Well... I'm impressed! Because you are willing to do the things that most guitar teachers don't do... that puts you in a special group of people who actually care enough about their guitar teaching skills, business and students to make changes now. There will never be a better time to work on your guitar teaching business. Something will always hold you back. Considering that you only need to get 2 new students to cover the entire investment for this program, it would be a huge mistake to not participate in my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.

Remember when I said that you can block your competitors from joining this program? Well guess what, if one of your competitors joins before you do, they will automatically block YOU from ever being able to gain access to my guitar teaching success secrets. Instead, you can begin now and transform your guitar teaching skills, build a highly successful teaching business, and attract all the ideal students, money, fun and freedom you want!


This is How It Works:

You and the other members of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle will join me in intensive group teleconference calls where we will work directly on your teaching methods, materials, and overall effectiveness. In addition, I will teach you how to grow your guitar teaching business in a step-by-step, real world format and answer your questions directly during the sessions.

Guitar Teacher Training By Tom Hess

Where and How Will the Sessions Take Place?
You will be able to speak to me directly during the sessions via telephone. Once you sign up I will send you the secure access code to get into the live call sessions and download the recordings. If you cannot attend the live event, don't worry. All your sessions will be recorded and made available for download in a secure "Members Only" section of the website.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Platinum Member?

1. Implementation Support! 2. Implementation Support!! 3. Implementation Support!!!!

As a Platinum Member, you will get one-on-one personal implementation support sessions with me. I will take you beyond the core of the program, beyond the strategies and the tools and all the proven systems. You will get my personal attention to HELP YOU ACTUALLY IMPLEMENT THE STRATEGIES AND SYSTEMS YOU WILL BE LEARNING! In other words, you will get my help to ACTUALLY FOLLOW THROUGH. I'm going to PERSONALLY answer your questions, offer more in depth advice and analysis to you and your specific situation!!!

4. Mastermind Support Group! In addition to all the support you will receive directly from me, you will meet and connect with BOTH highly successful teachers and other like-minded people in the process of growing their guitar teaching skills/businesses. This instant support will help you evaluate opportunities, address challenges and help you to keep moving forward. This is a very powerful Platinum Member benefit.

Choose Your Level of Success Now 

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* If you are currently a guitar student of me (or an MCMP member), you automatically get a $50 discount (your Platinum membership = $247/month, a Gold membership = $147/month).

This may seem like a lot of money to you, but it will cost you more in lost opportunities over the next 90 days alone if you chose not to join now. Remember, if you only got 2 new students from implementing the strategies in this program your actual cost would still be ZERO, right?




Choose your membership option above and I will guide you through each step so you can stop wasting your time with the failed trial and error approach and start becoming the best guitar teacher (with the best business) in your area now!

Tom Hess

Tom Hess - Guitar Teacher

Tom Hess Music Corporation BBB Business ReviewP.S. The sooner you get your hands on this information, the sooner your guitar teaching skills and business will really take off. Many teachers want to have their own successful teaching business, but few are willing to do what it takes. Honestly, it's so much easier than you can imagine. Join Now!

P.P.S. Since you are still reading, it's obvious that you WANT to reach your true potential as a teacher, get more students, gain more respect and become my next success story! So, choose your membership option now.

P.P.P.S. Hmmm...still not sure? Here is a fact you should know... New people join this program all the time. If you don't join now, one of your competitors may join before you do. When that happens you are blocked from being able to join yourself. So the secrets in this program can help you (when you join) or it can hurt you (when your competitor joins first!).

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