Looking For The Best Online Guitar Lessons?

Have you been playing guitar for a while but still can't play the way you want? Are you tired of teaching yourself, learning from cookie cutter electric guitar lessons online, or taking guitar lessons from a local teacher who simply isn't helping you enough? Are you unsure about what things you need to learn in order to be able to do what YOU want musically?

Imagine how great you will feel (and how much better your life will be) after you finally become the guitar player and musician you so much want to be.

The fastest, most effective and easiest way to get there is to work with the right guitar teacher who will show you the proper ways and the means to become a great guitar player. A teacher who will encourage you to always go for your best and will take you through the steps in a logical sequence that makes you progress and want to carry on because you will finally feel comfortable and confident that the right teacher will get you there.

4 Reasons Correspondence Guitar Lessons Are Different From Anything You've Seen Before:

1. You Get Results - Play Guitar The Way YOU Want

◆ You get personalized guitar lessons that will help you reach your guitar playing goals fast. You will learn exactly what you really need to learn in order to finally play guitar the way you have always wanted. Unlike many guitar lessons online, this is NOT a typical cookie cutter lesson program that bores you with things that are not specific to your guitar playing and the things you want to learn. Correspondence Guitar Lessons are fully personalized to YOU and your goals and needs. 

◆ Your personalized online guitar lessons are based on a clear strategy and my full understanding of where you are at musically - and where you want to go.

◆ You get expert feedback on your guitar playing from me personally. You avoid a lot of trial and error in your learning because your challenges will be solved quickly and efficiently and mistakes will be fixed and corrected before evolving into a big problem in your guitar playing.

◆ The focus of your guitar lessons with me will be fully on your specific guitar playing goals. These online guitar lessons are not only designed for you to acquire new information and skills, or to simply give you 'something' to practice, they are intended to give you the knowledge and skills to do what YOU want to do musically.

◆ You will get faster results by knowing exactly WHAT to practice.

◆ You have a personal guitar teacher (me) to inspire, motivate and empower you as we work together to make you the guitar player and musician you want to be.

2. You Save Time

◆ You get relevant lesson content and don't waste your time with anything that wouldn't really help you reach your guitar playing goals, works too slowly or doesn't work at all.

◆ You eliminate a lot of guessing. You will know exactly what to do and how to do it and save yourself a lot of frustration and practice time.

◆ You don't need to wait until next week to see your guitar teacher to get your questions answered, instead you will get answers quickly through your exclusive access to my help forum.

◆ You never need to travel to a music school or private teacher. When you learn from me you do so in your home.

3. You Save Money

◆ You will get MUCH more content in one Correspondence Guitar Lesson with me than you get in most private guitar lessons. A private teacher may spend 4-10 lessons trying to show you something that you learn from me in 1 lesson.

◆ You will get FREE exclusive bonus guitar lessons and master classes that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

◆ When you take guitar lessons from a local private teacher you are paying him/her to answer all of your questions, plus there is no way you can possibly remember everything a local teacher 'verbally' tells you. So that means you are paying money again when you need to review something you were already taught. You will never waste your money to ask me questions. In addition, all the lessons I will create for you are fully documented so there is no need to pay twice for the same thing again.

4. You Have A LOT of Support and Guidance 

◆ You get expert feedback on your guitar playing and your progress directly from me. This will help you to know how you are progressing in our lessons and what we need to focus on next so that you can improve your guitar playing at a faster pace.

◆ You will be surrounded by other serious guitar students who are as dedicated as you are. Some of my students are highly advanced guitar players, professional musicians and even guitar teachers themselves (very successful ones) who are very willing to inspire, motivate, support and help you.

◆ You will also get live access to me via Q&A sessions in live chat where I will answer your guitar playing questions.


How Do Correspondence Guitar Lessons Online Work And How Can They Help Me To Become A Better Guitar Player?

You want to play guitar the way you want, right? In order for that to happen you need to learn all of the necessary things that will help you reach your guitar playing goals, but you also do not want to waste time learning stuff that does not relate to your goals.

You will likely experience 2 main problems if you learn from most guitar teachers, instructional products or other online guitar lessons. The first problem is that these lessons often do not teach all of the critical areas that YOU need to learn in order to reach YOUR musical goals. (And if you are self taught the problem is likely to be even worse). The second main problem is they typically teach the same things, in the same order, to all guitar students. Fact is even local private teachers often teach the vast majority of their students the same things in the same order and in the same ineffective way (which is why they typically do not have a long list of great guitar players whom they have taught to play on a highly advanced level.

When you take online guitar lessons with me, you will learn all (and only) the important things that you need to achieve YOUR specific guitar playing goal(s). And most importantly, you will learn how to actually apply what you are learning into your guitar playing.

The things you will need to learn to reach your guitar playing goals are probably going to be different for you than they are for my student Nick for example.

So although at this moment (while you are reading) I cannot give you a specific list what YOU will learn from me, here is a short list of topics that we could get into (each of them are important areas of great musicianship):

• Lead Guitar Playing Techniques
• Guitar Practicing Strategies
• Music Theory
• Songwriting
• Soloing
• Improvisation
• Ear Training
• Rhythm Guitar Playing
• 2 Hand Synchronization
• Creativity
• and more!
“Tom Hess’  Correspondence Guitar Lessons are amazing. I really feel a lot of support from the lessons and the forum.” 

Antony Reynaert - Pro Guitar Player Tom really wants you to exceed, and as a world class virtuoso he knows exactly what the next step for is you. He keeps on pushing you to greater levels, lesson after lesson. Thanks a lot, Tom!

Antony Reynaert, Professional Musician and Guitar Teacher, Belgium

So how will you know what I need to learn?

Before we begin our Correspondence Guitar Lessons online, you will fill out a detailed Evaluation Form that contains questions about your musical background, current skill level, musical goals, challenges and more. Based on your responses I will create a long term strategy to help you reach your guitar playing goals in the FASTEST way possible. With this strategy in mind, I will create all your lessons. If your goals change over time (which they may), then you will let me know about it and I will change the strategy I have designed for you. In addition, you can submit videos or audio recordings of your playing to me and I'll give you detailed feedback about your guitar playing. I will also take these videos or recordings into account for creating your future lessons.

Are these online guitar lessons tab, audio, or video lessons?

The format of your guitar lessons depends on the specific topics you will be learning. Some musical skills and information are best learned via video. Other things are best learned in audio. Some are best in text and tab. And of course many things are best learned using some combination of text and tab, audio and video. To give you an example, when I teach rhythm guitar, almost all of the lessons are audio only, NOT video. Why? Because often times when students watch video guitar lessons, they try to learn from their 'eyes' and not with their 'ears'. The problem is your 'eyes' will never help you to master perfect timing, 'playing tight' or playing in the groove. This is something you must 'hear' in order to learn. Although many students like to learn via video, the fact is, it is proven that learning to master rhythm is best done in audio. Video (in this specific example) easily distracts you from learning with your ears and thus makes the entire learning process much harder. However, when you learn to master guitar vibrato, video is critical because you need to actually see the specific way my hands move and you need to listen carefully as well.
And of course there are other musical topics that are best learned in text (or text and tab) alone.

No matter how you will receive your guitar lessons it is important to remember that the content of the lessons is only one aspect of our student teacher relationship.

Here Is What You Will Get:  

  • Your Personalized Guitar Lessons That Are:
    • Based on a proven learning strategy that will be customized for you
    • Goal orientated and made up of relevant lesson materials that are needed to reach your musical goals
    • Fully documented so that you can quickly and easily review all previous lessons (this is not possible from a local private lesson guitar teacher)
    • Much bigger than what you would receive from a local private teacher
    • Better than other online guitar lessons and private lessons for guitar because you receive the highest quality lessons plus so much more than simply 'stuff to practice'
    • Proven to bring results. You can see and hear the proof on my Student Spotlight page. And you can also see and hear what my students say about our Correspondence Guitar Lessons on the Feedback page.
  • You Will Get Personal Help And Expert Feedback From Me On Your Guitar Playing. You will have opportunities to send recordings of your guitar playing to me for feedback. This will keep me updated on your progress, notice any problems you may be having, and allow me to continually refine my lesson strategy for you.
  • You Will Get Access To My Exclusive Private Student Forum. The forum is a large community of advanced guitar players and professional guitar teachers as well as guitar players who are just starting out (and anywhere in between) who are all there to support you, to motivate you and to assist you. My students agree that this forum is one of the best resources on the internet to get all of your musical questions answered in a friendly, helpful and encouraging environment! Of course, I am very active on the forum as well.
  • You Will Also Get Live Access To Me Via Q&A Sessions In Live Chat. This is an additional way to get your questions answered fast and learn more insider secrets of great guitar playing.
  • You Will Get My Exclusive Collection Of Bonus Guitar Lessons And Master Classes. You won't find these valuable bonuses anywhere else. Over time you will collect them all and become a great guitar player even faster!
  • Results, Results, Results! If you do your part (learn and practice your guitar lessons), you WILL see big results in your guitar playing.

  See Proof Below! 

Student Spotlight

See More Feedback About My Online Guitar Lessons.
Watch Videos And Listen To Songs Of My Students Playing.

Correspondence Guitar Lessons Are NOT For You If...

  • You are not truly serious about your guitar playing.
  • You are someone who will not focus on the process of becoming a better guitar player from an expert guitar teacher. I prefer to work with serious students who are committed to really wanting to be a student and make progress.
  • You are a beginning guitar student and have been playing guitar less than 6 months.
  • You want to learn one of the following styles: Country, jazz, classical guitar, or folk styles.

    I teach electric guitar lessons online in rock based styles (rock, metal, progressive, neoclassical/shred) pop, indie, classic rock and blues.
  • You are simply looking for a mere collection of licks and tabs or songs to play.

As you can see, not anyone can become a student of mine. I only work with students who are truly ready for this. If any of the statements above is true for you, then we are not a good match and you should look for another guitar teacher. If none of them is true, then I would be happy to work with you.

Ok, So How Do I Get Started?

Tell me about yourself, your musical skills, knowledge, background and goals. To begin, answer the first question by clicking on one of the choices below. You will see more questions on the next page.

How long have you been playing guitar?

Less than 6 months
6 months to 1 year
2-5 years
6-9 years
10-15 years
16-20 years
Longer than 20 years

Do you still have questions about taking online guitar lessons with me? If yes click here, if no, answer the question above.

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