Oscar Ortega

Oscar Ortega - Guitar Student Of Tom Hess
Breakthrough Guitar Lessons Online,
Music Careers Mentoring Program
Location: Boise, ID
E-mail:      musicwithoscar@yahoo.com
Website: oscarortega.net
Occupation: Musician/Guitar Teacher
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Oscar, who is of Guatemalan descent brought with him talent and love of music that sprung from childhood of playing a variety of instruments since the age of 5.

With inspiration from his heritage, Oscar put together a unique mix of heavy metal and clean guitar, mixed with a hint of Latin flavor.

As the word “gifted” doesn’t quite embrace his passion, Oscar gives his music a sound and depth not often heard in rock music, creating a truly signature sound.

Oscar has released his Debut CD - "Fruits of the Mourning" and it can be purchased on his website oscarortega.net or myspace.com/oscarortega. Oscar is also teaching guitar in the styles of Rock, Blues, Neoclassical, Shred and Flamenco.  

Oscar's song "Milagro" Reached the #7 spot on the Latin-Jazz Category at soundclick.com and his song "April 31st" has been nominated "Best Breakup Song" by Boise Weekly Newspaper! 


  • Halo Custom Guitars - haloguitars.com
  • Pure Tone Guitar Strings - pure-tone.com
  • Guitar Tronics - guitar-cable.com

Records Released:

  • Guitars From The Shadows - Compilation CD
  • Fruits of The Mourning


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