GuitarOrgy – Making Guitar Playing All About Sex – Rated R

by Tom Hess

(Warning: If you find the headline above offensive, or if you are not at least 18 years of age, do not read on.)


Guitar-And-Sex… So now that all the overly sensitive people have left this page, we can get to the topic…

As you know, music has the potential power to express and convey very strong emotions in the minds of both musicians and listeners. It’s common and helpful for musicians to look outside the realm of music for strong inspiration and feelings to express on our instruments. Sexual expression is a perfect natural source of musical inspiration, however, it is rarely expressed directly (in a serious way) on the guitar.

The first question to ask is: “Why might you want to learn to express sex through your guitar playing?”

Lots of reasons, among these is the fact that it’s simply a universal experience that all of us do (or will) experience throughout our adult lives. Another reason is that sex is so intensely strong in its ability to flood people with extreme emotions. A third reason is that sex, like music, is one of the greatest forms of non-verbal expression.

The second question to ask is: “How can sex be expressed in musical form on the guitar (or any other instrument)?”

There are several good ways to do this. I’ll share one of them with you here in this article, but it’s going to require us to get a little graphic, so don’t send me ‘hate mail’ if you can’t handle what is written below (just leave the page now).

Imagine you are attempting to pleasure a woman and you want to balance giving her satisfaction with making her wait for more. This can help to increase the tension within her and thus make her desire the final ‘satisfaction’ more and more. It’s a tactic to help make her orgasm more wanted and more intense when you actually give it to her.

Now, take that idea and think how you can express this on your guitar. To do this, you first need to break down every aspect I just described in the paragraph above, like this:

balance giving her satisfaction with making her wait for more

The two things we need to look at here are: satisfaction and wait.

In order to ‘satisfy’, something that is ‘unsatisfying’ must come before. In music, there are lots of ways we can do this. One of these ways is to create an ‘expectation’ that something (dissonance for example) needs to be (and WILL be resolved). In other words, we play something that makes her expect (and desire) you to play something on your guitar. Once you play it, she feels ‘satisfaction’ because her expectation has been met (and the sound is good).

Next, let’s focus on the idea of making her ‘wait’. Again, in music there are lots of ways to do this, but the most obvious one is to simply ‘deny’ the satisfaction she wants from you. Make her wait for it… and then finally give it to her.

In other words, you set up tension and expectations that the tension will be resolved in a satisfying way, then make her think you are about to give it to her, and then ‘pull away’ (deny the resolution/satisfaction), make her crazy with desire for it and then finally give it to her.

To see and hear how to actually do this on the guitar watch the free how to get women with your guitar video.

Expressing sex on your guitar is a LOT of fun and audiences tend to love the awesome guitar phrasing that results from it! Keep practicing and maybe you’ll become the Casanova of the guitar.

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