How Rhapsody Of Fire Prepares For Live Concerts

If you are like me, you want to feel confident and excited every time you walk onto the stage, not nervous and worried that things might go wrong. I want to show you some ways your band can prepare for your own live concerts so that you can feel great and have better concerts. I’ll do that by sharing with you how Rhapsody of Fire prepares for live concerts.

Staying positive: I like to focus on being only very positive in my attitude all day before a concert. Everything always seems to go much better when I hold the right positive mindset the hours before playing live. If problems or challenges happen later in the day or night before the show, it becomes easier to deal with them if I begin and remain positive in all moments.

Checking the music gear: The first thing I do before taking the stage is check all my equipment. Even if I have a good technician taking care of it for me, I always want to double check my music gear personally. That makes me feel much safer. Afterwards my mind becomes clearer and I’m then ready to begin concentrating on relaxing before entering onto the stage.

Practicing before the gig: I have to say that I usually do not practice before a show, but sometimes I do if I need to feel more comfortable, especially after a day off or when I know I need to rehearse a specific part of a song.

Where to go before the show: In theory, each person in my band would like to stay in a separate and quiet room before a show, but in some venues this is not always possible. So I ignore everything and everyone as much as I can to make my mind clear anywhere I am.

Taking care of details: As the co-leader of the band I often need to take care of other issues before a show, for example to make sure that all is good also for the other band members. It’s very important to have an eye on everything that is going on, even if, with a good technical crew, that’s not always possible.

The goal for each show: When I’m confident with my playing, when I know that my gear is tuned up, when I’m fully dressed and ready to walk on stage, when everything is perfect a few minutes before a show, when I enter on stage and see and hear the audience, the excitement is so great that I feel super confident and ready to do a great show. Those are the positive feelings I like to focus on also during the whole day. Always stay positive.

Create a schedule for yourself: You probably create a set list for your band to follow on stage in order to stay on schedule and play the right songs in the right order. I suggest that your entire band creates a schedule for the hours and minutes before each show you play. It won’t be possible to always follow your schedule exactly, but it can really help your entire band to stay focused and enter the stage with great confidence.

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Alex Staropoli

Alex Staropoli - Pro Musician

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