Introducing: The Fastest Way To Get On A Tour, Play Music For Huge Audiences And


Dear musician,

That headline ☝️ is no joke.

What I’m about to show you is a SIMPLE (as in: you could do it in the next 12 months) way to grow as an unknown band to possibly…


… Touring With Some Of The Biggest Bands In The Music Business.


I'm talking about playing music for huge audiences of hundreds (or maybe even thousands) of screaming fans who love the music you play.

Potentially, even get on a tour playing sold-out arenas, like the Wacken Open Air festival:

Tom Hess Wacken

Or touring with big bands, like Nickelback or Scorpions like my student Jure Golobic (Slovenia) did in Moscow:

Jure Golobic Moscow

And if you do it right:

Other bands will do a bulk of the promotion – making it easier for you to play music for huge audiences.

They book all the shows.

They fill the arena with their fans.

And in some cases,

Those Other Bands May Even Let You Sell Your Albums And Merch To Their Fans And Get Their Fans Onto Your Email List!

So, if you’ve ever wanted to know about the best way to grow as an unknown band – this is it.

Now, if this sounds kinda unbelievable, I don’t blame you.

If you haven’t been able to get on a tour before, I *know* everything above sounds way too good to be true.

So, you can turn your nose at this opportunity to play music for huge audiences, close this page and be skeptical if you want… or you can choose to… 

Keep An Open Mind For Just 1 Minute And Let Me Show You How To Grow As An Unknown Band.

You see, I’ve helped many musicians to get on a tour and play music for huge audiences.

Music Career Coaching Training Tom HessTom Hess Music Career Mentoring And Training

Not to mention...

... I’ve toured the world several times, got a record deal and have lived the “rock star” life I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid:

Tom Hess Music Career Training Success

So, I know a thing or two about what it takes to get on a tour and grow as an unknown band. 

And I created a special music career eGuide about how to get on a tour called, 

The Fastest, Easiest, And Surest Way To Get On Tour And Onto The Big Stage

This short & to-the-point eGuide is jam-packed with actionable music career gems you can read in one sitting today…

…and use to create opportunities for touring with big bands tomorrow, if you choose.

Music Career Coaching Training Tom Hess

Things like:

  • A quick “crash course” on touring with big bands that gives you the music industry street-smarts of a pro, even if you’re new to the biz. (Page 5.)
  • Whom to call (just Google: “______ in (your town name)”) to ask about touring opportunities. These people often WISH more unsigned/small bands like yours would call them to talk about how to get on a tour. (Page 12.)
  • A simple 2-sentence “script” that can get you the kind of tours most musicians only dream about doing (even if you are still trying to grow as an unknown band). (Page 12.)
  • How to get in the “good graces” of bands many times the size of yours who don't even know your name today. (Page 13.)
  • Where to get “spending money” for touring with big bands if you are tied to a low-paying day job and your first tour pays little or nothing. (Page 22.)
  • The surprising profit potential of the “Pay-To-Play” model almost everyone is ignoring as they try to get on a tour. “Everyone” hating on it is the very reason *you* SHOULD do it… but see page 18 to understand why & how. 

Plus: way more music career “goodies” that will come in handy as you work to grow as an unknown band, such as: 

  • How to pick between a guaranteed payout for each show or opt for a bigger cut of ticket sales. (Super useful when trying to get on a tour or negotiating an opportunity for touring with big bands.) (Page 9.)
  • The secret to eventually getting small bands to pay YOU for the privilege of touring with you! A must-know if you are trying to grow as an unknown band. (Page 20.)
  • A simple (no-cost) thing to do at every show you play (especially when you play for huge audiences) to potentially promote all your future albums and tours for FREE. (Page 16.)

And a whole lot more.

Bottom line: I could easily have charged $297 for this info and it would’ve paid for itself many times over the first time you get on a tour.

But instead,

I Decided To Virtually Give This eGuide On How To Grow As An Unknown Band Away To You On This Page For Only $7.


And I'm doing it for a very simple and very selfish reason.

I want to earn your trust.

You probably are not yet one of the hundreds of musicians I’ve mentored or helped to get on a tour. And I want to give you a small taste of what you’ve been missing. 

Your trust is way more valuable to me than a few hundred bucks.

Plus, once you feel the first taste of success for growing as an unknown band, it’s likely you will want me to continue mentoring you to build your music career further.

And that’s how my business truly grows.

I only ask one thing of you in return for practically giving away these secrets on touring with big bands at an ego-bruising price steal of a deal:

*Only* buy this eGuide if you fully intend to:

USE The Info Inside & Get On A Tour As Soon As Possible!

Fair enough?

Click the button below to get access to “The Fastest, Easiest, And Surest Way To Get On Tour And Onto The Big Stage” eGuide for only $7.


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