Experienced Web Developer / Digital Programmer Position - Full Time

Attention Badass Top-Level Champion Programmers/Developers Who Want To Become An Important, Respected & Recognized Part Of The Number ONE Guitar Instruction Company On The Internet!

[If you are anything less than a CHAMPION, you do not qualify to work here]

Wouldn’t you rather be working & building your career within the leading company in its industry where you are not just a number, but an integral and important part of its success… and where your talents and contributions are recognized, appreciated and respected?

If you have an unstoppable drive, passion & burning desire for excellence, are ambitious and want to work with CHAMPIONS, then you will feel at home at the dominating world leader in online guitar instruction, music career mentoring and music teacher/school coaching. At Tom Hess Music Corporation, high performers are recognized, respected, rewarded and have opportunities to advance through the organization… low performers do not last long here.

We’ll be blunt, working at Tom Hess Music Corporation isn’t for everybody. If you hate working with champions, if you hate the freedom to be self-directed, if you hate learning, if you hate the pursuit of success, if you hate striving for excellence in all that you do, then we are not for you.

But if you have a big brain and you’d like to use it to build your career using your programming talent (and not for making excuses), then you need to apply. Now. 


  • You have a unique combination of technical ability, email/web marketing experience and project management skills.
  • You have direct experience setting up complex campaigns on email service provider platforms.
  • You can quickly hand-code clean HTML and CSS. You will report to the Manager of Web Development.
  • Your responsibilities include making recommendations on front-end technologies, leveraging best practices, accurately estimating and tracking your time across multiple simultaneous projects.
  • Create new, and modify existing program code to add / change functionality of front-end and back-end of our websites.
  • Comprehensively test the code you submit to guarantee its proper functioning in all scenarios and browsers/devices.
  • Maintain and archive version history of all source codes.
  • Apply responsive design to all front-end webpages.
  • Provide customer support via email on all technical-related issues.
  • Perform various ongoing technical tasks (for example: preparing weekly website & database backups)
  • Send newsletter emails to our opt in list.
  • Administer (via Remote Desktop) a Windows 2012 dedicated server, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server. Perform required actions to ensure safety and security of the data stored on the server.
  • Respond immediately to website emergencies (such as solving technical issues that may cause the websites to be down or run improperly.
  • Resolve any additional technical issues the company faces.
  • Maintain and upgrade third party software used by the company.
  • Write and maintain up-to-date operational manuals on how to use the developed program functionality for other employees of the company.
  • Write and maintain up-to-date technical documentation about the developed program functionality for other company programmers.
  • Deploy Joomla websites, create custom templates for Joomla.


  • C#
  • Transact-SQL (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • HTML 5
  • CSS
  • Understanding of the object-oriented programming principles
  • Administration of Windows Server 2012, IIS 8, Microsoft SQL server 2012
  • Basic knowledge of php (at the level that allows to do small customizations in existing php code)
  • Integration of Authorize.NET AIM+CIM.
  • PayPal IPN integration
  • Responsive web design
  • Php
  • Photoshop

Additional Info

Work from home, anywhere in the world where you have a secure, high-speed internet connection.

Create your own work schedule (95% of the time).

Base Pay: Negotiable

Rapid advancement is based on merit, NOT seniority.

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