What Is The Geometric ApproachTM You Use To Teach Guitar?

Here is a simple way to explain it:

Imagine cooking spaghetti for dinner.

Only instead of doing it the usual way (putting all the pieces of spaghetti into the pot to cook together), you commit the greatest spaghetti-cooking sin known to man:

You cook one piece of spaghetti at a time from start to finish.

You stand and watch over it with bated breath, getting the cooking time just right.

Then you carefully remove your 1-strand culinary masterpiece, put it on a plate and admire it for a few seconds.

Next, you clean out the pot and fill it up with fresh water again. Then you take the second spaghetti strand and cook it from start to finish.

You repeat the process, one spaghetti piece at a time.

Finally, about 4 hours later, your whole family gathers ‘round to eat...

A cold mess of sticky, unappetizing slop!

Sounds stupid, right?

But for some reason, this is exactly how most people think they should learn guitar.

They want to work on one skill and master it from A to Z. Then they move on to another skill, rinse & repeat.

And they are afraid to move on to something else before the first thing is fully mastered.

Sounds pretty logical... until you put on your “spaghetti glasses” and realize that this way of learning...

Makes no sense at all!

Here is why:

You don’t get full from eating one piece of spaghetti (no matter how good it tastes).

And you don’t call yourself a guitar player from having only 1 guitar playing skill (no matter how well you can do it).

To play music, you need many skills. Skills that develop together – just like your spaghetti pieces all cook together. Skills you can make music with long before you master each one.

Plus, imagine there are 100 skills to learn as a guitar player.

If you wait to fully master each skill before starting all over again from scratch...

... you'd literally be starting to play guitar all over again as a beginner 100 times!

I don't know about you - but this doesn't sound very smart to me. 

And this is where my Geometric ApproachTM comes in.

When I create your lesson strategy, I think of ALL the skills you need to play guitar the way you want.

Then I help you work on all (or at least: "several" ) of them at any given time.

And as one skill improves, your other skills improve alongside it.

This way, you don't develop glaring weaknesses in your playing. (And you gradually fix any weaknesses you do have).

You become the guitar player you want to be a lot faster and get to feel like a true musician, LONG before your skills reach the advanced level.

Look at the results my guitar students have achieved by following the Geometric Approach TM :


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