Are You, Tom Hess, Really Going To Teach Me, Or Will Other People (Or A Computer) Make Guitar Lessons For Me?

Of course I'm really going to teach you :) Only I create your actual guitar lessons. Only I determine which lessons to teach you and in what order to teach them to you. 

You may be asking this question because you wonder how I can find the time to work with so many guitar students.

Here is how I get it all done:

1. I don't reinvent the wheel with everything I teach you. 

For example: if I need to teach you to play the harmonic minor scale or a diminished arpeggio – I don’t write them out specifically for you.

I already taught these things to thousands of students before you. They are inside my massive library of thousands of lessons I created over the past 25+ years. (I add to it every month.)

I decide on the order, the pacing and the difficulty of the lessons for you.

And your lesson items are mix of things I’ve created over the years, PLUS some materials I make just for you. (And later give to other students – when appropriate.)

Because of this, I don't spend as much time (as say - a private teacher would) teaching you "raw information". 

Instead, I spend my time giving you support and helping you learn & master your lessons.

For example: 

- I train you live on video every week in live training classes. There I take the hardest guitar playing topics and break them down to make them easy to master. Plus, I get to see you play and answer your questions live on video.

- We also do live guitar practice sessions for you, me and my other students. We all practice guitar together and work on things each of us may struggle to practice individually.

This helps you to get stuff done and improve more quickly.

- You can talk to me every week live on video in Office Hours (where I answer your questions live on video).

- You can send me recordings of your playing for feedback. In my feedback, I help you diagnose and remove bad habits from your playing and erase all obstacles slowing down your progress.

2. I have a team around me to help me with tasks I don't need to do (like help you if you need help with your account or something on the website). This means I can invest more of my time helping you with your guitar playing.

3. I charge a lot more than just about any other online guitar teacher. This means the total number of people I work with is much less than other teachers who try to cram as many students as possible into their courses or lessons. 

Look at the results my guitar students are getting:


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