Tom Hess Live Events For Musicians

The night before our series of live events 2018 kicked off, everyone came together to get registered, talk and have fun! The air was full of anticipation & excitement, and everyone was pumped! Attendees ran into old friends and connected with new ones as they went through registration and were handed their access passes and event programs. 

Events registration

Musical event

Event attendees

friends at Tom Hess events

People meet at the events

Learning materias for event attendees

Professional guitarist Tommaso Zillio

Musicians talk at the events

Registration at the Tom Hess events


Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 1

"The advice, encouragement and support you have given me is truly amazing! This is why I travel 1000s of miles every year, because there is nothing else like it in the world!" - Simon, Australia

This event is for three kinds of people:

  1. Inexperienced teachers who aspire to learn how to earn a lot of money teaching guitar.
  2. Experienced, expert teachers who already are successful but want to reach the next level of success, help more students and earn even more money teaching guitar.
  3. The best guitar teachers in the world seeking even greater levels of wealth.

We lock ourselves in a room for 8 hours a day, over a 6-day period. In this time, we discuss the most closely guarded secrets about how to attract hundreds of new guitar students every year, teach guitar better than anyone else in your local area and earn at least 6-figures per year while only teaching guitar part time. Together, we go far beyond just learning "about" getting massive results for your students and building a successful guitar teaching business - we work on building the key pieces you need for your business to grow and earn money fast during the event.

On the first day of the event, we had sessions about the keys to success, implemented things right away in business, marketing and teaching workshops, and went through intensive training on how to teach guitar better.

"Having the time of my life over here!" - Erik, Hawaii, USA

"I can't describe how much value I have got from the events so far and how perfect this environment has been for me, exactly the path and community I have been looking for! - Amy, Australia

"I don't know what the hell would've happened to me and my business had I not attended this event. The Summit came at an unbelievably perfect time in my life and the life of my business."

Tom Hess greeting the event's attendees

Tom Hess teaches at events

Binder with learning materials for guitar teachers

Guitar teachers talking

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 1

Tom Hess teachers how to attract guitar students

A successful guitar teacher

Tom Hess with a guitar teacher

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International Implementation System

Guitar teachers hanging out

Learn how to earn more money teaching guitar

Lean how to grow your teaching business



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Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 2

"The event is amazing! ... It's impossible to put into words how truly great this is!!!" - James, Michigan, USA

After a great evening of masterminding, we talked about how to become an expert guitar teacher using the Rotating Guitar Teaching Formats so that your students improve faster… and how teaching in this way IMMEDIATELY sets you apart from all other guitar teachers in your community. Guitar teachers from all over the world received intensive guitar teaching training, we talked about the best models to run your music school while only teaching part time, and did several marketing workshops. 

"So far the events were so awesome it's hard to even describe it. I've been to Guitar Teaching Super Summit in 2015, and I really didn't expect that it could be even better but it was. Looking forward to all the other events!" - Jure, Slovenia

"The quality of the people that attended this event were the best of any event I've ever attended. Being able to hang around with multiple six figure business people all day for several days rubs off on a person. That alone was priceless. The information presented was pure gold as well."

Tom Hess on stage

Masterclass for guitar teachers

How to become an expert guitar teacher

Training for guitar teachers

A great evening of masterminding

intensive guitar teaching training

Guitar Teaching Super Summit

Improve guitar teaching business

Become a successful guitar teacher

training for guitar teachers

Tom Hess event attendee

Training for guitar teachers

Tom Hess shows how to manage guitar teaching business

Learn guitar teaching methodology

Develop a successful teaching business

How to teach guitar

Tom Hess live event for guitar teachers

Become a professional guitar teacher

Guitar teachers from all over the world

Set you apart from all other guitar teachers in your community


How To Teach Guitar Students

Masterclass for guitar teachers

Coach for guitar teachers

Guitar teacher mentoring

Professional guitar teacher

Ask question about guitar teaching business

A guitar teacher at the Tom Hess events

Tom Hess hanging out with his students

Leaning at the live events

A summit for guitar teachers

Guitar teacher

Learn how to create a successful teaching business

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 3

"There was such a huge amount of information, on so many aspects of growing and sustaining a quite a bit on growing and sustaining a life :)" - Charles, Missouri, USA

Day 3 kicked off with a few sessions about the best guitar teaching methods and how to perfectly teach group classes that contain completely different people of ages, skill levels and styles within the SAME class while providing massive extra value for everyone so that your most advanced students are learning fast and are challenged appropriately while your least advanced students in the same class or not falling behind, lost or confused. In addition, we completed great marketing, email and call scripts so that they could be used right away to get new students. Some badass attendees put them to work while still being at the event - and successfully scheduled several introduction lessons upon their return). 

"Being at this year's events with my husband and my son is the ultimate in badassedry!! I'm so very proud of where we have come from last year - 3 students to six figures Canadian in only one year! Being here is like the jewel in my crown." - Sue, Canada

"The focus and concentrated energy toward a common goal, with like-minded people, was very powerful. The International flavor was cool: lots of different perspectives, yet sharing many common issues as well."

Best training for guitar teachers

Huge amount of information

Tom Hess with his students

Byron Marks professional guitar teacher

Learn the best guitar teaching methods

How to teach group classes

Tom Hess and guitar teachers

Marketing email and call scripts for guitar teachers

Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 3

Learn effective guitar teaching methods

Sustain a teaching business

Improve guitar teaching skills


Best guitar teaching materials


Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 4

"What an awesome experience!" - Daniel, Australia

Day 4 was dedicated to certification training on the Geometric Guitar Teaching Method® which is proven to be much more effective than the outdated traditional linear teaching method that most guitar teachers are still using now. We also discussed personal protection and financial strategies as well as effective management strategies that enable you and every teacher in your school to get on the path to massive growth. 

"The best part is that even after it will all be over, there is a lot to implement back home, and everything is written and waiting for me in the big fat-ass binder, which is my new bible now!" - Itay, Israel

Live training event for guitar teachers

Guitar teaching methods

Guitar teachers having fun at the events

Tom Hess guitar teachers coach

Training materials for guitar teachers

Financial strategies for guitar teaching business

Geometric Guitar Teaching Method

Live training for guitar teachers

Learn effective business management strategies

Guitar teachers


How To Get More Guitar Students


Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 5

"Thank you Tom Hess and everyone for this amazing event!" - Billy, Maryland, USA

A big part of day 5 was about how to get your students to practice perfectly and consistently EVERY TIME! Imagine what just this one piece would do for your reputation as a guitar teacher if you only improved just this one thing and all your students started to practice perfectly and consistently every time! While our teachers and interns received more training on how to best teach guitar, music school owners went through another workshop on efficient scripts for maximizing results. 

"This is the greatest event and i enjoy every moment of it!" - Jacob, South Africa

Mentor for guitar teachers

Guitar teaching workshop

Guitar teacher reputation

Information about guitar teaching

Guitar teachers summit

Strategies of how to teach guitar students

Tom Hess teaches live

Reactivate old customers



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Guitar Teaching Super Summit International - Day 6

"Guitar Teaching Super Summit was SO good. Massive amounts of gold." - Rhett, Texas, USA

On the final day of Guitar Teaching Super Summit International, we discussed what real leadership means and put things into action during another workshop. In addition, we talked about how to get great results quickly for your guitar students. Your students deserve rapid results and there are many strategies, tactics and tips to deliver those results. Next, everyone got the exact blueprint to crack the code to build the guitar teaching business and lifestyle you want. Finally, there was a big celebration of everyone's achievements during the past 6 days and each teacher received their unique and priceless certifications of guitar teaching expertise in the following: Geometric Guitar Teaching Method®, Rapid Results Guitar Training®, Dynamic Group Guitar Teaching®, Rotating Formats Guitar Teaching® and Perfect Practice Guitar Training®. 

"Guitar Teaching Super Summit was great in so many aspects! There was much knowledge, insight and strategies that were well presented, shared and discussed at length." - Art, New York, USA


How to great great results for your guitar students

Training to develop a teaching business

Geometric Guitar Teaching Method

Rapid Results Guitar Training

Dynamic Group Guitar Teaching

Rotating Formats Guitar Teaching

Perfect Practice Guitar Training

Tom Hess teaches other guitar teachers


Songwriting Mastery Lab - Day 1

"Thank you THMC! Very cool event :) I will definitely come again!" - Brad, California, USA

Right after Guitar Teaching Super Summit International, we got into this new event about making huge breakthroughs in your songwriting and creativity - even if you've never written a song before or think you don't have musical talent. Dr. Tommaso Zillio and Tom Hess talked about transforming raw musical ideas into killer songs and how to turn your brain into a song factory to write better songs immediately. We also shared better ways to approach the entire songwriting process to create ideas that are fresh, new and exciting. 

"The sound knowledge that Tomasso Zillio and Tom Hess have was evident in the very simplicity way they presented all the concepts making references to musicians, songs and music. Extremely valuable." 

Songwriting masterclass

Songwriting live event

Songwriting Mastery Lab live event

Professional guitar teacher Tommaso Zillio

Songwriting training

Tom Hess teaches songwriting

Transform raw musical ideas into killer songs

Ask questions about songwriting

How to write songs

Musicians at the live training event

Training how to write songs

Approaches to the songwriting process

Tommaso Zillio explains songwriting approaches

Guitar students

Songwriting lessons

Achieve songwriting mastery

Breakthroughs in your songwriting

Write a song

Best songwriting training


Songwriting Mastery Lab - Day 2

"The first 2 days at my first event have been fantastic. Everyone is very friendly and welcoming , the songwriting event was really inspirational and I've heard fantastic jam sessions... I feel invigorated and inspired - I think this event is going to have a very big impact not just on my guitar playing but on my life in general." - Deborah, UK

We broke down some great songs and analyzed each element to determine exactly what makes them great. Doing this in this way makes it easy to see why these songs work the way they do, and gives invaluable insights into how we may use these same songwriting concepts in composing new music. We also introduced new ways to use familiar songwriting concepts in innovative & creative ways that is easy for any songwriter to understand once explained.

"You did an outstanding job with this event and I look forward to seeing how it evolves next time it is offered." 

Creativity training

Students of Tom Hess

Creative ways to write songs

How to compose music

Tom Hess songwriting breakthrough specialist

Learn songwriting concepts

How to write a great song

Learn methods of writing music

Music composition

Live training about writing songs

Tom Hess explains how to write music

Live masterclass for musicians

Hessfest 2018 - Day 1

"Wow! What an amazing experience start to finish... I'm so grateful to have met as many of you great people as I did. Extremely refreshing, massively enlightening and unequivocally the most badass events going!!!" - Tommy, Arizona, USA

HESSFEST - our multi-day guitar vacation with musicians just like you who traveled from 51 countries to be here! Each day consists of master classes and seminars that are always on totally new topics you will want to learn about (but will not find anywhere else), opportunities to have one-on-one guitar lessons with Tom Hess and multiple other world class guitar teachers, get your questions answered, receive feedback on your playing, jam, perform, hang out and have tons of fun - day and night. 

On day 1, we had guitar masterclasses from Tom Hess (USA) & Daniel Jacobson (Ireland), 1-on-1 lessons with Tom Hess (USA), Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada), Johan Tillgren (Sweden) and Daniel Jacobson (Ireland). We also had a lecture on success from Kevin Downing (New Zealand). Plus, we had guitar creativity and improvisation training with Mike Philippov (USA), Gottfrid Norberg Waxin (Sweden) and Dr. Zillio (Canada). To finish off the day, we had a series of mastermind events for guitar teachers and live performances by attendees.

"It's really hard to take any highlight of the event, cause all of it was absolutely amazing! ... Life changing in every way!" - Ante, Croatia

"Hessfest is the most exciting event. So much to choose from and so many amazing musicians/tutors to learn from."

Live guitar training

HESSFEST training for guitarists

Guitar players at HESSFEST

Live performance at HESSFEST

Fun event for musicians

Masterclass for guitar players

Guitarists at HESSFEST

Lecture on success

Guitar technique training

Studens at the guitar live event

Guitar playing learning materials

Guitar playing questions

Musician at the live guitar event

Learn music theory

Guitar technique lesson

Musicians from all over the world

Meeting for musicians

Live guitar performance

Guitarist shows his skills

How to play guitar

Students having fun at HESSFEST

HESSFEST attendee performance

How to practice guitar

Intensive guitar training


Live guitar performance


Guitar Practice Circuit

Hessfest 2018 - Day 2

"What an incredible show of talent!!! Great performances everyone!" - James, Michigan, USA

Day 2 kicked off with masterclasses by Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada) and Antony Reynaert (Belgium). The masterclasses were followed by success lectures by Daniel Jacobson (Ireland) and Darryl Powis (UK), 1-on-1 lessons with Craig Tuttle (Wisconsin) and Tom Hess (Illinois), guitar teacher masterminds and excellent performances by pro-level attendees. The highlight of the day was the award ceremony where Tom Hess presented 10 large award plaques to 5 guitar players and 5 guitar teachers for their excellence, achievements and success.

"HESSFEST and the other events gave me a major kick in the ass and encouraged me to work even harder for my dreams and goals!"

"This year's Hessfest was the absolute best of the one's I've attended so far. I thought last year's Hessfest was great, but this one was even greater. Huge thank you Tom Hess, Uli and the crew who made it possible."

Guitarist playing at HESSFEST

Live guitar lesson

Guitar tapping technique

Musical masterclass

Excellent performances by pro-level attendees

Tom Hess teaches a guitarist

Lecture for guitarists

Training for guitarists

Achieve guitar mastery

How to perform live on guitar

Musicians jamming at HESSFEST

Tom Hess with a professional guitarist Jure Gobolic

Success in guitar playing

Great guitar performance

Attend guitar event

Get audience for guitar playing

Guitar instructor

Guitar class

Guitar mastery training

Guitar lessons

Tom Hess Music Corporation Live Events

Guitar playing

Guitar event attendee

Improve guitar skills

Instructional guitar classes

Guitar technique training

Blues guitar instructor

Guitar teacher

How to play without mistakes

Attend music lessons

Guitar phrasing



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Hessfest 2018 - Day 3

"Was outstanding!!! So privileged to see such a high level of performance from everyone! Loved it!!!" - Simon, Australia

The third day began with master classes by Tom Hess (USA), Simon Candy (Australia) and Darryl Powis (UK), followed by success session lectures by Josh Ross and Jennifer Barlow. We had more 1-on-1 lessons Jure Golobic (Slovenia), Simon Candy (Australia) and Tom Hess (USA).

"This was the best HESSFEST I've ever attended and it had to be great to top last year's event. The master classes this year across the board were the best ever."

"The best Tom Hess event experience ever. The EGTIC was a huge boost to my mindset, Hessfest went to another level, with the finest presentations yet, and that's saying something seeing how amazing last year was... To say the events provided massive value is a ridiculous understatement."

Music theory expert Dr. Tommaso Zillio

How to achieve success

Masterclasses for guitarists

Guitar students learn music theory

Music lecture

Tom Hess shows a guitar technique

Path to success

How to become a successful musician

Acoustic guitar lesson

Student of Tom Hess

Integrate guitar skills

Find like-minded musicians

How to play acoustic guitar

Guitar instructions

Personal guitar lesson

Meet friends

Hand out with guitar players

1-1 guitar lesson

Have fun with musicians

Live musical training

Perform on stage live

Music career mentor Tom Hess

Metal guitar lessons


How To Master Guitar Technique

Hessfest 2018 - Day 4

"I was blown away not only by the material that is being presented, but also by how great a job and at how great a level the presentations are being made." - Lori, Florida, USA

On day 4, we had masterclasses by Dr. Tommaso Zillio (Canada) and Mike Philippov (Florida), success session lectures by Darryl Powis (UK) and Tom Hess (Illinois). We had guitar creativity & improvisation training with Mike Philippov (Florida), Gottfrid Norberg Waxin (Sweden) and Dr. Zillio (Canada) and 1-on-1 lessons with Tom Hess (Illinois), Mike Philippov (Florida), Kevin Downing (New Zealand) and Antony Reynaert (Belgium). We finished the event with amazing performances by our pro level attendees!

"HESSFEST was an amazing event... jam-packed with seminars on how to grow your business as a musician and/or music teacher, unique seminars on songwriting and music theory, lessons that helped each and every person in the room watching... especially the person taking the lesson at that moment... and so much more!"

Improvisation on guitar

Music theory explained

Guitar solo

Become expressive on guitar

Listen to great music

Learn guitar creativity

Successful music career

Look for new musical ideas

Guitar jam

Guitar improvisation training

HESSFEST attendees

Rock guitar playing

Play rock on guitar

Blues guitar lesson from Antony Reynaert

Talk about music

Guitar instructor Tom Hess


How To Create Awesome Lead Guitar Licks

Fretboard Domination Bootcamp & Music Career Money Magnet - Day 1:

"Thanks to THMC and every one of you! The things I learned at these events from both the trainers and the members has certainly altered the trajectory of my business, musicianship, and personal life. Getting to know each of you better has been worth the cost of admission." - Eric, Pennsylvania, USA

Fretboard Domination Bootcamp solves one of the biggest problems in guitar players’ knowledge. Many guitar players never overcome this challenge, but WHEN they actually do, it has a massive effect on ALL areas of their guitar playing. In just 3 days, we learn how to banish one of the most crippling problems that stands in the way of creative guitar playing - lack of fretboard mastery.

"This was seriously a great event! I will never look at the fretboard in quite the same way again, not too mention the knowledge I can know impart on my students! Thank You :)"

"This was intense! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was blown away by the content, the training, and the application! I came away a much better guitarist and would absolutely recommend this to someone else and would attend again!"

Music Career Money Magnet: Attendees of this very special event learned exactly how any touring band can earn a lot more money on tour (how much more? MASSIVE amounts more!) and even more importantly, how one can use these secrets to get into larger touring bands.

"It was really awesome. Thanks for all the great work you do."

How to get on tour

Learn guitar fretboard

Music career lecture

Earn money playing guitar

Success in music industry

Learn how music instrustry works

Music career coach Tom Hess

Professional guitar teachers

Exciting guitar lessons

Master guitar fretboard

Show your playing to guitar teacher

Learn guitar theory

Masterclasses for musicians

Music training class

Connect with people

Live instructional guitar class

Creative guitar playing

Guitar expert Tom Hess

Best guitar training

Improve guitar fretboard knowledge

Guitar fretboard mastery

Connect with other musicians

How to play guitar solo

Learn guitar

How to make money on tour

How to make a successful tour

Talk with a guitar player

Red guitar



6 Music Industry Myths

Fretboard Domination Bootcamp & Music Career Money Magnet - Day 2:

"This is one of the best things that happen to my overall guitar understanding. I've never seen anything like this."

On day 2 of Fretboard Domination Bootcamp, our 5 awesome trainers took attendees through an amazing transformation from being stuck to being able to see the guitar fretboard in totally new ways so that the ability to navigate the fretboard fluidly becomes much easier and faster.

"Insane amount of information, all of which is and will be very useful to me!"

At Music Career Money Magnet, professional touring musicians shared their success stories about how they used the ideas they learned at this event (when they were attendees 3 years ago) and what implementing the ideas for this event has done for their band, their music career and their income! It was great to see how much more successful these musicians have become as a direct result of attending this event!

"Awesome event this year! It is my second event right now and I’m fascinated by the experience!! So inspiring and the results are at sky rocket levels!!"

New musical ideas

Guitar instructor Tommaso Zillio

Navigate the fretboard fluidly

Music career ideas

Find band members

Music lecture

How to memorize guitar fretboard

Music career event

Earn money from music

Music career success stories

Music success training

Learn notes on guitar fretboard

Guitar fretboard mastery

Improve guitar skills

Make more money playing guitar

Get help on music career

Tom Hess live music training events

Become a pro musician

Masterclass about getting a music career

Music career student

Transform guitar playing

Music career tips

Guitarists playing together


The One Thing That Determines Your Music Career Success

Fretboard Domination Bootcamp & Music Career Money Magnet - Day 3:

"All expectations that I had for this event were totally blown away. I got more value than I ever could have anticipated!"

On this final day of the 2018 live events, attendees experienced huge transformations both musically, professionally and personally. It is a pleasure and an honor to watch them grow massively during their time with us here at our annual events!!  

"Mind blowing... for the first time in my life I really believe that I will be able to join a good band anywhere in the world."

"I had an amazing experience. Thanks to Tom Hess and everyone that took part in teaching, sharing and performing. World class EVENTS!"

Improve knowledge of guitar fretboard

Meet other musicians

Music career plan

Guitarists live meeting

Remember notes on guitar

Masterclass about success in music

Music career advice

Rock guitar masterclass

Music career mentoring

Lean knows on guitar fretboard

How to play metal on guitar

Find information how music industry works


How To Leave The 2018 Live Events With Results

The 2018 live events have come to an end. Want to know the difference between leaving with great memories and leaving with results? 

Write down your goals and action steps, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION!:

What are the main things you want to accomplish? 
What will you implement first? 

To everyone who attended all or some of the 2018 live events, THANK YOU ALL! Thank you for spending time with us. 

We know that what you learned here will help you massively improve your guitar playing, music career, guitar teaching skills, guitar teaching business and your life in general!

See you at the 2019 events!

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