Do I Need A Webcam, Chat Or Skype To Take Lessons?


I do not teach lessons via , because this format is inferior for many reasons. One of these reasons is that you will only remember about 20% of each lesson after some time goes by (and then would have to pay 'again' in a future lesson for me to reteach/review the same topic).

When I teach you, I will prepare your lessons for you in a variety of formats (different topics are best taught in different formats and I select the best combination of video/audio/text/tab formats to teach you effectively) and upload them into your account to study/practice. This way you will always have access to your older lessons (even 10 years from now) and will never have to pay me again to go over older topics that you have forgotten since we talked about them only once in a lesson.

As you practice and study the lessons, there will be many ways for you to keep me updated about your progress. You will have regular opportunities to send me recordings of your guitar playing for direct feedback. In addition to giving you feedback about your playing directly, I will make any adjustments in your upcoming lessons that may be necessary to help you continue progressing at the fastest rate possible.

You can also of course reach out to me via email when you have questions specific to your lessons or need to give me an update about your progress and/or goals. I will always personally reply to you in detail and I will be able to easily tell by the questions you ask (or don't ask) how well you are progressing.

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