Improvisation Training Classes with Tom Hess

If You are like most guitarists, then Your biggest obstacle is inability to use Your musical knowledge and skills to make real music.  Very often the arsenal of skills (technique and musical knowledge) in guitarists is greater than their ability to actually use them.  Does this describe You? From my experience of teaching hundreds of guitar players, I have seen many students in this condition.

Improvisation Training Classes

Through these classes (in CD format), You will learn:

  • New ideas for creating and improvising solos on the guitar, as well as approaches and ideas used by the professionals that will greatly expand Your musical skills.
  • How to apply the information and tools that You already know (and will learn in this course) to creating solos. (this is probably the most important skill that You will acquire in these classes)
  • How to prevent and overcome common obstacles with improvisation and soloing on the guitar.
  • How to control and take greatest advantage of consonance and dissonance in music.
  • How the pros think when improvising great solos that "fit" the music.

In addition to this, You will have the opportunity to use Your new improvising skills along to backing tracks where You will be able to apply the knowledge and skills that You will develop through these Improvisation Training Classes.

The ideas and concepts taught here can be successfully used in a variety of musical styles (Rock, Metal, Blues etc.)

If You would like to take these classes, the first step is to fill out the evaluation form below. This will give me an idea of Your current level of musical and improvising skills and will allow me to determine which level of classes would be most appropriate for You.

  • Level 1: Intermediate
  • Level 2: Upper Intermediate
  • Level 3: Advanced

You can always move to a different level if You feel that the group You have been placed into is too easy (or too advanced) for You.  Simply let me know by e-mail and I will move You to a more appropriate level.

You have several options for the schedule of classes.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Once a week
  • Once every 2 weeks
  • Once every 3 weeks 

Obviously the first option (once a week) will enable You to reach maximum results in minimum time. The other options are for people who may have time or financial constraints.

Cost of classes

Once a week $22.50 
Once every 2 weeks $23.50
Once every 3 weeks $25

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These prices are only a fraction of what it costs to be in these classes with me live.

Are You interested in GREATLY improving Your ability to create YOUR OWN guitar solos?

Are You interested in learning all of this from a teacher who teaches other teachers about how to teach improvising to their students?

Would You like to not only learn what and how to improvise but to actually DO it?

If You said yes, let's get started! Please fill out the evaluation form below.  I will be waiting for You on the next page!

Improvisation Training Classes Evaluation Form

You do not need to answer all of the questions correctly in order study with me. If You don't know the answers to some of the questions, You can skip them. Only personal information is required.
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How long have You been playing guitar?
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What styles of music do You like to play?
How much time do You usually spend practicing Your guitar per week?
What scales do You know how to play on the guitar?
What key is this chord progression in? Am F Em G
What key is this chord progression in? D C Em G
What scales can be used to solo over this chord progression: E, A, C#m?
What is an arpeggio?
Can You already improvise in the keys of G major and A minor?
How often do You currently practice improvising?
What do You feel are Your strengths as a guitar player?
What are Your weaknesses as a guitar player?
Have You studied improvising/soloing before from a teacher or class? If so, please tell me Your thoughts and experience on how well that went for You.
Rate your current improvising skills from 1 (no experience) to 10 (professional level).
Who referred You to me? If nobody referred You, please tell me how You learned about me. *  

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