I Want To Learn From You, But I Am Skeptical Because I Do Not Know You Personally

Whenever I talk to people who are 'skeptical', I like to probe a bit deeper to find out exactly 'what' they are truly skeptical about. Fact is, when we discuss this issue beyond the surface layer, most people are actually not skeptical about 'me' since there is an overwhelming and indisputable amount of proof that I have taught a lot of other people to become great guitar players. You can see and hear the proof on my Student Spotlight page. And you can also see and hear what my students say about their online guitar lessons with me on the Feedback page and check out more videos and songs at the Students Playing page.

So what are the skeptics really skeptical about? Themselves! Think about this for a minute, if you are feeling skeptical right now, be very honest and ask yourself this question: 

"Am I really skeptical about Tom Hess, his proven track record of results, or his methods? ...
Or am I skeptical about 'myself'? Maybe I won't be committed to actually practice, maybe
I doubt myself, maybe I won't practice what Tom Hess gives me to practice, maybe I won't do
MY part in order to get the most out of learning from Tom Hess."

So which is it? After all the proof I have given you and all the proof that MANY MANY other people have given you, do you really feel skeptical about 'me' or 'you'?

If after checking out the links above you still feel skeptical about me, then nothing I can write here is going to change your mind, so in that case you should try to find someone else to help you. (If you find anyone, anywhere who has more proof of producing real results, please let me know!)

However, if you decide that you are skeptical about 'yourself', and if you are serious about studying with me, contact me via email, maybe I can help you to feel more confident that studying with me is the right choice for you to reach your goals and that you CAN achieve them no matter who you, what your challenges and goals may be.

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