Ben Johnson

Student Type: Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online, Music Careers Mentoring Program, Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, Practice Generator
Location: Chicago, USA
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Born in 1985, Ben's life in music began at age 6, with the piano.

Early on, he developed a strong love for music from the Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods. Later, at around 14, Ben discovered heavy metal, and started playing guitar at 16. Unfortunately, at the same time, he basically stopped playing piano to focus on guitar.

Ben became the most serious about music at age 21, when he began taking online guitar lessons with Tom Hess, in hopes to find the best path towards his musical goals.  

Ben says: "Without the enormous amounts of inspiration, knowledge, and motivation he (Tom) has passed along, I would probably not be pursuing a career in music today. In fact, his teaching has been so effective that my love for the piano has re-kindled, and in a short amount of time, I’ve already regained those abilities I previously thought would take many years to return. I'm currently a student of the Columbia College Audio Arts and Acoustics program, majoring in Audio Design and Production. In 2006, I co-wrote the musical score for an internationally acclaimed documentary, called 9/11: Press For Truth. I've composed several other orchestral pieces, and I greatly enjoy recording music, luthiery, electronics, digital painting, photography, 3D modeling, and film making."

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