I Can't Answer Many Of The Questions On Your Evaluation Form, Does This Mean I Am Not Good Enough Or Ready To Begin Taking Lessons From You?

No, this does not mean that you are not able to begin lessons with me. My evaluation form is very difficult for 99.9% of guitar players to answer all questions correctly. It is designed to be challenging, so that I can better determine 'exactly' where your skills and knowledge are. This helps me to better know what you need to start learning first to get started. Remember, these are personalized lessons, this is not a pre-made course or product, so I really need to know you well. The evaluation form is the best way for us to begin our relationship. Then, after you become active on the forum, I will get to know you a LOT better. This will help me to refine your lessons and make them even more specific to 'you', but you MUST be active on the forum for me to have that additional depth in getting to know and understand 'you'.

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