Guitar Mastery Talk - Live Stream

During each Guitar Mastery Talk live stream, I talk with a world class guitar teaching expert about a variety of specific topis that help you master your guitar playing easier and faster. And yes, you are able to ask questions to my guest, and/or to me. 

Date: November 29, 2021

Time: 1:00 pm CST (Chicago time)

Topic: Rhythm Guitar Lessons Interview With Mark Turko

Host: Guitar Playing Breakthrough Specialist Tom Hess

Guest: Rhythm guitar teacher Mark Turko


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What people say about the Guitar Mastery Talk Live Stream:

"THE 2 masters of guitar education! Thank you for an incredible 90 minutes, Tom Hess and Dr. Zillio!"

"Exceptionally insightful, clear and useful information here!"

"This was GREAT!!!!! Thank You!"

"You guys are legendary"

"What an exceptional lesson! I think this is exactly the input I needed in order to improve my playing."

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