Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle Student Feedback

Guitar Teachers from all over the world give feedback about the results they got from working with Tom in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Watch their videos below and scroll down the page to read additional comments.

"Before I started to work with Tom in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I had 2 guitar students, I now have over 50 students and my phone doesn’t stop ringing!”

I managed to gain full control over my finances (earning 4 times more than before) and my guitar teaching skills have improved a lot so that my students can be certain that they gonna get great results faster. For the first time in my life I feel independent.

The program paid off after 3 months and the investment I made is nothing compared to the huge results I got in the long term. Thanks to Tom I managed to build a really strong reputation in a very competitive city and gained a lot of satisfaction from my new life.

Greg X, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, London, UK

“Within 7 months, I stopped working my day job and started teaching full time. I have noticed a 200% increase in income, enjoyed 100% better quality of life and my financial and day job related problems have disappeared.”

The bottom line is that Tom’s strategy WORKS. I would have never thought of looking at all the business related factors that can go into making a guitar teaching business. Before I made enough to live from guitar teaching but needed a day job to support myself and my wife. Now I'm earning more than I ever thought possible doing something that's so much fun. I can't believe I'm getting paid for it!

Jonathan Vipond, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, Bradford, UK

"I got 55 new students in 5 months. Within 6 months of starting the program, I have quit my non-music related job and have been a full time teacher ever since.”

My guitar teaching skills are 100% better now than they were before I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

Antony Reynaert, Guitar Teacher and Professional Musician, Ostende, Belgium

"I stumbled upon Tom’s website about 2 years ago and I was very skeptical, because I’m naturally a very skeptical person… I then started implementing some strategies that I had learned in the program and I hadn’t even been in the program a month and I had a massive increase of over 20 students."

I really wish I could go back in time and I wish I could have joined 2 years ago because it would save me some hardship, I would have been even more successful sooner, but I can’t stress enough to give the program a try.

Bryan Briggs, Ottawa, Canada

"Before I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, it took me a few years to recruit as many students as I did in the last couple of months, so all in all Thanks Tom for the great teachings...”

I’m making more money now and my students
receive better teaching
, because the program
not only explains how to attract more
students, but also how to give them more
value for what they pay you.

Chris Martins,
Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher,
Paris, France

"The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program is just so massive. Everything that’s in it is just massive…ideas that I never in a thousand years would have thought of and I don’t know that I ever would have heard them from anyone else.”

…Ways to reduce the time that you are teaching, increase the amount of money that you are earning while taking care of your students in a way that positively affects their lives and their education.

After working with Tom, I noticed definite improvements in all the areas. I can finally take time to work on writing my own music for the first time in 20 years while my business grew by 500% over the last year.

Thank you Tom - you have totally changed my life!

Paul Tauterouff, Guitar Instructor and Professional Musician, New York, USA

"The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle has helped me develop my teaching schedule to minimize the amount of hours I have to teach, maximize my students success, and maximize my income."

Tom enabled me to teach less hours and still maintaining financial success for the first time in one year. My lessons are 100% better and my time problems have disappeared.

Zack Uidl, Illinois, USA, Professional Guitarist, Guitar Teacher and Composer


Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle


"The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program is so valuable because of the amazing material and teaching ideas Tom introduces. This program is truly one of a kind. It teaches you how to teach, but more importantly how to run a 6 figure guitar teaching business. If you want to have total freedom and enjoy every second of your actual day job, meet amazing people and have a blast, this program is for you.”

George Engelbrecht - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member
I quit my day job only 3 months after joining  
the EGTIC, and I already earn twice as much
teaching guitar and working 16 hours per week
as I did in a 45 hour week as a candidate
attorney and this will soon be much higher.

I am truly grateful for Tom sharing this
information with us, but even more so that he
awakens the giant within you to believe that
you too can be a full time music teacher.
Now I have the time to also pursue a full time
music career and get the satisfaction of
teaching other students.

George Engelbrecht
Vredenburg, South Africa

"Tom's Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle enabled me to make the transition from teaching at a music store (and giving the store a big piece of my income) to starting my own teaching studio.”

Paul Kleff - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member

The methods Tom lays out for acquiring, obtaining and retaining students work extremely well--there is no other teacher in my area doing things the way I am-- both in the way I teach and the way I acquire students.

The increase in my income from teaching, the convenience of teaching out of my own studio and being able to build a teaching business that greatly benefits my students (and me) has been more worth the investment I made in the course. This is great stuff.

Paul Kleff, Professional Music Teacher, Michigan, USA

“My students are happy, they are progressing fast (a couple of them actually surprised me) thanks to the teaching techniques described by Tom.”

Before I began working with Tom I had no guitar students (I was not teaching). The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle was instrumental in having my business started. This was no small feat, giving the amount of competition in my zone (I have 2 music schools within 2 blocks from me). The techniques that Tom gave me totally bypassed this problem, and I never had any difficulty in showing the students that I was their best choice. My roster is totally full, and I have a waiting list too.

Tommaso Zillio, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, Edmonton, Canada

"For the past few years I’ve learned quite extensively from experts in the professional independent music teaching business, but what Tom is doing in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is ABOVE AND BEYOND what these other experts are doing!!! He has all the pieces of the puzzle!”

Nancy Hutagalung - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member

The sessions are just jam-packed with very useful information, including new things that I haven't read or heard ELSEWHERE! Equally valuable are the pedagogical tips to help music students achieve their goals more quickly and more thoroughly.

I spent a long time dreaming about and wishing for the things I’d like to do in the music industry, but I never got around to do them. Now I’m starting to manifest my desires into reality, thanks to Tom!

Nancy Hutagalung, Professional Musician and Music Teacher, California, USA

"I have been amazed at each session with the quality and quantity of information provided. It has been very inspiring and I end the sessions looking forward to the next one.”

Jeff Vivrette - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member

In addition, I was just thinking how much I'm getting out of the discussions that are taking place after the sessions. Many times, the other people in the program ask the same questions I have on my mind. This not only answers my question but it lets me know I'm not alone.

There are topics brought up that I had no prior thought of. This is extremely valuable and is enabling me to grow at a much faster rate than if I were just trying to grow my teaching business and abilities on my own.

It's like living through several years worth of experiences, if not more, in a matter of a couple of hours!!

Jeff Vivrette, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, Michigan, USA


"When you make the decision to teach guitar, everybody goes the obvious route: Go and get one student, then you and your student are sitting face to face. Some people might also get into group formats where they have 5 or 6 people, but Tom comes up with so many other formats that are totally innovative that even if you are in an area with high competition for guitar teachers, they would completely set you apart from everybody else because they are so different and so effective." 

I already knew and trusted Tom's knowledge. I knew that everything that he was going to teach me was pure gold. I might have started a website, I might have put some ads on Craigslist, I might have sent out some flyers and even if I did, I wouldn't really have known what to put in them and they would have looked just totally amateurish, like I didn't know what I was doing and just been totally ineffective. With the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, it takes all the unknowns out of the equation. It tells you what you need to do, how you need to do it and really gives you your business and overall professional look.

No matter where you are in your guitar teaching, whether you got one student or 50 students, there is something in it for you. Just the forum access alone is a wealth of information.

Chris Weyers, Seattle, WA, USA


“Not long ago, I was new to teaching guitar. I didn't know what to do or where to start.”

Dan Weiler - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member

I knew many of the original members who first joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. I watched them using Tom's methods as they began attracting new students like crazy and becoming way better guitar teachers.

I realized it was time to get off my ass and begin learning from Tom too! I'm glad I did - because now I know 'how' to teach and earn good money doing it. I wish I would have joined earlier.

Dan Weiler, Illinois, USA

"I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle to see whether it would give me a kick in the pants... and IT DID! :) I've been able to launch a voice and career coaching business REALLY fast and get it making money really fast."

I have students coming to me at an increasing pace and I'm building something that I couldn't have even imagined to build 6 months ago.

Adrienne Osborn, Professional Musician and Vocal Coach, Colorado, USA

"The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle taught me a teaching format, it taught me an approach, whether it be a marketing approach or just an individual approach - lesson questions, making contacts with people, converting people to become a student and then being able to provide these people more than they expect. I learned all these techniques from Tom.”

Our school, the Alaska Art and Music Project, is the 800 pound guitar gorilla in my area.  I know a lot of people that are laid off right now... my business continues to grow.

Lee Gattenby, Guitar Teacher and Professional Musician, Alaska, USA

"I actually run a music school and I kind of thought I was on a good way with that school, and now, after listening to all the things I got so far, it just showed me that there is so much more that I can do and achieve with this school. This really opened my eyes.”

It's great.  Tom has a lot of great new ideas.

Ike Biedermann, Guitar Teacher, Leipzig, Germany

"Before I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I was doing ok teaching, but I found myself getting to a point where I felt like I had to trade my time for money. I wanted to teach less hours to have more time to work on my music career and things like that.”
The program is great, I look forward to every session, I KNOW there is going to be something in there that is just massive.
Anyone who implements all the stuff that they learn in this program is going to make A LOT of money and have a lot of control over their own time.

There is nowhere else where you could learn the strategies and ideas that Tom has.

Paul Tauterouff, Guitar Teacher,
New York, USA


"It was about 6 months when I made a full transition from being a candidate lawyer into teaching guitar full time. That enabled me to free up a lot of my other time to pursue a career in music, practice guitar a lot. I'm making very good money, CONSISTENT money even though people think it isn't consistent, IT IS consistent. It's awesome!”

I was a total beginner when I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I never taught a lesson in my life. The program is totally relevant for a person who has never taught.

There's a lot of other teachers in my area. They can't get there business off the ground, because they are doing simply little things wrong. You can only learn these things from an expert, also in marketing and the business side of things.

George Engelbrecht,  Vredenburg, South Africa


"When I very first started my guitar teaching business, I already knew about Tom. I knew that when I got into his program, it was such high quality that whatever effort I put in, I'd get it back out a hundred-fold and in my area there is some pretty well established competition. I knew that I needed help to overcome that." 

My guitar teaching has improved a lot, I've become more organized, my lessons are a lot more effective now.

If someone told me they had a limited budget when they joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I'd say that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this kind of information and the sooner you get started, the sooner you start making money.

Bryan Connolly, Oroville, CA, USA


"I joined the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle and I started teaching right away. Tom made me do it! :)”

I'm about to start living my dream, working with music and live off music, it's really excellent. Like I said, this changed my life.

Mitja Zibert,  Slovenia

"After receiving the eCourse "How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students", I immediately learned new ways to build my business.”

Eric Bourassa - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member
Through Tom's training, I learned how to attract more students in more effective ways, convert prospective students into ACTUAL students, and make money even when I'm not working (residual income).

The small amount of money I invested
in this toolkit is nothing compared to the results it has yielded for me and my business. I went from a trial and error approach to an effective geometric approach that gave me direction and confidence in my teaching business.

Eric Bourassa
Professional Music Teacher
Texas, USA

"The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle has helped me to build my website, to make my ads stick out more, to get a lot more leads in terms of guitar students - people are surprised about how many people contact me for guitar lessons and how quickly I've been able to build my business just in 2 or 3 months." 

You can start with pretty much no cost. If you are a new teacher, you can really start with very little and build up slowly or quickly depending on how well you implement things, but it doesn't cost a lot to start your business. You can really build a good business without a lot of extra investments in terms of money.

The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle gave me the means to do what I wanted to do in life. It's really been a positive influence on all aspects of my life.

Lauren Bateman, Professional Musician, Boston, MA, USA


Additional Student Feedback

Jean-Francois Renaud - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberThanks a lot for building this program and helping us to reach our ultimate dream.




- Jean-Francois Renaud


Antony Reynaert - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberI love the sessions!





Maurice Richard - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberEvery word Tom says, every thought/idea he expresses or explains has the potential to help me.




Tony Bradbury - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberHearing Tom explain and talk about the biz is awesome. That fire is rare these days.




-Tony Bradbury

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle

Greg X - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member The whole thing is really good - you opened my mind for some ideas.  I like the way you explain things- everything is really clear to me.  I don't really know what to say because these are the best lessons ever in my life- WHY?

Because I feel as you are trying to understand my problems.


-Greg X

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle

Michael Dawson - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberAll the session have useful philosophies and techniques. Best money I have spent. Forum Feedback rocks.




- Michael Dawson

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle

Bon Magno - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program Member

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the sessions. It's so great that you spend a huge amount of time even though you can use this time for other things. The fact that you only charge 100 usd for this stuff per month when per hour you could be making 200 bucks easily. Just wanted to thank you for that. Btw...these sessions are awesome and doing them in a live setting gives a different aspect than just having it pre-recorded...



-Bon Magno

Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle

Norman Kim - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberThe EGTIC calls make me feel like I want to get up and DO something about my life.. Makes me want to plan a bunch of stuff to do… and when the time comes, I will do it all... it's slowly creeping there, so I think EGTIC is amazing



Chris Martins - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberBefore EGTIC, it took me a few years to recruit as many students as I did in the last couple of months, so all in all Thanks Tom for the great teachings... And thanks to everyone on this board for the support...


Mike Philippov - Tom Hess Guitar Teacher Training Program MemberTom's ability to generate innovative ideas that are highly effective and yet simple to implement never ceases to amaze me!  The things that I have learned in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle completely transformed my approach to teaching, both on the educational and business side.  If you are (thinking about) teaching guitar, if you want to help many musicians reach their goals, if you want to make a lot of money doing it, and if you want to gain control of your time; then this program will give you what you need to succeed.

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