How To Play Guitar Fast - Free 14 Day Guitar Speed Mini Course

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If you still haven't reached the level of guitar speed you desire, it is most likely because your approach to developing this skill has prevented you from learning to play guitar fast.  Most guitarists mistakenly believe that a highly advanced level of guitar speed is possible only for those musicians with lots of natural talent or those who can practice guitar for many hours per day. 

The truth is that the concept of guitar speed is nothing more than a series of smaller technical skills that can be identified, taught and successfully learned by anyone.  However, the most effective ways of mastering guitar speed are quite different than the methods used by the majority of guitar players. 

Over the next 2 weeks, I will show you the most important guitar speed building secrets that most guitarists will never know about.  In this free mini course, you will

  • Find out why the conventional approaches used to build guitar speed are dead wrong and how you can take a powerful shortcut to guitar technique mastery
  • Learn how to increase your guitar speed from where it is right now to a much higher level
  • Discover how to overcome mental frustrations and guitar speed plateaus so that you can feel great every time you play and practice guitar
  • Understand how to apply your guitar speed in creative ways to go from a 'guitar player who plays fast' to a 'musician who uses guitar speed to express himself'
  • Become trained to apply extremely effective guitar speed building strategies so that you can continue to increase your guitar speed on a regular basis as high as you wish
  • Discover the most important guitar practicing secrets used by great guitar players in order to make exceptionally fast guitar playing progress

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