Attention Guitar Teachers Who Want To Get More Guitar Students All Year Around


*Another* One Of Your Guitar Students Just Quit 

And the hole in your guitar teaching schedule just got bigger, because …

You’ve picked up exactly 0 new guitar students in the past month.

Worse yet…

Despite doing your best to get the word out that you’re looking for new guitar students… 

… nobody seems to even ‘contact’ you about lessons anymore.

(You even (again) asked your current guitar students to send their guitar playing friends your way – hoping to pick up some new guitar students via referrals. But… NOTHING.)

Suddenly… your phone rings.

You glance at the caller ID… and your eyes go wide:

It’s a local number you haven’t seen before.



*This* could be the first of many NEW guitar students you could really use right now.

You answer the phone…

…and the voice on the other end says:

Get Guitar Students Answer Phone

“Yeah, hi  – I saw your ad for guitar lessons. How much do you charge?”

With a smile in your voice, you tell the person your lesson rate for new guitar students.

Then you wait - hoping they will ask something… ANYTHING else.

Get Guitar Students Answer Phone

But No.

The voice on the other end says:

“Uh… thanks. I’ll call a few more guitar teachers and will get back to you. Bye.”

Aaaand click - they hang up.

Leaving you wondering when (or if) they’ll ever call back… and what else you can possibly try to attract guitar students if they don’t.

Well, Dear-Guitar-Teacher-On-The-Hunt-For-New-Guitar-Students:

If this scene sounds eerily similar to a day in your life and you’re sick & tired of:

- getting calls from new guitar students who blow you off after asking “how much you charge” (or choose your “cheaper” competitors over you)

- guitar students flat-out ignoring your ads, like you don’t even exist… 


- finding guitar students through word of mouth, because you think you can’t afford to advertise to get more guitar students…

 Then on this page, I’ll show you how to fill your teaching schedule and never struggle to get guitar students again. 


Never struggle to get guitar students

My name is Tom Hess.

I train guitar teachers from all over the world how to make 6-figures per year, working part-time

And I certify music schools with the official GTM (Guitar Teaching Mastery) certificate of excellence.

Guitar Teachers Certification

For this reason…

I'm Known Around The World As: 
“The Teacher Of Teachers”

And I have an eCourse guitar teachers all over the world are using to attract so many new guitar students …

… they sometimes set weekly “new guitar student records” and barely even notice it.

Reults of attracting new guitar students

…they can pick & choose which new guitar students they work with, without worrying where and how to get their next guitar student



…they support their entire family simply by teaching guitar part-time (and still have money left over each month). 



… and they can finally pay down their debt, move into a better house or simply take more vacations and enjoy their success.


Anyway, you get the idea.

This eCourse is – rather appropriately - called:

“How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students”

Guide for growing teaching business

And there is a very good chance it can help you get guitar students in a similar way as those guitar teachers you just saw.

Get Started Now

I say this, because it allows you to “sidestep”…

The #1 Reason Guitar Teachers Struggle To Attract Guitar Students

And as any guitar teacher who has been around awhile will tell you…

…that “#1 reason” is…

Online guitar lessons are making it impossible to get guitar students locally!

Except – oops - they’d be wrong. This is NOT the reason finding guitar students is hard for most guitar teachers.

Other “veteran” guitar teachers may tell you it’s hard to attract guitar students, because…

People in your area have NO MONEY for guitar lessons!

BZZZZZT! Wrong again.

How can this be?


Online guitar lessons are not “Netflix”. And in-person guitar lessons are not “Blockbuster”.

If anything, online guitar lessons are like “having a kitchen in your home”. 

And in-person guitar lessons are like: “going out to eat”.

Sure, some people strongly prefer one over the other…

But there has always been and will likely always be PLENTY of demand for both.

Because they both serve different needs.

If anything…

…The Online Competition Actually Works In YOUR Favor When You Teach Guitar Offline. 


Because many offline guitar teachers (foolishly) give up trying to get guitar students.

That leaves more guitar students for the teachers who are left YOU! 

And as far as guitar students having “no money” for lessons, all I can say is:

… LOL, really?

Just LOOK at the things the average American wastes money on every single month…

Why students can afford guitar lessons with you

Really… LOOK at that chart…

…Now tell me if you STILL honestly believe guitar players in your area couldn’t afford guitar lessons with you if they really wanted to

Bottom line: 

People are spending money on things they don’t need All. The. Time.

The question is: why aren’t they spending some of it on guitar lessons WITH YOU

And why does it feel so hard for most teachers to get guitar students?

The answer is…


Almost All Guitar Teachers Try To Attract Guitar Students By Either: 


  •  Not doing any advertising and relying on word of mouth to bring in new guitar students via referrals.


  • (Once referrals dry up) Looking at what other guitar teachers are doing to bring in new guitar students. (And then doing something similar to get guitar students for themselves.) 


Forget for a moment that much of what guitar teachers do to get more guitar students doesn't work well to begin with. 

Just think:

If guitar teachers in your area all copy each other on:

- what types of ads they use to get guitar students

- where they post their ads

- what they write in their ads to get guitar students

- what they say to prospective new guitar students on the phone

- what styles they claim to teach

- what lesson programs they offer to new guitar students

All guitar lessons (and guitar teachers) now look exactly the same!

Are you seeing the problem?

If This ☝️ Is Your “Playbook” For Attracting Guitar Students, Don’t Be Surprised When Guitar Players:

- Can’t think of anything better to ask when they call you, except: “what do you charge?” and “where are you located?”

- Complain or try to haggle when you tell them how much your lessons cost. 

- Blow you off, even if you offer them a “free first lesson”

The problem is not “you”.

The problem is:

You Can Only Attract New Guitar Students With This Approach When You Are “The Cheapest” & “The Closest” Guitar Teacher.

attract new guitar students

So, if you want different results in finding guitar students…

Results where new guitar students:

- eagerly travel an extra 10-20 minutes for a chance to take lessons with you (even if other guitar teachers are closer and charge less than you).

- sometimes thank you for your guitar lesson ad that felt like it was written just for them. 

- treat you, your time and your guitar lessons with the respect one usually gives doctors and trusted advisors 

- feel just as happy to have you as their guitar teacher as you feel happy to get a new guitar student.

Well, then…

You’d Better Do Things To Attract Guitar Students That Most Other Guitar Teachers In Your Area Are NOT Doing.


Get Started Now

And here is the good news: 

Since most guitar teachers are all doing the same things to attract guitar students… 

It’s. Really. Not. That. Hard. To. Stand. Out. (And get a lot of guitar students.)

Simply make a few *strategic* changes to ANY of the touchpoints you have with prospective guitar students, like…

- what types of ads you use to get guitar students

- where you post your ads

- what you write in your ads to get guitar students

- what you say to prospective new guitar students on the phone

- what styles you claim to teach

- what lesson programs you offer

Do Any Of This ☝️ And Finding Guitar Students Will Become Easier IMMEDIATELY.

Because NOW your ads begin to stand out.

And that means: it becomes almost impossible for new guitar students to ignore you. 

(Or to compare you to other guitar teachers in a typical way.) 

And, lucky for you…

The How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students eCourse Shows You Exactly How To Do It.

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Here are the two big things that make this course unique (and help you get guitar students faster): 

  • First, much of what’s in it didn’t come from the guitar teaching industry.

  • Second, I don’t *just* give you a list of steps to take to get more guitar students… 

(Don’t worry, I give you all the “steps” too.)

I show you how all the pieces snap together to create:

A Guitar Teaching Business Where You Could Earn 6-Figures+ Per Year & Help As Many Guitar Students As You Want, Teaching Guitar Part-Time.

Here is what the guitar student-getting engine of your business looks like:

Guitar teaching business map

(You can find the full, high-resolution map inside the How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students eCourse.) 

And after I show you the aerial view of a 6-figure guitar teaching business…

… I begin fleshing out each piece of it with example after example of:

Insanely Actionable Tactics Anyone With A Brain Could Use To Attract New Guitar Students, As Soon As Tomorrow!

And fear not:

Even as time goes on and these ideas become more common knowledge among guitar teachers…

…you’ll likely be completely safe.

Because as you learn how to attract new guitar students… 

…you’ll also see *how to think* for yourself to create new ways to get new guitar students. 

So, even if some guitar teachers in your area try to imitate what you’re doing to keep you from taking all the students…

You’ll Be Able To Innovate Way Faster Than They Can Copy!

That said:

It *Is* An Arms Race Of Sorts.

Meaning: whoever is the first (or at least – one of the first) to use the strategies I teach to attract guitar students in your area will…

… Get The Biggest Head Start, Gobble Up All The Best Guitar Students And “Lock Up” Your Area For Good.

Everyone else will be left fighting for the “scraps” of leftover guitar students. 

The same way the Titanic passengers fought for the remaining lifeboat seats.


Unlike the pay-to-play Facebook or Google ads that keep getting more expensive every year…

Most of what’s in the How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students eCourse costs little to no money to implement.

Which means: you can use these strategies to attract new guitar students even if you have next to nothing in your advertising budget today. 

And as your schedule fills up…

Your new guitar students will fill your advertising coffers with THEIR money, so you can keep getting MORE guitar students whenever you want!

But it gets even better, because …

…the How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students eCourse only costs…

Like a dinner for 2 at an average steakhouse... 

…or a new distortion pedal.

…a measly $97.

This should not break anyone’s piggy bank. 

Especially if you use even 1% of the info above to attract new guitar students and make your investment back many times over.

Get Started Now


But Before You Even THINK About Buying “How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students”, A Word Of Warning:

Even though the info in this course can *potentially* get you more guitar students than you know what to do with…

… and dozens of guitar teachers all over the world have already used it to build full-time incomes…

…There is always a risk *you* won’t make any money with it.

That’s because…

…To apply the info inside (and attract new guitar students), you’ll probably have to work a bit more hours than you currently do on your guitar teaching business.

… (*especially* if you are working a day job you want to phase out). 

And it’ll probably challenge much of what you currently believe about teaching guitar, making money and running a business. 


None of what I teach will help you attract new guitar students if you don’t give a damn about your guitar students.

(Or if you aren’t also trying to become a better guitar teacher at the same time.) 

In other words: I can’t promise you’ll be able to attract new guitar students like the teachers you are seeing on this page (or any guitar students at all). 

My *only* promise to you is:

I'm going to give you the same exact training on how to attract guitar students I gave to every single one of my 6-figure (and multiple 6-figure) earning guitar teachers. 

What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you. 

So, if you are one of those people who buys books and info products but does nothing with them…

…please save your money and don’t buy this eCourse.

I'm Dead Serious About This.

But if you’re an action taker – not an action faker…

… if you’re doer - not a dreamer…

… if you know that without some risk - there is no reward…

…then here are some of the amazing secrets you could be using to attract new guitar students by this time tomorrow:

  • A sneaky (but totally ethical) hack to getting more people calling you from your ads, that works better the MORE competitors you have! (Page 48.)

  • Live in the middle of nowhere where students are “impossible” to find? Here is a “stealth” way to make more money teaching guitar without attracting any new guitar students or charging your current students an extra penny. (Equally useful during recessions when guitar students panic-quit - like many did when COVID hit in 2020.) (Page 98.)

  • How to use your smartphone to: A. rank on page 1 of Google's search results and B. make guitar students more likely to click on YOUR name first. (Another trick up your sleeve for dominating in a big city with lots of competition.) (Page 41.)

  • The BEST time to reveal how much you charge to make guitar students more likely to sign up for lessons. (It's NOT "whenever students ask"... and certainly NOT when most guitar teachers do it.) (Page 47.)

  • To get more referrals every month: Talk to this very specific group of people in your town (they know a lot of guitar players) and buy them a pizza. Yes – a pizza. (Page 60.)

  • Could you take on 20 new guitar students today? If not – flip to page 29 and do THIS before you use anything else in the rest of the course. Otherwise, things could get out of hand for you FAST as more people start calling you.

  • How to write a guitar lesson ad that works like gangbusters, but doesn't sound, feel or read like a “typical” guitar lesson ad. This catches your prospective guitar students “off guard” and makes them more likely to contact you. (Page 49.)

  • A no-cost way to tweak the *look* of your online classified ads, so you: stand out among other teachers and seem more credible to potential guitar students after they click on your ad. (Page 58.)

  • Hands down the most cutting edge, most modern and potentially the most powerful way to reach the greatest number of guitar students in your area. (It ain’t social media or the internet.) Best part? Very few of your competitors are using it! (Page 54.)

  • An “innocent” 6-letter word that repulses awesome guitar students who may otherwise take lessons from you for years. Guitar teachers often write it in their ads. Simply deleting this word from ALL *your* ads could make your phone ring more often. (Page 48.)

  • How to attract guitar students by putting ads in places guitar players RARELY visit. (Side benefit: students who contact you from those ads almost never have to “talk to their wife” before starting lessons with you.) (Page 62.)

  • Your impressive music degree can be the reason for the holes in your guitar teaching schedule. Page 46 shows why and what to do about it. (On the flipside, if you have no music credentials and little teaching experience – here is why you have nothing to fear from your “veteran competitors”.)

  • A specific way you should advertise if your current financial situation is very bad and you need new guitar students ASAP. (And no, it’s not something stupid like: “as much as you can”.) Page 37.

  • My “Geometric” strategy for making 6-figures per year teaching guitar, even if you’re NOT the best teacher in your area! Note: it’s not some tactic that will bring you more guitar students *today*. But if you want your business to eventually make so much money, your friends & family may start asking if what you’re doing is legal – it’s the single most valuable thing I can teach you. (Page 21.)

  • WARNING: Most guitar students who see your ads won’t “call”, “message” or “email” you, even if they are interested. (They are afraid of a “sales pitch”, that’s why.) So, simply tell students to _________ instead (see page 67) and you’ll get more responses.

  • An easy way to “trash-can-proof” guitar lesson flyers before you send them out. Without this, there is a chance you may hand-deliver a “perfect-fit” flyer to 1000 guitar players’ homes, but have it end up in the garbage. (Page 61.)

And believe it or not, on page 59 I’ll even show you how you can:

Make Your Local Government
Eagerly Promote Your Guitar Lessons
To Everyone Who Lives In Your Area… For Free!

More about this last point:

This idea a perfect example of doing things *differently* than what most guitar teachers do to attract new guitar students. 

And since it’s NOT something a typical guitar teacher would ever think to try to attract guitar students… 

…you’re not likely to be in competition with anyone. 

All you need to do is contact your local government office and propose a win/win, no-brainer idea that:

- takes ZERO (marketing or promotional) work and costs you nothing

- makes the officials you talk to look great to their bosses for doing good in the community.

and (best of all)

- virtually guarantees you a…

A Healthy Pool Of “Pre-Sold” Guitar Students Who Likely Wouldn’t Even Dream Of Taking Lessons With Anyone But You!

Build a successful guitar teaching business

Anyway… this is just to start.

All the above should give you plenty of new ways to get your phone to ring more often with calls from prospective guitar students.

 Get Started Now

But as you already know:

Finding Guitar Students And Getting Them To Contact You Is Just Half The Battle 

Before they say yes to taking lessons with you and start paying you money…

You need to let them see why you are their #1 only choice as a guitar teacher. 

And you better do it without being awkward, pushy or “salesy”.

Pro Tip: If you have any typical sales training (that teaches you to “push”, “not take no for an answer” and to “close hard”)…

… you better unlearn it all. 


Because guitar students can smell cheesy sales tactics, “lines” and “closes” from a mile away. 

Plus: you’re not trying to make a quick one-off sale, like a haggler at a silk bazaar. 

Your business can only grow if your guitar students take lessons with you for a long time (years). 

And you can’t “hard-sell” someone into that kind of a relationship.

So, whether you’ve always been afraid of selling and kept letting prospective guitar students “get away”…

…or if you tried to sell too hard and scared off students by coming on too strong… 

…here are a few of the juicy secrets inside the eCourse that make guitar students “want” to take guitar lessons with you in a non-pushy way:

  • A nearly effortless way to create a dialogue with prospective guitar students that doesn't start (and quickly end) with them asking your price and location. (Page 68.)

  • Got an aggressive student on the phone who keeps grilling you to find out what your lessons cost? Say this. (Page 90.)

  • How to make guitar students only want *you* to teach them by insisting they “make their decision slowly”. (Ironically, this often makes them decide way faster than urging them to “act now”.) (Page 87.)

  • Want to make even skeptical guitar students insanely curious, open-minded and almost eager to hear you sell them on taking lessons with you? Give them this special “souvenir” (it costs about $6 and you can bulk-order them on Amazon) to “jam” their skeptical impulses. (Page 78.)

  • Use this exact phrase when you explain how your lessons work to sound like an expert adviser - not a salesperson. (This line doesn't sound “salesy” AT ALL. And if you’ve got the right prospect, it may well trigger an instant “shut-up-and-take-my-money” response.)  (Page 92.)

  • A brilliant way to “invalidate” other guitar teachers your prospective students may talk to without attacking anyone or acting like a low-class jackass. (Page 88.)

  • How to “judo flip” penny-pinching guitar students to only want “expensive” guitar lessons with a quick story about… Led Zeppelin. (Ok – I'm half joking. It can be a story about ANY band. Just tell it like I show on page 92.) And if your student has even an ounce of common sense, it’s very likely to work.

  • The exact moment to bring up your “free lesson” in a conversation to nearly ensure that the “sign up” is a done deal before the student even shows up. (Page 93.)

… And a whole lot more.

 Get Started Now

But you know what?

Finding guitar students is just one piece of becoming a successful guitar teacher.

And as your schedule fills up with hordes of new guitar students, you’ll probably also want:

- feedback on your guitar lesson ads and your conversations with prospective students.

- help with running your lessons and deciding what to teach your students. 

- help motivating your new (and current) guitar students to practice.

And of course, like everyone…

…you’ll sometimes have very specific or unusual problems in your business you’ll want advice on.

And in those moments…

…you’ll be oh-so-very-glad I give you a special bonus for investing in the “How To Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students” eCourse:

A Free 45-Day Platinum Membership Of My
Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle (EGTIC)!

(Not valid for current or past EGTIC members.)

How to create a guitar school

The Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is where I train the world’s most successful guitar teachers and music school owners (and will train you) to earn at least 6-figures per year – working part-time.

(All the strategies for finding guitar students that are in “How to Attract A Lot Of New Guitar Students” are just a tiny “splinter” of what I teach in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle.)

And guess what?

Many of the guitar teachers I train inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle started with no experience, no musical credentials and no guitar students. 

But today many of them…

…make so much money teaching guitar, they never even *think* about going back to a day job ever again!

And in some cases…

… their TAX BILL is now higher than their entire guitar teaching income *used to be*!


Here are just a few of the more recent 6-figure success stories from my private Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle forum:

Plus, many more are earning a healthy full-time income (mostly working part-time) as they are inching their way up towards 6-figures.

Now, quite obviously:

Not *everyone* I’ve ever trained has become that successful. 

Just like not everyone who has ever signed up for a gym membership ended up with bulging muscles and 6-pack abs. 

I'm simply showing you *what’s possible* to achieve as a guitar teacher when you “go all in” using what I teach. 

And why - for the right person - the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle is quite literally “a steal”.

Inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, I’ll be giving you in-depth training on:

  • Transforming your new hordes of guitar students into such good players, they almost feel guilty & want to pay you more.

  • Turning your lessons into “guitar oxygen” – something your guitar students nearly can’t live without.

  • Reducing (or outsourcing) your workload, so you get more done without working more.

  • (When you are ready) Building a team, training other guitar teachers to teach *for* you, moving to a commercial location and even opening a second school if you want.

Become a successful guitar teacher

And if you take action on the training I give you, you’ll have the keys to a…

6-Figure Guitar Teaching Empire That Lets You Live Life On Your Terms!

Guitar teaching business success

For example: 

Want to “lock up” your entire area as the most successful guitar teacher your town has ever seen?

You can:

Want to become a touring rock star, while your guitar teaching business at home pays your bills? 
You can…

Want to just keep building wealth for retirement, provide an awesome life for your family and make your guitar students happy to have you in their life? 

You can…


You’ll have access to me, Tom Hess, for 1-1 Implementation Support calls. (On a first-come, first-served basis.)

Yes, it’s a real 1-1 phone call with me where I help you on anything you want relating to teaching guitar. (I normally charge $250 per hour for 1-1 consulting. But this is included in your Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle membership at no cost to you.)

Guitar teaching business support

Plus, I'm very active on the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle forum. (I am there answering questions almost every day.)

And speaking of the forum, that’s where you’ll get:

24/7 Feedback, Coaching And Support On Your Day-To-Day Guitar Teaching Business Tasks And Challenges. 

Community of successful guitar teachers

You get this feedback from me, my team and many of the very same 6-figure earning guitar teachers you saw on this page.

Just post your question on the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle forum…

…and get multiple answers from guitar teaching experts (often in less than 1 hour).

The beautiful part is:

None of these guitar teachers are competing with you for students.

Which means:

Everyone is openly sharing their closely-guarded secrets they use to earn 6-figures (or more) teaching guitar. These are things they’d never share with you if you lived in their area.

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And as if all THAT wasn’t enough… you also get possibly the most powerful bonus of all:

As your business grows from everything you are learning in Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle…

You probably won’t want your competitors joining the program to learn to compete against you. 

So, as my gift to you…

You Get To Step Under The Elite Guitar Teachers’ Inner Circle “Protection Umbrella”!


This means:

You can block other guitar teachers in your area from joining the program.

Yes, this is just like it sounds.

When you are an Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle member…

If a competitor of yours tries to join the program, simply tell me about it, and…

Stand out from other guitar teachers

I’ll Kick Them Out To Protect YOU!

Obviously, there is a strict set of criteria for what makes a “competitor”. (You’ll see it when you join. But don’t worry – it’s simple.) 

That said, this could also work against you.

Because if you procrastinate…

… if you dawdle 

… if you sit on the fence too long…

(i.e. you do everything you DON’T want guitar students doing to you.)

… there is an above-average chance another guitar teacher from your area will join the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle before you do and will block you.

Point is: 

If a competitor of yours is already in the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle, he may ask me to block you… and I will.

But please don’t email me asking if that is the case or not before you join. 

You can still buy this eCourse (and keep it), even if your competitor is already in the program. 

In any case… if you are at all thinking about taking me up on this offer, better do it sooner than later.

After your 45-day trial ends, your EGTIC membership will continue at the normal Platinum membership rate of $297 per month ($247 if you are also a Breakthrough Guitar Lessons student or Music Careers Mentoring Program member). And yes, of course you can cancel at any time.

My goal is to help you get as many guitar students as possible during those 45 days, so you make your investment back many times over.

I promise - if you put in the work, it’s not all that hard.

Especially with all the support you are going to get from myself, my team and successful EGTIC members every step of the way.

And from there, as long as you apply what I'm training you to do…

...the sky becomes the limit to your guitar teaching business. 

To get started, click the button below

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Still got questions?

Can I cancel my Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle membership if I decide it’s not for me? 

Of course. You can cancel at any time (even during your trial). It’s easy. I don't make it hard to cancel – I focus on helping you attract so many new guitar students and make so much money, you won’t want to cancel!

Do you have a money-back guarantee?


Just like there is no guarantee when you join a gym that you’ll have rippling muscles. 

Just like there is no guarantee if you spend $100k on a college degree you’ll find a job after graduating. 

And just like you probably also don’t have a money-back guarantee when guitar students take lessons from you – do you?

If you aren’t certain you can get multiples of your $97 investment back from this eCourse… simply don’t buy it.

Does this work for teaching guitar online?


This eCourse (and the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle) is only for teaching guitar in your local area. 

If you are looking to (or currently do) teach guitar online, do not buy this eCourse

Will you *really* block my competitors from joining the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle?


If your competitor tries to join after you do – just show me he meets the criteria for being your competitor. (I show you exactly how I define this when you are inside the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle. Don’t worry, it’s simple.) And if he meets the criteria - I will block them.  

Got more questions? 

Just email me at

Otherwise, click the button below to order and make a huge positive change in your life and your guitar teaching business. Or you can do things the same way you've always done it - keep struggling, complaining and hoping that some day a miracle will change things for you. 

The sooner you get your hands on this information, the sooner you will end your frustration and start attracting a lot of new guitar students to you.

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P.S. There will never be a better time to work on your guitar teaching business. This is your golden opportunity to learn how to find and attract a LOT of new students and change your life. Don't pass this up!

P.P.S. Remember, you also get an EXCLUSIVE FREE 45 DAYS PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP OF MY ELITE GUITAR TEACHERS INNER CIRCLE (this is the ONLY place you can get FREE access to the program!)