Tyler Goyak 

Private Lessons,
Music Careers Mentoring Program,
Location: Illinois, USA
E-mail:      tylergoyak@tylergoyak.com
Website:    tylergoyak.com  
Occupation:  Guitarist and Teacher
mp3 Marble Town Masquerade.mp3

Tyler started playing the guitar around the age of 15 after first learning to play drums prior to that.  Bands such as Led Zeppelin and Metallica were among his earliest musical influences. Since then, his list of influences has greatly expanded to include artists from many different genres.

Tyler remained self-taught until the age of 18 when he began private lessons with a professional virtuoso guitarist, composer and teacher Tom Hess. Tyler says: "Tom's guidance has put me on the right path towards success in both my guitar playing and music career."

Currently, Tyler is writing music for a project that will become his debut album. Writing records, touring, and continuously growing as an artist and musician are his primary areas of focus. 

Records Released:

  • Chronicles: City of Sound - Compilation CD (10,000 copies distributed)


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