Tom Hess Music Corporation Guitar Picks

IMPORTANT: Guitar picks (unless ordered in combination with CDs/books) can only be shipped to locations within the USA.

Tom Hess Music Corporation Guitar Picks
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These guitar picks are for guitarists who want to play fast and clean with minimal breakdown in 2-hand synchronization. 

They are 1.26 mm thick, which means the pick will NOT flex, no matter how hard you pick the string.

This lets your hands stay in sync a lot better, because the pick doesn't have to unflex between notes like a thinner pick would.

This rigidity also means you can play guitar with more power and pick attack – making it easier to feel when your hands are truly in sync (or when they are not). This also lets you strum power chords with a lot of power and make your rhythm playing really tight.

The large surface of the pick makes it easy to grip (even if you have very large hands). This helps you to:

1. Do picking hand thumb muting to avoid excess string noise.

2. Avoid unintentional pinch harmonics (that can happen with smaller picks, because you have to hold the guitar pick close to the tip). With a larger guitar pick, you can have more of the pick sticking out and dipped into the trench between strings.

(At the same time, you can easily grip the pick very closer to the tip, anytime you choose.)

3. Avoid the pick slipping out of your hand, even when you play in the heat and your hands sweat.

And finally: these triangle picks have 3 sides you can pick with. That means 1 of these picks will last 3x as long as a standard guitar pick will. 

Disclaimer: This guitar pick isn’t going to make you play guitar fast all by itself. You obviously still need to practice your guitar. And the fastest way to improve your guitar playing (and speed) is to take guitar lessons from a guitar teacher who has taught other guitarists like you to play guitar well. 

Question: "Is there anything these guitar picks are NOT good for?"

Answer: Yes, these guitar picks are not ideal for acoustic strumming. If you strum chords on an acoustic guitar, get a softer pick (less than 1.0 mm). But if you play electric rock-based guitar styles, this pick is perfect. 

Question: "I am used to playing a _______ (fill in the blank with some other guitar pick you use). Should I try these rounded triangle guitar picks?"

Answer: It depends. You can certainly play fast and clean with other guitar picks too. But in my experience (and experience of many of my virtuoso-level guitar students), this pick is among the very best out there. 

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