5 Secrets To Making Your Guitar Playing Feel Easier Than Cutting Butter With A Hot Knife 

Wouldn’t it be great to make your guitar playing feel effortless, even when playing your most challenging guitar parts? You probably heard the advice to just relax when you play guitar, but if you are like most people you found this advice difficult to follow. In fact, the harder you try to relax, the more tense your body seems to become and the more mistakes you make when you play. Sound familiar?

Secrets of effortlessly guitar playing

Imagine your guitar playing feeling so effortless and smooth that it feels like you are cutting butter with a hot knife… Your hands are moving effortlessly and gracefully all over the guitar, making everything you play look and feel incredibly easy...
This is how playing guitar feels for all great players and this is how it can and should feel for you.
In this eGuide to making your guitar technique feel effortless, you will learn:
  • What exactly makes your guitar playing feel like a struggle when you play and what must be done to make your technique feel super easy.
  • Why the best guitar players do NOT play guitar with “minimum tension”. Learn what they really do instead and how to practice to make your playing feel just as effortless.
  • 5 guitar practice techniques that will remove unwanted muscle tension from your guitar technique forever (they work even if you have played guitar for 40+ years).
  • How to “wake up” your body to the amount of extra tension it uses to play guitar and bring it down to optimum levels in 5 minutes of practice time per day.
  • Why practicing in speed bursts can help you boost your guitar speed and make your playing feel more relaxed at the same time.
  • How to use rotating laser focus training to pinpoint the exact areas of your body that contain excess tension and relax them.
  • The next big step you must take after eliminating all excessive tension from your guitar playing, to ensure that your technique never stops improving.

The eGuide is available for instant download on my website, so you can begin learning right away (nothing is shipped).

Stop fighting your guitar when you play and learn to make your guitar playing feel a whole lot more enjoyable.

Get the eGuide "5 Secrets To Making Your Guitar Playing Feel Easier Than Cutting Butter With A Hot Knife" today for only $7 and make your guitar technique feel easier than you’ve ever imagined it could be.

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