How Will You See Or Hear Me Play Guitar?

I’ll see and hear you play a lot more than a typical teacher might.

For example: in private lessons a teacher would only see or hear you play once per week. The rest of the time (in between your lessons) you are on your own. 

(This is how bad habits often form without you realizing it. Habits that can take months to solve.)

When you work with me, I'm most active in helping you in between the lessons (when you need my help the most).

For example: 

  • You can show me your playing every single day if you want – just post a recording of your playing on my student forum. 
  • You can also send me recordings separately for in-depth feedback on your playing and practicing on a regular basis. 
  • You can ask me questions and show me your playing every week in live video Office Hours. I hop on Zoom for an hour to help you with whatever you feel stuck on. You show me your playing (and ask about your guitar playing challenges) during this time and I help you.
  • Every week I do live video training classes where I can see you play guitar as well and give you more personal help with your playing.
  • Depending on what you write in your feedback form about each lesson (I ask you to leave me feedback about each part of what I teach you) I sometimes may ask you to send me a yet another recording of your playing. This way I get to see you play whatever you struggle with and can adjust your lesson strategy (if needed) to help you improve faster. 

How can I do all this with so many guitar students? 


I have a team around me to help me with tasks I don't need to do (like helping you if you need help with your account, a shipping issue or accessing something on the website). This means I can invest more of my time helping you with your guitar playing.

Plus, I charge a lot more than just about any other online guitar teacher. This means the total number of people I work with is much less than other teachers who try to cram as many students as possible into their courses or lessons. 

What that means for you is: I have more time (and attention) to dedicate to each guitar student I work with. 

And I daresay I spend way more time giving my students support and feedback between lessons than just about any guitar teacher you’re likely to find. 

Look at the results I’ve helped my students achieve:


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