How To Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Totally Awesome At Any Speed

Are you tired of practicing guitar technique every day only to have your playing still sound sloppy at faster speeds? Or worse, when playing at tempos far slower than your top speed, your guitar playing still doesn't sound great sometimes and not all the notes are clean. I know how frustrating this feels because this used to happen to me too years ago…until I finally learned the solution to this common problem.

Make Your Guitar Playing Sound Clean

Most guitarists struggle to play guitar fast and clean because they only focus on moving their hands faster when they practice… but fail to train their hands to work together in perfect sync. If you practice like this, your hands will learn to move faster…but not in a way that will make your playing actually sound good. This sucks!
Until you learn how to get your hands to move together and lock in with perfect synchronization for every note, your guitar playing will continue to sound sloppy and no amount of extra practicing will fix this. 
Fortunately, mastery of 2 hand synchronization is achievable for anyone, including you. I know this, because I taught thousands of guitar players to develop this skill…and now I will teach you to do the same. 
In this eGuide to making your guitar playing sound awesome, you will learn:
  • The #1 problem guitarists have with keeping their hands in perfect sync and an easy way to solve it once and for all
  • How to hear and feel if your hands are in sync when you play, so you can quickly fix all your sloppy mistakes and make your guitar playing sound perfect.
  • How to use focus rotation to analyze your guitar playing at fast speeds, pinpoint the exact causes of your 2 hand synchronization challenges and eliminate them with surgical precision.
  • Practice strategies that will get both of your hands to lock in with perfect sync for every note you play, like gears in a finely-tuned machine
  • Deadly mistakes to avoid while practicing to get your hand in sync, so you can save time, minimize frustration and become an awesome guitarist much faster

You will also get:

  • Video demonstrations of how to correctly practice your 2 hand synchronization, to take out all guesswork from your practicing and help you make the fastest progress possible with this area of your guitar technique.
The eGuide and video demonstrations are available for instant access in your account on my website after your order (nothing is shipped).
Learn how to make your guitar playing sound awesome at any speed and make your fast guitar playing sound perfectly clean and accurate. Get the eGuide to 2 hand synchronization mastery for guitar today for only $7 and start making much faster progress towards your guitar playing goals.
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PS. Don’t let $7 stand in the way of you becoming a much better guitarist. Just imagine how much better your guitar playing will sound and feel when you are able to play perfectly clean at any speed, instead of sounding sloppy and inconsistent. Seriously, you would be crazy to pass up this opportunity to massively improve your guitar playing. Click here to get started.

"I am a far better guitarist and it feels great! I look forward
to seeing how far Tom Hess's lessons, and my sustained practice
sessions, can take me." - Andrew Greenhalgh, United Arab Emirates

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