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Blueprint For Writing Guitar Solos

, Giving You


A Fun, Fast & Easy Way To Write Awesome Guitar Solos, Practically On Command!

Hi, Tom Hess here.

Take a look at this video:

The guitar players you are seeing there ☝️ are some of my guitar students.

The guitar solos you’re hearing are entirely their own. 

And if you’d like to have a nearly failsafe process for coming up with guitar solos like that anytime you want…

… “Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos” shows you how, step by step.

Blueprint For Writing Guitar Solos

And no…

I'm NOT talking about coming up with guitar solos using some cheesy “fretboard hack” (there is no such thing)…

… or playing a set of one-size-fits-all guitar licks that make every guitar solo you write sound the same. 

I'm talking about:

Writing Awesome Guitar Solos Without All The Usual Problems Lead Guitarists Have To Struggle Through, Like:

  • Taking forever to decide how to start writing a guitar solo.
  • Running out of ideas as you’re coming up with a guitar solo.
  • Repeating the same licks you always play in every guitar solo you write, hoping nobody notices.
  • Not really loving most of the guitar solos you’re writing. 

Believe it or not… 

The #1 cause of these ☝️ problems in coming up with guitar solos is something I call…

“Chain-Link Guitar Soloing” 
AKA: Why Writing Guitar Solos Feels Damn Hard

What’s “chain-link guitar soloing”?

It means writing guitar solos one guitar lick at a time.

Like this:

To begin writing your guitar solo, you play one guitar lick that sounds good over the song. 

Then you look for the next guitar lick to play after the first one.

Then you add the 3rd lick, the 4th lick and so on – connecting guitar licks to each other, like links of a chain. 

☝️ This is how most guitarists write guitar solos.

And while this approach seems nice and logical, it has a big problem:

You have no idea how the guitar solo you’re writing will turn out when you start composing it.

And because of this:

…You Have No Idea If You Will Even Like Your Final Guitar Solo Until You’re DONE Writing It.

To me - this sucks!

While you *can* (potentially) write pretty good guitar solos this way, expect a lot of moments where you:

- Second-guess yourself with each lick – wondering if it really fits well with the rest of the guitar solo you are writing.

- Get stuck after you’ve used up all the guitar licks you know and can’t (easily) find *new* ideas to put into the guitar solo you are writing. 

The way I see it: writing guitar solos like this is just one level above playing random notes on your fretboard!

But fear not:

There *is* a much better (easier and faster) method for coming up with guitar solos.

Instead Of Using The “Chain-Link” Method When You’re Writing Guitar Solos - Think Like A Sculptor.

Here is what I mean: 

Before a sculptor picks up any tool to create his sculpture…

… he starts by designing a blueprint first. 

i.e. a sketch on which to base the final design.

This way he knows exactly where to start (and what steps to take next) to ensure an awesome final result.

And when it comes to playing music… You’ll write WAY BETTER guitar solos when you create a blueprint (an outline) for your entire guitar solo before you even touch your guitar.

Believe it or not, you don’t need perfect pitch to do that. ☝️

You can easily create blueprints for your guitar solos even if you are not an advanced guitar player, don’t have a “good” ear and only know 1 scale.

And as you might have already guessed: inside the “Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos” I show you how to create such blueprints for *your* guitar solos.

After you have a blueprint for your guitar solos, it becomes almost shockingly easy to tell:

  • What guitar licks will sound great as you’re coming up with guitar solos and which guitar licks would make bad musical choices.
  • “What to play next” as you’re coming up with a guitar solo to express what you want to express.

And that allows you to:

Easily Write New Guitar Licks That Feel “Tailor-Made” Just For Your Guitar Solo!

(In fact, when you do what I teach, I predict you will create so many new licks – your only problem will be trying to remember them all!)

And when you write your guitar solo from such a blueprint…

…You feel certain - at every step - that your solo is shaping into exactly what you imagine in your mind

You feel like a true musician – not just a guitar player. 

And perhaps most importantly, you get to…

Skip Over 99% Of The Frustrating Trial & Error Most Guitarists Go Through When You Write Your Guitar Solos!


When you think about the most awesome guitar solos that have ever been written, like (for example):

  • Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore
  • The Spirit Carries On by Dream Theater
  • For The Love Of God by Steve Vai
  • I Am A Viking by Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Ice Cream Man by Van Halen
  • Always With Me, Always With You by Joe Satriani
  • Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson 

… (just a few examples off the top of my head).

I bet all of these guitar solos ☝️ were created from a blueprint for writing guitar solos (whether the guitarists realized this or not). 

How can I possibly know this, you ask?


None of those guitar solos sound like a collection of random guitar licks strung together – that’s how. 

They sound more like a “song within a song” – exactly as a great guitar solo should sound. 

All that is to say: you don’t need luck or talent to write great guitar solos – you just need a great blueprint and the right process.

And the good news is:

…you can start using a blueprint for writing your guitar solos whenever you want.

Let’s talk about how…

Here Is What You’re Getting Inside “The Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos”

(Aka: the amazing guitar solo secrets you could begin installing into your guitar playing 5 minutes from now):

We begin with:

Insanely Detailed Note-By-Note Breakdowns Of Full-Length Guitar Solos That’ll Transform The Way You Play Lead Guitar

When I say “insanely detailed”, here is what I mean:

I start by showing you how I made the blueprint for writing each guitar solo…

… and follow it up with all the “grain-to-bread” steps that turn each guitar solo blueprint into an album-ready solo. 

Including such details as:

- how I made sure you can still hear, see and feel the original guitar solo blueprint even in the faster parts of the final solo.

- where and why I added musical rests between phrases to bring out maximum drama and tension based on the guitar solo blueprint.

- how I used different phrasing ornaments to make the guitar solo I was writing express exactly what I wanted.

- how I designed the climax of each guitar solo I wrote for maximum emotional impact

… and a lot more.

In a nutshell:

It’s Like Seeing A Blockbuster Movie Go From “Raw Idea” To Filming To Editing And To The Big Screen, In Front Of Your Eyes!

The goal of these demonstrations is to teach you the art and science of writing guitar solos using a guitar solo blueprint.

And along the way, prove to you that…

You Can Use The Same Process To Write Better Guitar Solos Than You Ever Have Before… Possibly Even On Your First Try!

And then we move on to something even more important:

You Coming Up With *Your* First Guitar Solo Using Your Guitar Solo Blueprints, As I Tell You What To Do, Step By Step!

Here is a problem I want to help you avoid:

Most guitar teachers who make courses, just throw information at you and leave you on your own to piece it all together.

Not me.

That’s why, in this part of the course, I give you 2 (pre-recorded) video workshops that walk you through ALL the steps of writing a guitar solo, in real time.

Here is how it works:

I give you an assignment (with lots of examples) for how to create each part of *your* first guitar solo blueprint.

Then I go silent… while you work on coming up with guitar solo ideas for a few minutes. 

Then I come back on and show you the next step for writing your guitar solo.

We repeat this process until…

You’ve Written An Awesome Guitar Solo You Feel Proud To Call Your Own!

Write great guitar solos

There are 2 such video training workshops in the course. 

So, all told, the entire course is about 3.5 hours long. 

But “how long” it is doesn't really matter. (Unless you measure value in “hours of content”… which, hopefully, you don’t.)

What matters is…

By showing you how to create blueprints for your guitar solos…

I Make It Almost Impossible For You To Fail, Even If You’ve Never Written A Guitar Solo Before And Don’t Believe You Can Do It

And of course, as you go through the course…

… you’ll pick up enough guitar soloing gems to make all your friends drool with envy when they hear the guitar solos you’re coming up with.

Things like:

  • A secret way to “arrange” any backing track to instantly make it easier to solo over. (Without changing any of the chords!)
  • How to write awesome guitar solos over a fast-tempo backing track if you can’t play guitar fast yet.
  • The BEST spot in any guitar solo to let loose and play as fast as you want. (Yngwie does this exact thing every time he writes guitar solos.)
  • The best way to write guitar solos over a backing track where the chords change very quickly.
  • The best way to write guitar solos over a backing track where the chords change very slowly.
  • How to give your guitar solos amazingly smooth melodic contour, even when you are playing very fast.
  • How to polish your guitar solo “on the fly” (while you’re writing it) to make it express exactly what you hear in your head.
  • The trick to making important melodic notes “stick out”, even when you are playing them during fast scale runs.
  • How to quickly choose where to put the musical climax of your solo over a backing track you never heard before.
  • The big secret to NOT repeating the same guitar solo ideas over and over, even when writing multiple guitar solos over the same backing track!
  • A counterintuitive way to make yourself MORE creative by limiting your musical choices when you’re writing a guitar solo.

How Advanced Of A Guitar Player Must You Be To Use “The Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos”?

You can use the secrets inside to write better guitar solos as long as you:

  • Know at least one scale
  • Can play simple hammer ons, pull offs, slides, string bends and vibrato. (You don’t need to be great at these techniques – you just need to know how to *do* them.)
  • Know how to tell what notes are in major/minor chords.

    e.g. Can you say the notes of these chords without looking them up on Google: C major, E major, A major and E minor? If yes – then you meet the criteria. 

That said:

Let Me Tell You What “The Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos” Is NOT:

This is NOT a guide to the basics of lead guitar playing

This course does NOT teach: general guitar technique, music theory, phrasing, fretboard visualization or any other “general guitar playing skills”.

(I can teach you those things ☝️ in Breakthrough Guitar Lessons.)


This is also NOT personalized guitar lessons that fix your musical weaknesses.

In this course, you learn how to design guitar solos around the musical skills you have.

For example:

If you have bad vibrato or your guitar playing is full of string noise – you may still be able to write an awesome guitar solo… but that guitar solo will have bad vibrato and be full of sloppy string noise. (If you become my guitar student – I can help you to easily fix those problems.)

If you can’t play guitar fast – you may still write out an awesome solo, but will need someone else to play it for you. (Or you can become my guitar student and I’ll help you get your chops up.)

If you can’t play in time – you may write an awesome guitar solo, but struggle to pay it in time. (But if you become my guitar student … ok, you get the idea.)


How Much Does “Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos” Cost?


$197 (One-off payment).

And if all you do is pay for it but don’t *use* it… it’ll be an expensive waste of money.

(So, please don’t do something as silly as that.☝️)

But if you go through the course and put forth even a modest effort to apply what’s inside, then…

It Just Might The Single Best Thing You Can Possibly Do To Write Better Guitar Solos (Especially At This Price Point.)

Either way, if you don’t already see the value in this offer, nothing else I can possibly say could change that. 

So, the ball is in your court.

And you are potentially just a few short hours away from writing guitar solos at a level most guitar players only dream about. 

To order “The Blueprints For Creating Your Own Awesome Guitar Solos”, click the button below.

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