Orest Dziatyk (Hawk)

Student Type: Private Lessons,
Music Careers Mentoring Program,  
Location: Chicago, IL 
Website: septerband.com
E-mail: odziatyk@aol.com 
Occupation: Professional guitarist, recording artist, composer and teacher.
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Hawk grew up in Chicago, Illinois where he played music beginning from a young age, starting with clarinet and violin, guitar at the age of 18 and classical guitar shortly after.

Hawk Odziatyk's bands (Imperial Rage and Septer) have sold CDs all over the world on 5 continents.

Orest had virtuoso guitar instruction with famous instructor Tom Hess, classical guitar training with Paul Henry, flamenco guitar lessons with Hector Fernanadez, jazz instruction with Greg Shearer & Frank Dawson and bass guitar lessons with Rick Showalter of Liquid Soul. He also studied piano for 13 years.

Hawk has been very inspired by the following great musicians throughout his life - Stanley Jordan, Malmsteen, Mozart, Stravinsky, Liszt, Bach, Paginni, and Schenker.

Recordings released:

  • 2007 - The Chronicles Compilation CD
  • 2007 – Septer -The God Key
  • 2003 – Septer -Transgressor
  • 1997 - Imperial Rage - fire in The Sky
  • 1983 – Transgressor - Live 

Professional Recording Experience:

  • Transgressor / Studio Media 
  • Energy Vampires Phil Bonnet
  • Fire Storm/Tone Zone
  • Imperial Rage/Impulse Records
  • Septer / Impulse Records
  • Various Classical pieces & Flamenco pieces 
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