Tom Hess Music Corporation Live Events

The night before our series of live events 2019 kicked off, everyone came together to get registered, talk and have fun! The air was full of anticipation & excitement, and everyone was pumped! Attendees ran into old friends and connected with new ones as they went through registration and were handed their access passes, event programs and goodie bags. 

Friends at Tom Hess events

Live events registration

Connect with other musicians

Guitar pick

Have fun with musicians

Live event for musicians

Get new friends in the music industry

Music training events

Elite Guitar Teacher Mastermind - Day 1

"The advice, encouragement and support you have given me is truly amazing! This is why I travel 1000s of miles every year, because there is nothing else like it in the world!"

The Elite Guitar Teacher Mastermind is for:

  1. Guitar teachers who want to be the VERY BEST guitar/music teacher within 100 miles of their location (even if they are less experienced or just starting out).
  2. Those who want to make AT LEAST 6-figures ($100,000 USD) per year.
  3. Guitar teachers who are willing to take their business and teaching skills to the highest level by implementing proven advice, strategies and tactics.

During the Elite Guitar Teacher Mastermind, the best guitar teachers in the world get together for 2 full days and discuss their closely guarded secrets about how to attract hundreds of new guitar students every year, teach guitar better than anyone else in their local area and earn at least 6-figures per year while only teaching guitar part time.

"I can't describe how much value I have got from the events so far and how perfect this environment has been for me, exactly the path and community I have been looking for! - Amy, Australia

Tom Hess guitar teachers mentor

Training for guitar teachers

Live event for guitar teachers

Grow guitar teaching business

Strategies for guitar teaching business

Elite Guitar Teacher Mastermind

Guitar teachers at the event

How to attract guitar students

Learn how to grow your teaching business

Training for guitar teachers

Tom Hess teaches at the event about guitar teaching business

How to teach guitar better



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Elite Guitar Teacher Mastermind - Day 2

"The event is amazing! ... It's impossible to put into words how truly great this is!!!" - James, Michigan, USA

Day 2 consisted of intense discussion about how to build a successful guitar/music teaching business. Everyone in attendance learned about the key pieces needed to grow their business, earn TONS of money and get amazing results for their students at the same time.

"The ability to meet all those successful guitar teachers from all over the world, to talk with them, to exchange ideas, to sharper your mindset, your vision... is priceless!"

"The quality of the people that attended this event were the best of any event I've ever attended. Being able to hang around with multiple six figure business people all day for several days rubs off on a person. That alone was priceless. The information presented was pure gold as well."

Get help about my guitar teaching business

Grow my guitar teaching business

A successful guitar teacher

How to build a successful guitar teaching business

Become a successful guitar teacher

Guitar teachers training

How to become a better guitar teacher

How to teach guitar

Meet other guitar teacher

Exchange ideas with guitar teachers

Meet with successful guitar teaching business owners

How to create a guitar school

Tom Hess - guitar teachers coach

How to teach guitar for living

Guitar teaching live event

How to manage music school

How To Teach Guitar Students


"Wow! What an amazing experience start to finish... I'm so grateful to have met as many of you great people as I did. Extremely refreshing, massively enlightening and unequivocally the most badass events going!!!" - Tommy, Arizona, USA

HESSFEST - our multi-day guitar vacation with musicians just like you who traveled from 51 countries to be here! Each day consists of master classes and seminars that are always on totally new topics you will want to learn about (but will not find anywhere else), opportunities to have one-on-one guitar lessons with Tom Hess and multiple other world class guitar teachers, get your questions answered, receive feedback on your playing, jam, perform, hang out and have tons of fun - day and night. 

On day 1, we began with a guitar masterclass about sweep picking from Tom Hess (USA) & Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada) gave a music theory masterclass on how to use dissonance to create emotional tension in music.

Then we had 1-on-1 lessons with Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada), Johan Tillgren (Sweden), Simon Candy (Australia) and Antony Reynaert (Beligium). We also had success session lectures from Kevin Downing (New Zealand) & Darryl Powis (UK). Plus, Total Guitar Mastery Training with Mike Philippov (USA), Gottfrid Norberg Waxin (Sweden) and Dan Mayhew (UK). To finish off the day, we had a series of mastermind events for guitar teachers and live performances by attendees.

"Hessfest is the most exciting event. So much to choose from and so many amazing musicians/tutors to learn from."

Masterclass for guitarists

Perform live on guitar

Live guitar lesson from Tom Hess

Lean to play guitar

Music theory masterclass

Lecture about success in music

Learning materials for guitarists

Training for musicians

How to become a successful musician

Guitar technique lesson

Mastermind events for guitar teachers

Guitar playing lesson

Connect with musicians

Guitar masterclasses

Live guitar playing

Blues guitar lesson with Antony Reynaert

HESSFEST - Day 2 & Fretboard Domination Coaching Day 1

"Thanks to THMC and every one of you! The things I learned at these events from both the trainers and the members has certainly altered the trajectory of my business, musicianship, and personal life. Getting to know each of you better has been worth the cost of admission." - Eric, Pennsylvania, USA

Fretboard Domination Coaching solves one of the biggest problems in guitar players’ knowledge. Many guitar players never overcome this challenge, but WHEN they actually do, it has a massive effect on ALL areas of their guitar playing. In just 3 days, we learn how to banish one of the most crippling problems that stands in the way of creative guitar playing - lack of fretboard mastery.

"This was seriously a great event! I will never look at the fretboard in quite the same way again, not too mention the knowledge I can know impart on my students! Thank You :)"

"This was intense! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was blown away by the content, the training, and the application! I came away a much better guitarist and would absolutely recommend this to someone else and would attend again!"

On day 2 of HESSFEST, we had a blues guitar masterclass from Antony Reynaert (Beligium) & a masterclass from Kevin Downing (New Zealand) on how to easily read charts to make money. Tom Hess (USA) also gave a music career talk on the easiest, fastest and most reliable ways to make it in the music business.

1-on-1 lessons were taught by Tom Hess (USA), Kevin Downing (New Zealand) and Jure Golobic (Slovenia). We also had a success session lecture from Dan Mayhew (UK). Plus, Total Guitar Mastery Training with Mike Philippov (USA), Gottfrid Norberg Waxin (Sweden) and Johan Tillgren (Sweden).

To finish off the day, we had a series of mastermind events for guitar teachers and live performances by pro level students in attendance.

"It was really awesome. Thanks for all the great work you do."

Guitar mastery

Acoustic guitar lesson

How to become a successful guitar player

Play guitar like a pro

Personal guitar lesson from Tom Hess

Play guitar in front of other people

Blues guitar masterclass

Lean guitar fretboard

Memorize notes on guitar fretboard

Guitar instructional class

Live performance at HESSFEST

Music class

How to play acoustic guitar

Reach success as a musician

Guitar Practice Circuit


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HESSFEST - Day 3 & Fretboard Domination Coaching Day 2

"Was outstanding!!! So privileged to see such a high level of performance from everyone! Loved it!!!"

The third day began with masterclass by Tom Hess (USA) on the topic of lead guitar soloing cells and an acoustic guitar masterclass by Simon Candy (Australia). These were followed by a success session lecture by Gottfrid Norberg Waxin (Sweden) and a music career talk from Jure Golobic (Slovenia). We had more 1-on-1 lessons with Tom Hess (USA), Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada), Craig Tuttle (USA), Antony Reynaert (Beligium) and Mike Philippov (USA) and mastermind events for guitar teachers.

"This was the best HESSFEST I've ever attended and it had to be great to top last year's event. The master classes this year across the board were the best ever."

"The best Tom Hess event experience ever. The EGTIC was a huge boost to my mindset, Hessfest went to another level, with the finest presentations yet, and that's saying something seeing how amazing last year was... To say the events provided massive value is a ridiculous understatement."

Guitar teacher Tom Hess

Acoustic guitar teacher Simon Candy

How to develop a music career

Live training for guitar players

How to shred on guitar

Success in music

Show my guitar playing to other people

Music career advice

Guitar phrasing lesson

Music success lecture

Tom Hess teachers a guitar masterclass

Lecture for guitar teachers

Guitar students of Tom Hess

Personal guitar instuctor

Acoustic guitar live performance

Learn notes on guitar

Guitar classes

How to become a professional musician

How To Master Guitar Technique

HESSFEST - Day 4 & Fretboard Domination Coaching Day 3

"I was blown away not only by the material that is being presented, but also by how great a job and at how great a level the presentations are being made." - Lori, Florida, USA

On day 4, Mike Philippov (Florida) and Darryl Powis (UK) both gave unique masterclasses on the topic of efficient & effective guitar practice. Tom Hess (Illinois) and Jennifer Barlow gave success session lectures. We also had Total Guitar Mastery Training with Mike Philippov (Florida), Johan Tillgren (Sweden) and Dan Mayhew (UK) as well as 1-on-1 lessons with Daniel Jacobson (Ireland), Tom Hess (Illinois) and Mike Philippov (Florida).

We finished the event with amazing performances by our pro level attendees and mastermind events for guitar teachers!

"HESSFEST was an amazing event... jam-packed with seminars on how to grow your business as a musician and/or music teacher, unique seminars on songwriting and music theory, lessons that helped each and every person in the room watching... especially the person taking the lesson at that moment... and so much more!"

Tom Hess explains guitar technique

Live guitar performance of Tom Hess's student

How to be successful

Learn guitar and have fun

How to play guitar clean

How to play in a band

Music theory masterclass

Music composition

Happy guitar students

Efficient guitar practice

Guitar students from all over the world

Guitar solo lesson

Tom Hess gives a guitar advice to his student

Effective guitar practice method by Mike Philippov


How to become a great classic rock guitarist

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 1

"Thank you THMC! Very cool event :) I will definitely come again!"

On day 1, we laid the foundation for ultimate lead guitar creativity. The 8 world class trainers helped our attendees uncover their unique creative roadblocks and improve the most important lead guitar soloing skills, such as: creating emotional guitar licks, making notes sing with vibrato and applying what they know to real music. Almost everyone is playing better already… and we are just getting started!

"I don't think there’s a player out there that could not come to this event. I don't care how good they are. If they come here, they're going to find improvement."

Guitar vibrato lesson by Mike Philippov

Creative guitar playing

Guitar solo lesson

Guitar creativity masterclass

Guitar soloing training

Find new friends in music

Guitar playing live training

Improve lead guitar soloing skills

1-1 guitar solosing lesson

Tom Hess teaches how to play solo on electric guitar

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week

Become a better guitar player

Creative playing on acoustic guitar

Lesson about how to play guitar solo


Guitar Practice Motivation Tips

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 2

"I didn’t realize how much emotion you could get out of a guitar until this event." - Donald, Massachusetts, USA

"My guitar playing has improved in all of the ways that it can. I got blisters, oh well not blisters, but you know my fingers are tender for the first time since I was like 12. My fingers hurt from all the bending and vibratoing I’ve been doing and it’s awesome."

Today, we built on the foundation from Day 1 by working on creating musical ideas away from the guitar, forced creativity and transforming average guitar solos into masterpieces. All attendees feel like they are drinking from a fire hose of lead guitar wisdom… and we still have 7 days to go!

"You did an outstanding job with this event and I look forward to seeing how it evolves next time it is offered."

Creative ways to compose songs

Jam with other musicians

Train musical creativity

How to compose guitar solor

Get musical ideas

Find bandmates

Tom Hess teaches lead guitar

Create musical ideas away from the guitar

Guitarists at the live training class

Guitar soloing masterclass

Meet with musicians from all over the world

Training how to play creatively

How to play guitar with emotion

Lean creative guitar phrasing

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 3

"My guitar ability has improved astronomically in the short amount of time that I’ve been at the Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week."

We continued building momentum on everything covered in days 1-2 and trained our attendees on how to use creative “buffers” to give themselves more time to think while soloing, composing memorable guitar solos away from the guitar and erasing creative limitations that get in the way of self-expression. It's so exciting to see huge breakthroughs in everyone's playing!

"I knew would help me just become so much more creative. And help me learn how to do it for myself, as well as people that I teach. So, that’s why I did it." - Maurice, Halifax, Canada

Self-expression on guitar

Compose memorable guitar solos

Personal guitar lesson from Tom Hess

Emotional guitar solor

Express yourself on guitar

Get unique musical ideas

How to compose music

Guitar playing breakthrough

Express myself through music

Guitar teachers

Intense guitar training

Compose a song on guitar

Ultimate guitar soloing training

Guitar solo improvisation

How to make guitar solo emotional

Live classes for guitarists

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 4

"By attending Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week, my guitar playing has improved a lot."

On this day, the focus shifted from training new concepts to deeper mastery of everything we’ve done in the last 4 days. We helped the attendees install creativity concepts into their brains and hands. A lot of breakthroughs happened, as the ideas from Days 1-3 suddenly started to feel easy. By this point, everyone has played guitar for 32 hours (VIP members played for 40 hours)… but nobody showed signs of quitting! :)

"I can’t express how much improvement I’ve made in such a short time. It really is mind-blowing."

Tom Hess teaches at his live guitar creativity event

Learn guitar creativity concepts

Find musical ideas for bass guitar

Improve electric guitar playing

Play metal on guitar

Rock guitar lessons

Masterclass for guitar players

Play creative rock solo

Music composition lesson by Tommaso Zillio

Guitar masterclass about developing creativity

Best training for guitarists

Analyse music

Guitar technique lesson

Share musical ideas


How To Create Awesome Lead Guitar Licks

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 5

"From attending the ultimate creativity and guitar solo mastery training week my playing has improved tenfold." - Preston, Utah, USA

"The thing I love about Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week is we all sit in a room and there’s this great energy of like everybody learning at the same time. It’s okay to make mistakes and it’s very inspiring."

Day 5 was all about application and integration of skills from Days 1-4. This was the breakthrough day when many students felt like real musicians for the first time.

"It’s amazing. I will definitely come to ultimate creativity training again in the future."

Feel like a real musician

How to integrate guitar sills

Guitar jam

Tom Hess's guitar student

Learn how to play guitar

Make a great guitar show

Find ideas for a song

Compose a memorable song

Tips for guitar players

Emotional phrasing on guitar

A happy guitarist

Masterclasses for musicians

Electric guitar classes

Apply guitar skills

Find new friends among musicians

Lead guitar playing lesson

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week - Day 6

"I knew that creativity training week was going to be awesome because I attended the same event a couple of years back. And when I went into that event, that was the first event that I attended and it was just mind-blowing."

Day 6 - the day many have waited and traveled thousands of miles for. Everyone received the Certificate Of Guitar Creativity Training Completion, for doing something few guitarists in the world have the guts, ambition and desire to do. We are so proud and grateful for the opportunity to help our attendees achieve this milestone in their playing.

"Tom Hess events never disappoint, they over-deliver. So, when I was offered the ticket or the chance to buy the ticket for the ultimate creativity and guitar soloing mastery, again it was a no-brainer, it was just click buy."

Rock guitar training

Ultimate Creativity And Guitar Soloing Mastery Training Week Binder

Guitar soloing masterclass

Guitar meeting

Discover new approaches to writing songs

How to play solor on electric guitar

Lecture on music composition

Learn how to compose a great song

Self-expression on guitar

How to play rhythm on guitar

Get a guitar training certificate

Hangout with musicians

How to practice guitar for better results

How to play attractive guitar solo

Elite Force Special Training - Day 1

"I knew this event was going to be awesome because every Tom Hess event is awesome. So, I’ve made a personal commitment to attend all of them in the future. Almost without question where they are."

Day 1 was about making “wrong” notes sound GREAT and using structural pitch solo creation, melodic seed soloing and other mind-blowing creativity concepts we only share with a small group of Elite Force attendees.

"It’s really inspiring to be around such insane guitar players as I met here. - Amy, Australia

"My guitar playing has really improved greatly. I had huge gaps actually in my playing even though I've played a long time."

Professional guitar instructor Tommaso Zillio

Elite guitar training

Professional guitar teacher Tom Hess with a student

Melodic guitar solor

Learn concepts of guitar creativity

Elite guitar training class

Improve guitar playing skills

Guitar student playing at the Tom Hess's event

Have fun playing guitar

Get advice from music career coach

How to play guitar slides

Fix sloppy guitar playing

Learn how music music business works

Guitar trainer

How To Become A Great Guitarist


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Elite Force Special Training - Day 2

"It's really inspiring to be around all the other crazy good students who have different ideas for how to approach a certain topic... My guitar playing has improved a lot!"

On day 2, we continued integrating everyone’s skills with more intense soloing and creativity drills that make musical expression effortless. Ghost chord soloing was a powerful session that helped many improve their phrasing in 45 minutes flat.

"Being around the other students of Tom Hess is very inspiring and motivating, because all those guys wait a whole year to come here and they're all about music all about learning, and all those guys are really helpful and positive."

How to play guitar chords

Tommaso Zillio shows how to apply music theory

How to become a better music composer

Best guitar solo training

Play a song on acoustic guitar

Guitar lesson by Tom Hess

Guitarists at the Tom Hess's masterclass

Talk about music

Get help on guitar technique

Improve musical skills

Lessons for advanced guitar players

Get help from a pro guitar teacher

Elite Force Special Training - Day 3

"I've never experienced such freedom in creativity after completing the event. My skills just playing that long for a day has made it all worth while. The valuable information I’ve got in terms of creativity for my own playing is priceless."

The last day is always a bittersweet day. We are super proud to hear the improvements in everyone’s playing and award the certificates of completion for Elite Force Special Training. At the same time, everyone is sad that the events are ending and it’s a whole year until we see our AWESOME attendees again at the 2020 events. The countdown to June 2020 is already on! :)

"I really enjoyed myself at that event and I really felt like I took a huge leap forward in my own guitar playing. And I know Tom Hess since many years back, and I always know that he over-delivers at every single event and every single product that he does."

Training for advanced guitarists

Electric guitar classes

Expressive guitar solo

Guitar mentor Tom Hess talks with a student

Powerful guitar techniques

Music theory specialist Tommaso Zillio

Have fun with musicians

Live guitar training event

Guitar training camp

Get feedback from guitar teacher

Guitar playing secrets

Guitar specialist Tom Hess gives a lesson

Hessfest Trainers

How To Leave The 2019 Live Events With Results

The 2019 live events have come to an end. Want to know the difference between leaving with great memories and leaving with results? 

Write down your goals and action steps, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION!:

What are the main things you want to accomplish? 
What will you implement first? 

To everyone who attended all or some of the 2019 live events, THANK YOU ALL! Thank you for spending time with us. 

We know that what you learned here will help you massively improve your guitar playing, music career, guitar teaching skills, guitar teaching business and your life in general!

See you at the 2020 events!

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