Why Can't I Create The Same Intense Emotions In My Guitar Playing As My Favorite Guitarists Do?

I used to ask myself the exact same questions when I was learning how to master the art of creating guitar solos. If you are like most guitarists you probably listen to your favorite guitar players who create great guitar solos with intense emotions and wonder:

"Why can't I create my own guitar solos with such strong feeling in it? Sure I can play lead guitar, but when I try to put my heart and soul into every note, I just can't create a guitar solo with the same intense emotion like my favorite guitar players can…. this is so frustrating!!"

Why is this so hard? Why do you struggle with this so much? Well, it's probably not because you lack lead guitar skills. It's far more likely that you simply haven't yet learned what the best guitar players already know about how to evoke extreme emotion when creating a guitar solo. These things have less to do with physical guitar technique and far more to do with the note choices that guitarists make.

Here Is The Reality For Most Guitar Players… Does This Sound Familiar To You?

  • You have pretty good guitar skills, you know the basics of how to create a guitar solo, but no matter what combination of notes, phrases or licks you create, your solos are lacking 'something'. They lack that special something that would make all the difference in the world if you just knew what it was and how to use it.
  • You begin to write a guitar solo. You start with a pretty good idea, but then try to refine your ideas to come up with something better, but often the more you try, the worse it gets and you spend a huge amount of time getting nowhere or you end up going back to your original idea because the other ideas aren't any better.
  • You have a feeling you want to express in your guitar solo, you try your best to write a solo that is strong enough to express your emotion, but sadly, you have to 'settle' for something that is 'ok', but not as good as you had hoped for when you started.
  • You think about your own ability to write guitar solos and you ask, "How The F#@k Do My Favorite Guitarists Create Such Intense Emotions In Their Guitar Playing?"

You are not alone. I know exactly how you feel because I used to struggle with all these same things too (all your favorite guitar players have felt this way at some point).

Let's think about this together a little deeper…

What do all the most expressive guitar players have in common that enables them to easily write guitar solos that just drip with intense emotion?

Before we answer that question, let's first look at what things these guitar players do NOT all have in common.

  • They do not all play guitar fast.
  • They do not all have formal music education.
  • They do not all have 'natural talent' to play guitar.
  • They do not all practice endless hours per day.

So what DO these guitar players all have in common? The answer is simple. They all have good guitar phrasing skills and they ALL have learned, memorized and mastered which notes on the guitar will produce the exact emotion they want in every musical situation the player is playing in. And most importantly, they know this in advance before they play their guitar solo, so when they begin to write a guitar solo, they can already predict which notes will express which emotions in any given situation.

  • Does that mean these guitar players know everything? No.
  • Does that mean these guitar players have perfect pitch or at least incredible ears? No.
  • Does that mean these guitar players are masters at understanding everything in music theory? No.
  • Does that mean these guitar players simply can do this naturally through some musical gift or genetic advantage? No.

Learning which notes will create which specific emotions in any musical situation is not hard to do… if you know how this really works, how to learn it and master it. Fact is, there is virtually no useful information on this topic.

Here Is What You Need...The Holy Grail Of Kick Ass Guitar Solos

You've probably already learned (or are learning now) the following things about how music works:

  •  You can identify (or least figure out) where the notes are on the guitar.
  •  You know that some notes sound good together with certain chords and not with others.
  •  You know which notes to play in the key of C

That is all great information, but now let's ask the only questions that really matter

If you are going to write a guitar solo over an E minor chord, which note on your guitar will best create the emotion of 'lonely desperation'?

I bet you can't immediately answer that question without trying to randomly play notes on your guitar and hope to find it by chance…

Here's another question:

If you write a guitar solo in the key of G major over these chords: G, Bm, Em, C, what will a G note FEEL LIKE when you play it?

If you said the G note will feel like the most happy note, you'd be wrong. Fact is, only over the G chord would the G note feel anything like that. Because you probably have not memorized the way a G note FEELS over every possible chord, you are unable to know how to create the emotions that the G note (or any other note) FEELS over any other chord.

The bottom line is, what you may have learned about music and music theory so far may be very good and useful information, but there is something very important missing... the one thing that will help you discover the Holy Grail of music: How to create the exact and specific emotions you want in every note you play. Guitar players constantly ask me how to write solos in this way. This is why I created the revolutionary (and most in demand) video master class:

How To Create Intense Emotions In Your Guitar Playing

How To Create Intense Emotions In Your Guitar Playing - video series

You are about to discover the same extremely powerful methods, secrets and knowledge that the most expressive guitar players use every time they play their guitar, create a guitar solo or write a song. You will learn exactly what to do, how to do it, when to do it and where to do it with the music you want to create in order to create guitar solos (and songs) that are marinated in your emotions. And the best part is, the concepts you will learn are easy-to-understand so that you can get started to use them in your playing almost immediately.

This nearly 2 hour video master class is the highest rated guitar lesson, master class or event I've ever done (and I've done thousands of these). This is NOT some cheesy music theory lesson about 'rules to follow'. This is also NOT filled with vague concepts and all the obvious stuff you already know like 'major keys sound happy and minor keys sound sad'. Instead, this incredible video master class goes much deeper into what aspects of music creates which specific types of emotions and most importantly how and when to use them in 'actual music' in order to create the absolutely intense and specific emotions in your guitar playing that you want to express…

And the best part is, even though I'll take you deep into music theory to teach you all of this, it is not complicated. In other words you don't need to be a music theory geek to understand and use what I'm going to teach you.

I'll Show You:

  • How to make people feel EXACTLY what you YOU want them to feel, when you want them to feel it, how long you want them to feel it, and how intense you want them to feel it.
  • How to always know 'what notes to play' BEFORE you play them in order to express and feel exactly what you want to feel when playing/creating a solo or composing melodies.
  • The 'elusive' insight into the secrets of emotional guitar playing…. The things you can't put your finger on, the intangible, ethereal emotion in music, now finally laid out for you, for the first time ever - anywhere!

For example:

- You want to put the emotion of triumph in people. I'll show you how.

- You want to put the emotion of desperation or 'longing for something' in people. I'll show you how. 

- You want to put the emotion of 'lonely' desperation in people. I'll show you how.

- You want to put the emotion of introspective reflection in people. I'll show you how.

- You want to put the mixed emotions of melancholy and triumph in people. I'll show you how.

- You want to put the emotion of peaceful tranquility in people. I'll show you how.

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