Why Can't I Buy A Lesson Whenever I Want To And Not Be On A Set Schedule To Receive Lessons?

There are 3 main reasons why this is a bad idea for you:

1. Statistics overwhelmingly show that students learn faster, easier and better when they learn on a schedule. 'Randomized learning' has proved to produce vastly inferior results in virtually all types of learning. You will improve your guitar and musical skills faster and easier when you and I do lessons on a regular basis.

2. When you study with me, you are NOT simply 'buying a product' or 'buying lessons'. You are going to get a lot more than 'guitar lessons'. I'm first going to personally set the specific strategy for you to reach your musical goals that you will tell me about. Next, I will create lessons that are the exact things that you need to learn in order to implement the strategy that will enable you to reach your ultimate musical goals. Next, I'm going to surround you with online support via in an exclusive awesome Facebook-like (but better) community where you can get an unlimited amount of support, help, answers (from me and others) as well as places to promote yourself, your music and a lot more. You can send me audio or video samples of your playing/practicing so that I can give you feedback and make any modifications in your future lesson plan.

3. I can track your progress a whole lot more effectively when you are a regular student. I'm all about delivering my students the most results in the biggest/fastest way possible and there is no way for me to do my job effectively if you are not taking lessons on a regular basis.

You can see and hear the proof that my online guitar lessons are the best lessons online. Listen/watch my students play at my Student Spotlight page. Want even more proof? Listen to what my students say about their online guitar lessons with me on the Feedback page and check out more videos and songs at the Students Playing page.

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