Insider Secrets You Better Know To Make Your Rock Band A Success

Do you have a great rock band and cool music but are still struggling to get more people (and the music industry) to know and love your band? Is your band not getting enough 'good' gigs, not getting paid enough money from gigs, not getting enough people to come to your gigs, and not getting audiences to go CRAZY with excitement when they do come to your gigs? Are you frustrated because 1 or 2 people in your rock band do almost nothing to help you promote your band and make it more successful?

I know how you feel... a lot of musicians have felt this way... but what I've found is climbing the rock band success ladder is not as hard as you may think it is. It doesn't have to be a big mystery. Yes, to become successful will take effort on your part, but combined with a lot of desire and the right knowledge almost anything is possible...

... First, let's look at some of the problems that most bands struggle with (I bet your band also struggles with most of these).

Not Knowing How To Get Your Music Heard By The Right People And Get A Record Deal - Most bands think they need to get their music heard by the right people (record company executives for example). The truth is, no record company today offers a record deal to any band based on their music. Record companies invest their money into people, not music. So getting your music heard won't do much on its own. Your band needs to show people and companies in the music industry that a record deal between you and them will be a great investment for them. You do this by learning how to increase your value and reduce the level of risk to a record company.

Not Getting Better Gigs That Pay More Money - The key to getting better gigs and making more money is not to ask (or beg) club owners and booking agents for better gigs, it's to make club owners WANT to give your band their better high-paying shows. You do this by creating demand, not by begging, wishing or hoping. Do you know exactly how to create this demand? Most bands don't.

Not Getting More People To Come To Your Shows - Most bands don't know how to get more people to come to their gigs when sometimes the answers are relatively easy. For example, instead of 'only' promoting your band on your own, you might partner with a more successful local band to promote an 'event' (where both bands are involved in) together. Most of the time, if you are an opening band for an upcoming gig, you tell your friends and existing fans about the gig while the other band does the same thing to their friends and fans. This makes sense but if the two bands co-ordinated their effort, time, energy (and maybe some money) 'together', you both could also be promoting to new potential fans in a more effective and integrated way. This is ONE of the things that, when done right, lead to not only getting more people to come to your gigs, but also to getting paid more money and getting better gigs.

Not Getting Your Fans To Support Your Band Continuously - Getting people to come a gig is not very hard, the more important challenge is to keep them coming back. Most bands don't really do anything special to give their existing fans any real reasons to come back and see them over and over again. It's hard to become successful when most of the new fans you will get also won't come to see your band play more than once or twice.

Not Getting Out Of Your Local Area - Even if a band has good success in their home town/city, most don't know how to branch out and become successful in new cities. Near home, your friends, family and fan base is close by, but few (if any) are going to travel 2 hours away when you try to play in a new city.

Not Knowing The Best And Most Cost-Effective Ways To Promote Your Band - Fact is, most bands waste a lot of time, energy and money on things that don't work. Either they don't know what to do, don't know how to do things or simply can't afford to do bigger things. In reality, small bands CAN effectively promote themselves using no cost and low cost promotional tools if they know about them and know how to use them effectively (more on this later).

Not Knowing How To Solve Personal Conflicts Within Your Band - Personal conflicts between band members are the number 1 reason why many bands break up before getting anywhere. Often times there are 1 or 2 people who are doing all the work because the others are either too lazy, don't know what to do, don't know how to do it well or need to be constantly told what to do and motivated to actually do it. This (and several other things) can cause a lot of frustration and tension. Knowing how to avoid and solve such personal conflicts is a key to keeping your band progressing towards your goals.

These are all very typical problems rock bands have when they are starting out or have already reached a certain level of success.

Besides these obvious problems, there is a another problem that is much less obvious for most bands, but that is actually MUCH bigger than the others and that is: Most rock bands simply have no real plan for success. They rely on the 'trial and error' approach for almost everything. When they do seek advice, it is often from people or sources that either don't really know much more than they do, or can't relate to the specific challenge the band is dealing with right now. Most bands (probably yours as well) don't have anyone really experienced in the music business to advise, coach and mentor them. They either try to do everything on their own, or rely on some random bits of information (which is often BS anyway) on the internet. And even if the information is valid, information is 'information', it is no plan. It is no true strategy to make your rock band a success.

So, the result is that most rock bands either:

- Don't try to become truly successful.
- Try, but give up when things don't work immediately.
- Wait for a record deal which never comes anyway.
- Try to establish some success for long periods of time, but never get to the level of success they want to reach. 

Let's take a little test:

Which of the following options do you think will give you the BEST chance of making it in the music business?

 A. The trial and error approach.
 B. Hoping, wishing or praying that you might get 'lucky'.
 C. Reading music industry books (written by people who are not actual musicians who have made it).
 D. Listening to the 'advice' of people who are not professionals in the music industry.
 E. Find mentors (who have done exactly what you want to do with your rock band) to coach your entire band to become successful.

Hmm... Let's look at what would probably happen if you did any of the options above:

A. The trial and error approach = The chances of guessing 'everything' correctly is virtually zero. Not only is this the slowest approach to reach success, it is often the most damaging. Why? Because in addition to the likely event of 'getting nowhere', you might actually move backwards by unintentionally making damaging mistakes that kill success.

B. Hoping, wishing or praying that you might get 'lucky' = Having hope and faith is a great place to start. It's a first step forward, but it's only a single step and you can be sure the road to success is a lot longer than a single step.

C. Reading music industry books (written by people who are not actual musicians who have made it). = Some of these books (the ones that are not already outdated) can be decent sources of information as a reference. But these books are written to 'explain' how things in the music industry work, they are not written to help you develop a real personalized PLAN to make your rock band a success... there is a HUGE difference between these two things!

D. Listening to the 'advice' of people who are not professionals in the music industry = There are 2 problems with this: 1. These people may have good intentions but they simply don't know what they are talking about and what it takes to make it in the music business in 2015 ... . 2. Even if the advice was ok, 'advice' is not a personalized PLAN for success - and that is what you need most.

E. Find mentors (who have done exactly what you want to do with your rock band) to coach your entire band to become successful = This is where you have a real opportunity to make it in the music business. You do this by working with your mentors to develop an actual plan that leads you to make your rock band successful and then to get help in actually DOING it. Being coached and mentored by professionals inside the music industry who have done what you want to do is the absolutely best way for you to become the successful professional band you've always dreamed of becoming.

Imagine Having The Choice

... to make your band as successful as you want.

Now imagine actually getting started now.... but where can your band find not just one mentor, but three? Well, you just did. I'm Tom Hess and I made most of the mistakes, experienced the same frustrations and challenges that most musicians do. Since launching my own successful music career (including touring the world), I've also helped hundreds of musicians start and grow their own music careers. I've teamed up with two other rock band success coaches: Alex Staropoli (of the band Rhapsody of Fire who has sold more than 1.2 million records to date) and Draven Grey (artist development and rock band success coach), and together we mentor rock bands who are serious about and dedicated to becoming successful in the music industry. First, we help these bands to build a real plan for success. Then we take them through the actual process of implementing that plan so that they are constantly moving towards success until they get there... That means these bands do a lot more than merely 'learn information', they actually DO the things that lead them to success! 

What About Your Band?

Are you (and your band) passionate and dedicated enough to become successful? This is your chance to have your entire band coached, trained and mentored to be, do and have what you want as musicians.

We are now accepting a limited number of unsigned rock bands into our Rock Band Success Coaching Program to personally work with and transform their career.

Rock Band Success Coaching Program Picture
The secret to becoming a highly successful rock band is to have these 3 things in place:


Most rock bands don't have any of these important pieces in place. Most bands only 'wait' for 'other people' to make them successful, famous, or offer them a record deal. Fact is, the bands today who are becoming the new success stories of the music industry aren't waiting for record companies, managers or booking agents to bring them success on a silver platter. No, these new successful bands take their own actions. They take matters into their own hands and create the life they want for themselves by moving forward with the right actions, in the right order, at the right time and under the right plan. In addition, they have a team around them who all work together to make thrust the band toward success.

You want success for your band, right? Of course you do, but did you know that most rock bands who try hard to make it in this business get burned out? It's true. Many bands experience so much frustration, set backs, problems and challenges that they simply get 'tired' of trying if success does not come soon. If you have ever toured on your own, then you already know how this can be. The final key you need, the final piece of the puzzle, is to 'enjoy the process' of pursuing your dream. Of course you love your music and your band, you may not grow tired of those things. It's everything else that can get rough and wear you and your band mates out over time. It is absolutely essential that you all learn to 'love the journey' of getting where you want to go and not 'only' find satisfaction in arriving at your ultimate music career goals.

You need all of these components to simultaneously work together for you .... this (plus your music) is the key to your success. This is what our Rock Band Success Coaching program is all about.

We Will Help You To:

  • Build a personalized blueprint for your band's success so that you can start on the right track and stay on the right track throughout the process of everything else you will be doing.
  • Continuously get more fans and turn them into super fans who will eagerly support you and everything you do (buy all your albums, merchandise, come to all your shows and bring all their friends with them).
  • Become successful with or without a record deal so that YOU control your own destiny.
  • Avoid the deadly (and often hidden) mistakes that most rock bands make, mistakes that prevent them from getting anywhere in the music business.
  • Use no-cost and low-cost ways to promote your rock band so that you can move forward quickly without going broke.
  • Overcome the usual obstacles that hold new bands back from making it.
  • Get more and better exposure so that your music gets heard.
  • Find the right band mates so you don't waste time on people who aren't as dedicated as you are or who are too lazy to help do some of the work.
  • Get out of your local area and get your band playing live in new and bigger locations.
  • Take the right actions now so that you can build your rock band's successful music career over the long term.
  • Increase your rock band's value to the people and companies in the music industry so that they will want to work with you.
  • Transform your rock band's live shows into awesome experiences that blow your audiences away.
  • Plan and prepare fun and successful tours so that you can get the most out of them both for yourself and your band's career. 
  • Enjoy the process of becoming successful even through the challenges you will face along the way.


You Will Learn All These Key Pieces of Rock Band Success:

How to Make Your Band Rock Solid

  • Discover how to get 'everyone' in your rock band to 'want' to be proactively involved in building the band's long term music career success so that you are not the only one doing all the work.
  • How to keep yourself and the rest of the band motivated and not get burned out (especially after some type of setback).
  • Avoid and/or overcome the common internal conflicts and problems that are the cause of most band breakups.
  • Discover why you need a 'band agreement' immediately, what needs to be in it and how to write it so that both you and the band are protected.
  • Understand how to wisely invest your band's time, energy and money into ONLY things that definitely WILL bring more success to your band (most bands waste A LOT of time and money on things that really don't matter).
  • Learn how to set up and grow multiple streams of music income for your rock band.


Learn How To Make Outstanding And Profitable Live Shows

  • Discover how the world's top rock bands run their band rehearsals and how to copy them so that you can begin to sound and look pro even if your band is just starting out.
  • Learn the insider secrets that some professional bands use before each show to earn more money, create more opportunities, get more fans and make the show outstanding.
  • Improve your stage presence to leave an unforgettable impression on your audience and make them memorize you and your music immediately.
  • Discover how your stage setup can have a powerful impact on your audience before you even walk on stage and learn how to do this on any budget.
  • Find out how to transform mediocre merchandise into powerful, money-making, promotional tools.
  • Discover the most cost-effective way of effectively publicizing your live shows in a way that makes people actually come to them.
  • Learn how to plan and prepare your own tours (planning, schedules, logistics, contracts, additional successful touring tips, etc.).
  • Separate the myths from the reality about touring, life on the road and get clear about the do's and don'ts before you begin booking shows.


Discover How To Break Into The Music Industry

  • Gain the true understanding of how the music industry works in 2015 from people who are actually in it, things are changing fast, you need to be up to date. There are new opportunities for bands that didn't even exist 4-5 years ago, but you need to understand them in order to benefit by them.
  • Although 'press kits' are a very old idea, they are still essential to getting signed, booking bigger shows and more. We'll show you what should and what should not be in it to make yours the best it can be. Then we'll show you what to do with it once you're done.
  • Learn how to build a strong music business team to push your rock band's success to a much higher level.
  • Build a street team to promote all your live shows at little or no cost to your band.
  • Lose the 'starving artist' mentality and learn how to thrive in the music business.
  • Learn how to effectively use social networking (it's not enough to do what all the other bands are doing on myspace, twitter, facebook, etc. Only with the right tools you can harness the true power of social media sites.
  • Get coaching on the pre-production of your first or next album.
  • Discover the most important questions you need to ask yourself and how a simple shift in your thinking can make an enormous difference in the level of success your rock band will have. If you don't do this, you'll likely struggle for a long time.
  • and much, much more.


And Most Importantly, You Will Get:

  • 2 monthly audio coaching sessions for your band so that you learn what steps you need to do first, second, third etc. in order to become the success you want to be.
  • 2 monthly workbooks with every coaching session that include a written outline of the key points, your next action steps and assignments, plus a complete transcript of the audio sessions.
  • Detailed step-by-step action plan maps. These maps show you where your band currently is on your success journey and also show exactly what you need to do next, each step of the way. You will visually see exactly what steps you need top take next in order to actually implement everything. 

                             Rock Band Success Coaching Action Maps
  • Continuous 24/7 online support for your band, your challenges and your questions. (Platinum members only)
  • Honest and personal feedback on your band, your music, your image, your live show and stage presence, what you need to improve, how to improve it and in what order improvements need to be made. (Platinum members only)
  • Exclusive bonus interviews with music industry executives, successful bands and musicians, and other music business "gatekeepers". (Platinum members only)
  • Access to exclusive live events (you don't need to attend these in order to get the most out of this program, but they are really cool and fun to attend for you and your band).

...Ok, this sounds cool... but will you really be able to help my band?

Yes. Some of the things you need to learn and do for your band are the same for all bands... but we also understand that you and your band are unique. You may have special situations, circumstances, challenges and objectives that are specific and unique only to YOU and YOUR band. Therefore our coaching philosophy is based entirely on this understanding. Our focus is built around you.

So, we can help you if:

- your band is just forming now
- your band is just getting started
- your band is already established on a semi-professional level
- your band is on a professional level and you want to go further up the success ladder.

You might be thinking right now that this personalized coaching program must cost a fortune. Relax, it's much less than you probably expect. What you really need to be thinking about is how much it is costing you and your band not to take advantage of this great opportunity. That's actually the much higher price.

Also, how can you expect anyone in the music industry (record labels for example) to continuously invest huge amounts of money into your band's future unless you are willing to invest something into your band's future too? Fact is, record companies, managers, promoters, booking agents, club owners, etc. know immediately which bands are serious about their band's career and which bands are not. And guess what, when they see a band that knows what to do (and is doing it), they treat you differently and better than how they typically treat all the other bands who may be talented, but don't really know what they are doing and/or aren't doing it. Which type of band do you want to be? I think we all know the answer. 

How To Get Started?

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