How Long Is This Course?

This is NOT a course.

I will teach, train and coach you for as long as it takes you to reach your short and long term musical goals. How long does that take? The answer depends on what your goals are, what your current skill level is, how dedicated you are going to be to correctly study and practice what you and I will be working on together, and how frequently you take lessons with me (the more frequently you take lessons, the faster we will get through the things you will need to learn and practice to get where you want to be with your guitar playing).

In addition, if you want to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest amount of time, you really need to use my exclusive students only online forum. I have a unique way of tracking the amount of progress each of my students makes over time and the fact is, my students who used the forum regularly on average make 122% MORE overall progress than those who don’t. They also on average increased their guitar playing speed 57% faster than those who don’t use the forum. They on average master music theory related lessons from me 183% faster than those who don’t use the forum and these forum users on average learn to apply what they know to real music 71% faster than those who are not regular forum users.

Again, this is not a pre-made course, with me you get personalized lessons.

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