How Much Do Lessons Cost?

That depends on which membership option you choose. You see all lesson options & pricing after filling the evaluation form.

That said, be careful about choosing your guitar teacher based only on price per lesson or tuition per month. 

“Cheap” guitar teachers can often be the most expensive.

Here is why: 

When you pay for guitar lessons, what are you really paying for? 

The answer is: 

Results in your guitar playing. (For example: to increase your guitar speed, become a more creative musician, learn how to write songs, etc.)

So, the real cost of your guitar lessons is: how much are you paying to learn, achieve or become X?” (X being: the musical result you want in your guitar playing.)

Let's look at a real life example of how this typically works:

Imagine 2 guitar teachers. Teacher A charges $30 dollars per lesson. Teacher B charges $50 per lesson. 

And your goal is to learn how to sweep pick on guitar. 

Let’s say, with teacher A you get your result after 6 lessons. 

That means: the cost to get the result you want with Teacher 1 is $180 and 6 months of your time.

(This is actually quite common among average guitar teachers.) 

Let’s now look at guitar teacher B. Teacher B gets you the same result after only 3 lessons. 

That means: the cost to get the result you want with teacher B is only $150 (less money overall) … and you got the result in half the time. 

Teacher B is clearly the cheaper of the 2 when you look at the big picture. But most people wouldn’t think about this and waste a whole lot of money (and time) by choosing a guitar teacher based on wrong criteria. 

Ok, I know this is a hypothetical example. And I don’t claim that I’m the best guitar teacher for everyone. 

My point is: when you choose a guitar teacher, look at more than just the price per lesson or monthly cost. 

What other factors should you look for?

A great guitar teacher should have a lot of proof helping guitarists like you play guitar the way you want to play. This is the best way to tell if a teacher is right for you (or not). 

For example, here are the results my guitar students are getting:


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