How Can You Really Know What To Teach Me And How To Teach Me Based Only On The Answers I Give To Your Questions On The Evaluation Form?

The evaluation form is only the beginning of our student / teacher relationship. It's a great place for us to begin your learning process together because this specific evaluation form tells me a LOT about you, what you want and what you need to learn in order to begin reaching your musical goals fast.

Once you become a student and we get started with our lessons, you will join the Student Support section of my website. There you will be able to easily and quickly send me audio or video recordings of your playing (or practicing). I will also reply to you with any specific advice, guidance, recommendations and help you need after watching and/or listening to your playing.

You will also receive a 'welcome package" that explains how to get started as a new student, where everything is, where and how to access your lessons, how and where to access the student support section of the website, how and where to send me your recordings and many more useful tools, resources and guidance to get started. It's all laid out for you in one place so that you can easily and quickly get started.

In addition, beginning with lesson 2 you will fill out a very simple and easy feedback form. In this form you will rate every single part of your previous lesson so that I get a crystal clear understanding of your thoughts about what I have already taught you. Depending upon how you rate each part of your lesson, I may modify future lessons to better help you learn faster, deeper and more fluently all the things required to reach your short and long term musical goals.

You can also of course reach out to me via email when you have questions specific to your lessons or need to give me an update about your progress and/or goals. I will always personally reply to you in detail and I will be able to easily tell by the questions you ask (or don't ask) how well you are progressing. All this will give me the information I need to continuously revise my lesson strategy for you to help you reach your goals fast.

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