How Do I Pay For Guitar Lessons?

You can pay using a credit card (or a debit/bank card that works just like a credit card) or PayPal. Your payment information is secure.

Don't have a credit card? No problem.

You can connect your bank account or debit card to your PayPal account and use it to pay for lessons.

Don’t worry, nobody sees your bank account information (everything is encrypted and you are in control of your payments). 

Here is how it works:

1. After you fill out the evaluation from (telling me about yourself as a guitar player), you’ll see a page with several options for how take lessons.

2. Pick the membership option you want and select your payment method. (Note: paying by credit card through is generally faster and you will get your 1st lesson a bit sooner).

3. Follow the steps on the next page. If you are confused on how to order or have an issue with your payment, use one of the support email addresses. Someone on my team will reply to you and help you fix your problem.  

4. Yes, you can cancel at any time. I have zero interest in keeping you as a student even a minute longer than you want to. Be warned though: My goal is to make your guitar lessons so amazingly fun and effective that you won’t want to cancel :)

5. And you can also change between your lesson membership options at any time. 

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