Guitar Sex Master Class

How To Play Guitar Solos That Sound Like Pure Sexual Pleasure And Make Women Crazy 

No, that's not a joke! Remember when you started playing guitar? If you're like most people, you began playing guitar to get a girlfriend (I did too! … well at least I tried lol )… And once I finally discovered how, it worked again and again :)

Let me tell you a story, many years ago I fantasized about having the power to influence women in powerful ways. I'd wonder, "What would it be like to have my guitar plugged directly into a woman as I played? What if I could make her listen and understand what I REALLY want to express to her but didn't have the guts to say it? What if I could make my guitar do all the talking for me?"

For many guitar players, having such powerful abilities to attract the attention of women like that would be the Holy Grail … you have to admit, that would be pretty awesome! Be honest, you know it's true :)

But the reality is, for most guitar players, being able to do all that is just a pipe dream, because they have not yet learned and mastered:

A. How to express specific feelings on the guitar
B. How to create and manipulate tension
C. How to use music to mirror real life sexual desire, pleasure and emotion.

Once you do learn and master them, you will not only make this fantasy a reality, having these skills will also help all other aspects of your guitar playing and creativity. Problem is, nobody teaches this, anywhere in the world. Only a master guitarist and master guitar teacher understand both mastery of these concepts and how to break down complex and advanced ideas into easy-to-understand lessons that you can begin to learn and use right away in your own guitar playing.

I've been asked to teach on this topic by students again and again over the years. So I decided to create a 4-part master class video series. In fact, people travelled from all over the world, with great anticipation, to be part of this master class while it was being filmed.

Does it really work? It sure does! :) When I filmed the master class, I called up several volunteers (all students of mine) to come forward and try the concepts I shared with everyone. And, as you will see for yourself on these videos, whenever any of these students implemented these specialized concepts, every woman in the room was not only paying complete attention, but all were smiling constantly. We could all see the effect it was having directly on them!

But don't worry, this is not a bunch of childish obscene gimmicks or noises that you make with your guitar. This is about REAL guitar playing mastery! In other words, you won't get slapped in the face when you play this way for women… but they'll definitely feel what you are expressing in a good way!

The best part is, you can (and surely you will) use these specific skills in your general guitar playing, soloing, improvising and songwriting.

Guitar Sex Master Class

Guitar Sex Master Class Here is what you will learn:

  • How to translate sexual expression into actual music in your guitar solos so that your guitar playing emotionally captures your listeners and makes them want to hear more and more and love it.
  • How to make women feel what you would love to do to them without having to say a word.
  • How to make women desperately want you to 'give them' the next note - this is key to make your listeners stay really focused on your guitar playing!
  • How to squeeze the most drama out of every guitar phrase. 

And You Will Also Get:

BONUS - How To Create Intense Emotions In Your Guitar Playing - Sample Lesson - It's clear you want to express yourself musically in a way that makes people feel EXACTLY what you want them to feel when you play your guitar! You are about to receive an important sample of my video series: How To Create Intense Emotions In Your Guitar Playing.

In this sample lesson, I will show you which note to play (in any song) that makes you and your listeners feel the most dramatic and desperate emotion possible from a single note, so that you can put that maximum drama in any song, at any time. Just as importantly, you are going to learn how to identify that note when listening to other people's music too.

Once you learn how this works with this special note, you will begin to understand what has to happen to repeat the process for all the other notes on the guitar, for any song.


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Guitar Sex Master Class
How To Play Guitar Solos That Sound Like Pure Sexual Pleasure And Make Women Crazy

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BONUS - How To Create Intense Emotions In Your Guitar Playing - Sample Lesson

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What could possibly be better than attracting the attention of women, impressing women and massively improving your guitar playing at the same time? Answer: Nothing could be better! The concepts you will learn in this revolutionary video master class are the Holy Grail of guitar solo lessons. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Now I want you to click on orange "Add To Cart" button above, fill out the simple form on the next page and then click on Buy Now button on the following page.

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