The #1 Most Important Thing You Must Do After You Get A Record Company’s Attention In The Music Industry

Getting attention from a record company or manager doesn't automatically lead to huge opportunities in your music career. Fact: People and companies in music business have no reason to work with you until you prove yourself worthy of opportunities.

The Blueprint To Building Powerful Relationships In The Music IndustryMusic business executives want to see proof of: 

  • Your ability to help them make money.
  • Your rock-solid reputation throughout the music business.
  • Your accomplishments in your music career so far.
  • Your ability to help them get what they want in the music industry (beyond the music).
What you need is a simple, easy-to-use and proven strategy to begin key relationships with the right people that lead to big opportunities for you.
Over the last 25 years, I’ve learned, developed, tested and refined strategies that work… and can work for you. I’ve taught this to many musicians who had no idea where to start and now are professional musicians (making albums, touring around the world, etc.)”
Now I want to do the same for you. 
In my Blueprint To Building Powerful Relationships In the Music Business you will:  
  • Learn how to turn meaningless contacts into powerful relationships that are the foundation of your music career success.
  • Discover 5 simple and repeatable steps that help you build a successful relationship with anyone in the music industry, even if you are just starting out and have no music business experience.
  • Understand how to get your foot in the door and contact virtually any person or company, even if they don’t yet know you exist.
  • Learn how to make it obvious that you are to be taken seriously by people and companies you contact.
  • Discover 4 risk factors any company faces when deciding to work with you and how to overcome them, while building trust, rapport and credibility.
  • Master a simple, risk-free way to get music companies excited about working with you, so you become more successful a lot faster.
  • Understand why many companies in music might test your mindset, desire and resolve…and how to pass their test with flying colors to become the #1 musician they want to work with.
  • Discover how to avoid a huge mistake that paints you into a corner and makes it hard to build music career relationships with the right people.
  • Understand the one big thing people and companies in the music business go to any length to protect…and how to use this knowledge to build stronger relationships with them.
  • Learn how to turn relationships into huge opportunities that grow your music career quickly.

Stop struggling to get the opportunities you want. Learn how to build a very successful music career. Download the Blueprint To Building Powerful Relationships In The Music Business for only $7 and learn how to reach your goals as a professional musician. 
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