After I Complete The Order Process, What Happens Next?

After you become a student, I will study your evaluation form in great detail. Next, I will personally create the overall teaching and learning strategies needed to enable you to reach your musical goals and overcome the challenges that are currently standing in your way. This process takes me about 3-5 hours to complete. Once this is done, I will begin creating your actual lessons.

It's critical that you understand that you are NOT buying a 'product' or a 'cookie cutter' set of lessons that all students get in the same way, same order etc.

I don't teach 'guitar'. I teach 'YOU'.

Once I complete your first lesson, I will upload your lesson materials into your student account on my website from where you can download them to your computer.

You can expect to receive your first lesson within 48 hours, but typically you will get it the same day that you become a student.

Next, you will receive a very important email from my webmaster (his name is Alexander). He will give you your login user name and password for the exclusive Student Support Forum. The email you will receive will come from this email address: with the Subject Line: Tom Hess student support - your password.

You MUST use this forum often in order to get the most from your lessons with me! This is not optional. :)

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