How Can You Track My Progress?

Lots of ways.

For example: 

  • Every week I hold live video office hours where you can get your questions answered by me directly.
  • Every week I hold live video guitar training classes where I break down the most challenging guitar playing topics, make them easy to master and train you on them live. I also answer questions (and get to watch you practice) during this time.
  • I give you in-depth feedback on your playing (when you send me recordings), so you know how to overcome your toughest guitar challenges with less time and effort.
  • I give you unlimited support via email whenever you need it. I observe and pay attention to the questions you ask (and don't ask) and I can tell from your questions how well you are progressing.
  • I ask you to leave me your feedback about each lesson I give you. This helps me to keep the finger on the pulse of your progress and adjust your lesson strategy if/when it's needed. Plus, you can ask me questions right in your feedback form. I read it and reply to you with detailed answers.
  • You can ask me to change your lesson strategy at any time (for example: when your goals change or you have less time to practice in a certain month).

You get all of this personal help when you need it the most - in between your lessons.

The longer we work together, the more I get to know you, your guitar playing and your learning style. This way I can refine my lesson strategy for you over time.

On top of this: 

I have a team around me to help me with tasks I don't need to do (like help you if you need help with your account or something on the website). This means I can invest more of my time helping you with your guitar playing.

Plus, I charge a lot more than just about any other online guitar teacher. This means the total number of people I work with is much less than other teachers who try to cram as many students as possible into their courses or lessons. 

Look at the results I’ve helped my students achieve:


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