If You Have So Many Students, How Do You Possibly Find Time To Create An Individual Lesson Program For Each One?

That’s a great question! The unique process I've developed to create the best possible customized lesson strategy and personalized lessons for each student is a proprietary secret. Since I know that many 'wanna-be' competitors will read this page, I can't reveal too much about the exact ways I am able to do this effectively with so many different types of students.

I'll just say this: I've been doing this successfully for a very long time, so naturally I now have a LOT of experience in teaching many students. As you probably know, there are some things which certain types of students will need to learn (if/when their musical goals require that topic to be learned and mastered). So although I do not need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ with each and every student, I do make specific plans for each person and then implement those plans through the teaching materials (which I have created over many years) that are appropriate for that specific student. In some cases I may need to create brand new materials for some students, other times not, and yet other times it is a combination of the two.

I prefer to let the results speak for themselves. Here are some brief samples of the results I've had with many different type of guitar students...I'll let you be the judge! 

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