from me via email if/when needed. I always reply in detail to any questions you have about your lessons/progress and I MAKE SURE that you fully understand everything I teach you.

You will get my exclusive collection of bonus guitar lessons and master classes. You won't find these valuable bonuses anywhere else. Over time you will collect them all and become a great guitar player even faster!

Results, Results, Results! If you do your part (learn and practice your guitar lessons), you WILL see big results in your guitar playing.

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